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Jump into the Unknown

Be so for a moment by someone else… T
he 11-year-old Adam Perrish stood on the rooftops of the roof and looked at the people underneath. They went so close to themselves until they almost touched on the bodies, but they lived in their worlds, not perceived by anyone except themselves. And he?
He stood here because he did not want to live. Live like them, without the courage of someone to
touch… He was determined to prove them in such an extreme way. He was determined to prove to them that this could not live that he so does
not want to live… “So have you guessed it??” he asked a slight hope in the voice of Adam’s only known, 39-year-old homeless Max Piers. Adam’s ripped off the depressing thinking and had to look back. At the same time, the drip pipe on which one leg stood, and Adam had unexpectedly quickly rushed from about 6 metres directly to the concrete trail of the industrial area of the Chearley Company. The outside was already a long time dark and only the poor street lamp light illuminated the trail where Adam was dying. However, Max did not mihol the eye. He turned to the departure and was glad that the boy was already going to have it behind. He was one as it turned out. The idea is that it would be of interest to some small orphans, it was absurd. He was entertained with him only because he wore food and had no need to beg mine in the neglected streets.
Adam lay on the ground face down and it seemed to him that he was already dead. Suddenly, in the gloomy world of his thought marched he tore the exclamation of an unknown man: “The panic, help me with him, still I’m guessing breathes!” Then her hands were raised and he felt immense chest pain. Someone with him without permission, and even if he wanted to resist, was completely paralyzed from the fall.
“I will pay you if you take me to the hospital!” The unknown pulled from the pocket of the dark green sovereign 500 and handed them to the man who stopped by the nod of his hand. The driver Chňapol after green banknotes and allowed the payer to deploy. The car, however, the streets were inwardly slow and the Savior was constantly trying to communicate with the boy. “I don’t let you Die!” Adam did not realise what was happening around him and so the men’s words bumped into the invisible inhibitions of the injured brain. Then the boy was surrounded by dense darkness and began to dive into a peaceful comic sleep…

An hour later, the clinic Grawes…

“Fold it on the operating table! Stabilize the bleeding in the brain! “spareled Ktosi. The savior sat on the bed and tried to calm down sharply increased pressure. The shirt and pants had colored with the blood of a young suicide and immensely shook. He still had a fall in mind that he failed to prevent. “You’ve found it?” he turned to him by a servicem doctor. “Yes, how does he thrive?” The doctor was surprised to explain that only two minutes ago it started to operate and is still not sure whether to survive. “According to the X-ray imagery, the dismal chest and the right part of the brain has been sped, suffered by widespread fractures of vertebrae and especially lumbar joints. The chance that this survives is one to a million! “he declared the heavy dosnake and the man was blindfolded in front of his eyes.” We leave you here one day for observation and recommend you visit a specialist! ” The man inherited his head and involuntarily looked at the watch. It was eleven hours a night. “It doesn’t come into consideration, Mr. Trewleany! I am a Roman Catholic priest and tomorrow morning I serve a holy Mass in the hospital for drug addicts… ” The doctor has heated it up strictly by lifting the right hand. “Your blood picture and the troubled heart talk about another! I insist on your hospitalisation! If you have any plans, tell your supervisor that you do not have a minimum day count with you! This is my last word! ” Damian Caller had to sign up and asked for a phone call. He dialed a Dekanovo number and attached with a small soul to the ear handset.
“Hello, who’s calling?” has been followed five minutes from the other side of the apparatus. “That’s me Damian, I just have to announce that me a while ago hospitalized at the Grawes clinic and tomorrow I can not serve the mass!” He became the tomb of silence. “Damian, thank you for calling me, and I’m laughing to know what was the reason for hospitalization?” The young priest hesitated, but then in a nutshell he produced the circumstances of his acceptance on the clinic. It was still very upset.
“I’ll tell our believers and we’ll think of you in prayer! If you feel, tomorrow I will stop behind you and bring you the Altar of the sacrament! ” Damian was with Dean farewell to the plea of prayer for the boy and passed. The nurse took the phone and brought him a hospital pajamas. When she was taken to dry things, she measured her fever and left him to relax. No Damian even after four prayers, who usually helped him fall asleep, did not feel tired, he still had to think about what was caught by a little boy to such a crime… Finally, he closed his eyes.
