London, sweet London

Breakthrough. Two weeks passed by and I am still here. Unbelievable, isn’t it? I’m good, even when a culture is a bit different and I cannot eat meat at “home”. I cannot call it home, but I am more comfortable with surroundings. London is in most of the ways the interesting city, butt as every city, it has its cons and pros.

Cons? It’s a dirty city. Not in a sexual way, but dirty. And not every time is it a fault of the homeys, but tourists who are disrespectful. London’s recycling programme may vary and this cause a lot of trouble. Despite the above-mentioned, I love this experience. People around are nice at me and it helps with my home-deprivation a lot.

Pros? It’s full of life. Every day something new happens. And we cannot be deaf, blind or lazy of feeling it. An amazing journey which will last at least one year. I hope.
Speaking of hope, there’s something I hope for too. Getting a new view of life. See a beauty where no one expects it. To became patient. To get used to living so far from a family. To be strong when comes to criticism. New life, new me. Or maybe just a little upgrade.

Because independence never hurt anyone. Just making people less annoying/lazy.

Wish me a piece of luck, readers. I love you all. Sending huge hugs and kisses from behind the ocean.

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