It happens. Sh*t happens. Often happens when I don’t see a point in constant reminding to behave. Repetition is good for toddlers when they are taught boundaries. Not for me. The routine is fine, it helps to balance around, no surprises. But on the other side, being in constant anxiety that I will screw something it’s not healthy.

Homesick. Home-longing. Invisible tension, when I enter the room. It is just me. Me seeing the problem where is not. Making me stressed about a random remark about how I am washing my hands.

Thanks to Chuck for weekends. Restart time. And back to routine. Well, it’s working. But these last days are a challenge itself. A temptation so strong that makes me scream for saving. Lost self-confidence (I never had one) mixed with a lack of chocolate seems to be an issue.

Homesick. Let’s fight it. With prayers and hope for the soon-coming end of this madness. And I am not talking about Corona. Germ freaks everywhere. Watch out!

Think of me.

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