.. On the third, he woke up sharply to the voices that were based on the doors closed: “Wait until morning! I won’t wake him up because of such a banality! And maybe it’s just a coincidence! How would they get them? ” Damiana interviewed them immensely, but decided to fall asleep again. Nobody would have helped now. But the sleep did not come. She was so light and looked around the hospital room. The walls were recently painted, but they still remained spots after the moldinitis. Damian Everywhere felt the smell of ammonia, fixing the rooms every day, disinted and the head hurt him. So he rang to the nurse to get permission to open the window. There were two doctors in the place of the nurse. The higher of them, with a dense black chin, was routinely overlooked and asked why he sleeps. When he told him Damian, both of them had been zasmiali. “But, but, Mr. Caller, these windows do not open! In addition, this about a moment will be room for the post-operative patient and while you slept, we put it in a pucu to not get an infection! You’ll have to endure it! “he told him. A young priest from his label invented his name: Oliver Kennick. This name reminded him of something and again the doctor has looked back. And then he was dawn. “You’re a Cyrillic elder brother, I’m not mistaken?” The doctor nodded and exchanged a vicious sight with a blatantly younger colleague. “He walked to us for worship!” reminded him of Damian. Oliver Kennick laughed. He already knew with whom he was chatting and friendly he shook his hands. “When you don’t have your own, you look normal!” He noted and then spoke to the second doctor, looking at the display of his pager. “They will give us a jumper!” From the tone of his voice, he sang unhiding resistance. Damian pushed a reminder and only Nemo was watching the room to carry a new bed. The boy’s face was unrecognizable. Dark Lilac fackers Here they replaced the white strips once the skin and around the neck, which for the surgical collar was hardly even visible, had unpleasant bloody bruising. The rest of the body covered various tubing and the right finger hung the pressure sensor. “Whether you are sleeping well with the new guild! And don’t despair! “laughed at the provocative Oliverov colleague and both left. There were only two nurses who connected the boy to the apparatus and hung up new antibiotics. Then the younger ones turned to Damianovi and handed him a chocolate table. “To soothe the nerves! And if anything was happening with the Hent, please let us know! “showed the hand behind. Damian from her silently accepted the sweetness and when they left, she sighed. He put the chocolate on the nightstand, cautiously turned on the left flank, to make the boy better seen, and to be blessed. About an hour fell asleep…

“Good morning, Mr. Caller, how did you sleep?!” the friendly male voice of Damiana completely woke up. Tired of her eyes and looked back. He did not understand where he is located.
“You look puzzled, you are at the Grawes clinic, last night you received with a severe mental shock!” explained to him. It was a thick pink doctor and just an unsleepy Damian timed pressure. “Still very tall, you should still sleep, and then get breakfast!” he announced. “How is the boy?!” asked Damian violently. The doctor has Mykol shoulder. “Hard to say, after surgery, we have deployed painkillers, something for a quicker wound healing and it is so all we can do for it. She is in a deep coma and breathers for him, but if he survives 24 hours, we can congratulate you on the rescue of innocent life. ” Damian looked at the side bed and what she was doing. “May I speak to him? Will he perceive it? ” The man in the white coat rejected his head. “It’s like you’re talking to the wind! Mr. Caller, the shock of the concrete has hurt the brain, if he survives, he will be so paralyzed from head to heel! Live Corpse! ” Damianova eternally cheerful face was shroued with sadness and tears in the eyes staring at the boy. The doctor measured the temperature and told him not to bother the boy’s fate, so he will not he
lp him… Damian prayed three times the Rosary of God’s mercy and then looked at the tray with the food he brought to him until he prayed. There was fresh wholemeal bread, a large green apple and a glass of herbal tea. Invery with the flavors he embarked into food. When the arrangement came, the younger sister arrived; Which there was an acronym for traineeships; To check the boy and leave the tray. The priest took a moment and felt better, carefully rested the duvet and wanted to get up, but suddenly he had a headache and had to lie down again. He really had heart problems, but was always kept in the form of exercise and regular basketball tournaments at a nearby park. “Oh boy, why do you just have to jump? Who forced you to do so? ” Damian did not realise that the door stands for the MUDR. Trewleany and looks at him. Adam. So he’s called! “he said gloomy. Damian turned to him. “We found his records with two years ago, it’s the guy who had burns to 60% of the body. They brought it to rescuers, but we had it glued and sent back to the street because of him no interest… It was a surprise when I had him during yesterday’s operation found the old stitch, which I myself did. And then I met him. “He continued his monologue, knowing that the priest would not be interrupted. Then he gave him the wor
d… “He spoke with you then? He said why he is on the street? ” The doctor was hesitated. “No… Only talked about the fire, about what he had seen, but it did not make any sense to us. Especially when he saw the aliens, as they drifting his… With a large initial letter… ” Damian looked at the boy. He doubted whether he did the right thing. As if the doctor guessed his thoughts, he sat down on the county of the bed and pat on his shoulder. “The boy obviously doesn’t have anyone, no one cares about him now, but by saving him, you have been able to feel that at least someone didn’t let it die. Do you understand what I mean? ” Damian nodded and again devoted the boy a haunfull sight. Then he warted his head, he was about what the doctor asked him. Sebastian Trewleany gave him a gently squeesed shoulder and looked him in a nut brown eye: “You are his only hope! Do not say that your heart will not bleed when you look at it! ” The priest rushed his head and visibly bleak because his doctor had attached his hand to his throat and indicated him to straighten. “Calm down! Breathe pretty deeply and still talk to me! For example, what this morning dreamed of… ” Damianovi made it a silly video, but the doctor did not constantly: “When I was small, I was afraid of darkness…” The words were familiar to Adam. He seemed to him that he had never unspoken aloud. I could now not be hypersensisished from the darkness that surrounded him. He couldn’t move even a single finger, he was like a chained. And just this thought caused him A shock. Did they not escape? Did they find it down and take it back? Pain in the chest was escalated and it began to whistle in the ears. Trewleany jumped out and gave the Adama a reanimate. “Red Code! Red Code! “matured into a special broadcaster at the bed. He threw the quilt and cushion, then the only tearing pulled the bed from the wall and stood up. A moment in the doctor with a resuscitation trolley. Damian was in shock. Right in front of the eyes he fought a group of doctors on the life of a small suicide. And played. When the comet here thought to inprick him adrenaline directly into the heart muscle. Finally a success! The straight line of the ECG device slowly poped up higher until it finally reached 100 beats per minute. The doctors took a cart, but Sebastian Trewleany remained so that the boy was in the stump. Then he turned to Damianovi. “I don’t know what it should mean, but know the one, Adam heard you. I do not know how it is possible, in such a brain damage, but you should be intercede… Maybe it will accelerate its healing… ” With these words left and let damiana rigidly think. “Hm… Adam? ” The tiny brain-wave fluctuations meant the only one. It can communicate at least at this level. “Do you want me to tell you why I’m afraid of darkness?” Another, much more slight seizure. “When I had probably so much of you, I fell into the well at Babky on the farm. There was a terrible darkness and in addition I was very wet. I did not know if I find me here granny, I did not tell her where I.. I sat pinned on a piece of protruding stone and waited to rescue. Imagine you, found me a neighbor, an old grandfather with artificial joints, and pulled me out. When I got to light, it was a beneficial feeling. Then the neighbor had done me to the babke and it was properly hugned. At all, she didn’t get angry that I was lost. But since then I always sleep with a lamp on the nightstand. And I’m already properly old! ” Damianovi suddenly broke his voice, in the door he stood the least anticipated visitor, his direct boss, Padre Corvell. It entered the room and its 210-timi centimeters completely filled it. Despite the advanced age, he always moved brižne and radiated such charisma, that even Adam realized his arrival. “Praised either, Jesus Christ, Padre Corvell!” greeted automatically Damian. Dean replied and then sat on a chair next to the bed, putting his hand on the Damianovo thigh. “Why did you come here if I’m laughing?” The old man smiled and lightly pat. Then he walked through the eyes of the room and stopped at the boy. “That’s the guy you’ve been telling me about?” Damian Startly raised his eyebrows and nodded. Padre Corvell stood up and headed to the boy. He bent over him, something he slipping into his ear and a moment he maneuvated around his hand. Then she erled up and made over the boy’s sign of the cross. When he resigned, the priest saw his hand a small wooden rosary. “Every day, pray with him when he downloads,…” Added to the young priest. Never denied that Damiana Callera in the greatest popularity, perhaps due to its dark past. And just this priest helped him the most. “… And one more thing, your worship is divided by others and can no longer wait for your return. ” After these words he devoted Damianovi a gracious look and how he came, so he left. Damian was still in shock. The presence of Augustín Corvella was like hitting light
ning… Adam laughed in a spirit over the words of an old man who attached him to his hand. He told him that God was with him, and that he had forgive him. That Adam did not understand. Azda’s just not going to be another one of those mudrlants, who will talk to him about the unattuned “kingdom”, threatened. But that voice never said anything bad, only telling me a ridiculous story with light while sleeping. I now tell him what he said… For just because of him he wanted to finally wake up from this evil dream. In order to see the face of what belonged to the voice…

Return, memories sail on the surface


A Smile crucised


Dad? Ocko, where do you? ” Adam woke up from the dream and still did not quite realize where he is located. “Shut up, boy, I want to sleep normally!” collapsed old, which had a bed right next to Adam. The boy with the power of all forces turned his head to Damianovi and then felt a strong pain. He took his teeth, for the first time, for the first sign of weakness, and after twenty minutes of fighting he was able to think about him when he opened his mouth and spoke to the man on the Cross: “Why do you Cry?” There was a tomb of silence, places interrupted only by Damian Rhythmic breathing. And then Adam heard a silent announule: “You cry you, Adam!” The boy surprised the rush. On it she stood up and slambed into the sleeping priest. “Make something with a little bit! Reve here and I can’t sleep! ” The priest woke up immediately and fell to Adam. He stood up sharply and looked well. The head had strangely curved towards him, although Damian remembered that he was definitely the opposite direction. “You’ve been pamfed with him?” He turned to old, but he quickly warted his head. The young spiritual took a deep breath and helped Adam get his head to the center of the body. “You’ve found Kiarinho Ocka? Where are those oCCS? ” The boy’s question was very strange and Damian did not respond right away.
“Kiara has a mom and dad, but they don’t want it… It’s complicated… ” The priest. Adam surprisingly knew what it meant. “And you got mom and dad?” Damian slowly nodded. He laid Adam’s hand on his forehead and made a sign of the cross. Then he sat down again. Adam did a loud sigh and muttered as if himself for himself: “Thank you man from the cross.” Damianova’s face gave a surprise and he stared on the cross, which he hung on his throat, and who did not fold during the bathing. Then he kissed him and realized that it was time to leave, let the boy relax. “Damian, do you find my dad?” The priest had a handful of tears in his eyes and then the complainant said, “but you’ll have to tell me his name, how he called your dad, Adam? How was she called her mom? ” The boy closed his eyes and was pondered. She called mom dad differently than him? Not to remember, maybe just to do a strange reach of one day; Mom called him Midas, and then both laughed like a wonder;: “Midas. So she called her mom. And Lilly told him… ” The voice broke him when he spoke about the child. And unknown why, even Damianovi, after saying her name, was on his throat. As if only the tone of Adam’s voice was told about something that happened to her.
“Adam, you are a very brave boy, but now SPI, we talk in the morning.” He turned on the toe and went back to the Faru. Dean was already waiting for him. He was angry. “I’m tired, I’d like to unwind!” noted Damian, turned his back to him. “It waits Damian! I have to talk to you! ” The priest felt that it was not something ordinary, nodded and turned to the Dekanovi. “This is your mission!” A young spiritual surprise fell on the bed. Dean sat down on the kneeling front of the bed and continued a silent angry voice: “I learned this up today. They rejected you! Supposedly you do not have enough experience with the injured. In addition, I also asked about your behaviour in crisis situations… ” Damian silently nodded, biting the bottom lip. So Padre Corvell informed the Vatican about his problem of health. It was disgusted. “Still something you wanted to take me?” asked the angry. Padre Corvell nodded and looked to Damianovi directly into the grey eyes. “I want to take your arrivals here! I do not agree to spend your entire days in a hospital room of that little ničombladder! I understand your sights, girlfriend, but believe this is already out of you! He does not have parents, so he will take him social service! You can’t get a boy adopting and you don’t even have the opportunity to educate him. So why you have it… ” Damian did not let him speak, grabbed him behind his shoulder and chilly noted
, “Please leave from my cell! Immediately! ” Dekanova face of the eyedish. “I thought Damian that we friends! Well obviously I was wrong. We talk about it tomorrow after the worship! ” With these words he lost in the labyrinth of corridors and stairways. Damian sat down on the bed and hit his face into the palms. A moment so he sat and prayed. Then he decided that he sleeps and tomorrow morning with a dean of excuses. As you zaumienil, so I did. He stripped down and reached to sleep. No sleep has come. It occurred in the morning and Damian lay on the bed as a corpse. He worked so Believerly, his head strayed into the pillow, until he frightened the other young priest, Ricarda Slavíny, who came to announce him to appear in the Dekanic office. Damian! Damian! What is it with you? “he convened. Damian rolled up his arms and looked at Ricarda’s surprise view. “I don’t feel the best, please could you explain it to the Dean?” Ricardo awhile hesitated, but when he watched him, he understood that it was not an excuse. He apologized to him and left. Damian fell back on the pillow. He was exhausted and kind of appathetic. Maybe the Dean had the truth with Adam’s influence on him. After all, Adam was equally despied by life as he violent a voluntary death. If only he knew a little more about who was the man who did Adam did. And he was worried that what he finds will lead to a great catastrophe, or even a hole in the media. The priest began to doubt whether he can find a boy’s father, who is already more than surely dead. And perhaps because of the father wanted Adam to die. They were tough questions and Damianova’s mind was starting to defying it. He rang his mobile phone. He was able to ignore him for the first time, but then he was even more reimagined. “Hello?” he convened. When he then folded, the face made him contorted despair. He sat down on the bed and began crying. He told him that Adam had another seizure and now keep him in an artificial sleep. Finally, he stood up, dressed a waterproof jacket, obule running shoes and diving towards the stairs. Despite the fact that the barely stood on his feet, he zaumienil that he would go to play basketball with MINIŠTRANTMI. He hoped to help him, but the stairs collided with Dekanom. “Damian, you don’t look the best, don’t go together to move to Caserry Park and maybe eat something?” Damian without the sign of emotion nodded and so they came out. They passed about 6 blocks from the parsonage and they moved south, to the extensive Caserry Park. It was a relaxing, about eight kilometers long site for mothers with children, but often the boys from the surrounding area were playing basketball or tennis. About this time, it was 5 p.m. in the morning, there was no one so they could be undisturbed. They walked through the dew covered with benches and swings, but Damian did not perceive it. Bezducho followed Dean. “And we are here, sit down, Damian, we talk!” He noted Dean and pointed to a picnic table with four chairs. They cast it and Padre Corvell Odkiaľsi sped up two tuna sandwiches. Damian is mechanically thicked into a crunchy crust and dvihol his head to Padremu. “Sorry, as we did not agree yesterday. Well look, I was right. You are pale, at night you certainly did not sleep a lot and I heard your sadness… ” Damian is lightly implicated. I hate giving up this kind of emotion and every time he felt embarrassing. “You are wrong, Padre Corvell. My current status is unrelated to the frequent visits of Adam! I am in a confused period when I sort my priorities, my attitudes and thoughts. “he said quietly. “And what have you come to?” he asked the same quietly padre. Damian hesitated, does he tell him about Kiarinom ar
riving? “Now, in the hospital I saw yesterday Kiaru, is happily married! And she met Adam! “he climbs finally. Augustín Corvell stood up and nervously began to crawl. “Did the little devil get someone to wear? Excellent work, Damian, but I see that you do not really pleasure! ” The young priest weighed. “Padre, can you get a confession?” The face of the old spiritual fossils amazes. Well nodded and Damian did before him Pokakol. “Father of mine, I have sinned thoughts against the purity of my soul. I left to dominate the animal pudks. I was jealous of that young woman because I am not her lover! ” Padre Corvell was surprised by the sudden reversal in the behavior of the otherwise shy priest who had the women always had a problem. “Damian, the devil lurking in the most innocent creatures, in a woman! Do not apologize for this weakness, is a natural part of life… ” But Damian continued: “Father of mine, I have sinned thoughts against the purity of my soul. I incautiously treated the fragile creatures and poached her wings of hope. I gave up my promise..
. ” Padre Corvell caught him a hand and kissed her. Damianova face the Eyeworms surprise. “A long time ago I hadn’t heard more sincere confetion, I apologize to you, Damian!” But the priest did not delight at all. Wasn’t sure if this Padre Corvell thinks serious. “How do you think, Padre?” The old man smiled and slowly said, “I thought that in Adam’s case you will leave too much drift and it has an effect on your reporting to the Lord. But now I see you’re the same as before. ” Damiana’s answer was very surprised. Did you really notice that Adamov’s life causes him problems? A moment they sat silently and then the young priest informed about Adam’s current state. And had a vague feeling that this situation is changing. “I’m going to run a little bit, if you allow it, before breakfast in the temple!” noted Damian, firmer, he gave up the shoes and he was called. Augustín Corvell gave him a mile and after a while he joined the incoming wife with two young children. Damian accelerated the pace, not perceived by the coolness of the morning. He slowly ran around the empty pitch, a sandpit with climbing up and finally ran through the entrance gate to the streets of the town, which slowly began to awakate to a monotonous day. He ran as quickly ruled and didn’t even realize where he was running. Only when he almost stumbled on a homeless sleeping on cardboard in the middle of the sidewalk, he understood that he was located somewhere in the Chearley Company Park. He zamrazilo him. The subconscious was pulled into a place where almost a year ago he found a slow dying boy. It slowed and sharply exhaled the air. The legs slowly led him wide paver to the building of the demolished factory for fabrics. He found himself in an uncomfortable smelly area full of people who did not notice it at all. The steps were getting him higher and as in the trance he was climbing the ladder on the asphalt covered roof.
She looked around and when she had a cold air, completely precisted and very carefully approaching the edge of the roof. When he saw a relaxed piece of gutting tube and blood on it, there was what happened here. Adam apparently had something distracting, looked back and the foot was hanging out about the oven that was relaxed. He did not notice that under the roof they are beginning to collect the homeless. Damian in a waterproof cell and dirty black Rifliach did nothing to remind the spiritual shepherd, more resembled by a poor man, which had so much swallowed death or illness that their only option is to jump. Jump directly to hell.
“So already jump, you idiot! You do not see that they are only waiting to rob you… ” Damian has been Mykol, but he did not turn his head, thinking that he only seemed. He looked down and ruspped his head. He quickly stepped in and the legs inadvertently translated through the roof area. Augustín Corvell, who hated him, since he ended his interview with a young woman, was in shock. Damiana Jakživ did not live in such a depression, even if he told him that his sister-twin Maxu shot in the supermarket. He had a taste of screaming, but never stood on the edge. Augustin had to ask himself what he now overlooked.
“Hey, do you go, or am you gonna throw me all day?” This time the Damian turned his head and on the opposite end of the roof, during the ventilation shaft, he saw the silhouette of some man. “Have you been here and about seven months ago?” However, the man was silent. “And who wants to know, did you get the trick?” Damian himself for himself he replied that no. The Vtom in the crowd saw the dean and he was blinded in front of her eyes. He did not live to be excommunicated from the church, therefore very gently shifted the legs from the edge of the roof and the tackingly stood. He was slowly walking towards the man, but he had disappeared. In a place where he had previously seen a silhouette, he was just an ohort of freshly shed cigarettes. Who was it? And saw Adam, or rather helped him down?

Damian? Damian! Nerob stupidity, arise to me mine! ” A young man muted. The roof was carried by a tight voice. A priest with just a kind of miracle Dotackal to the ladder, flew him face down and found himself in front of a serious with a tweed dekanom. He grew him and dragged into the hospital. From Damiana he knew about a kind Janus Erbleyom and thought he would help him. Damianov’s hilarious smile sprayed with a glass view, sweaty forehead and a shaky limb. Their arrival was recorded by Adam’s treating physician and immediately introduced them to their office. He saved Damiana on the couch and gave to cook water for tea. Damian meanwhile came to himself and very ashamed of himself. Dean assured him that he understands, although it was not quite true. He felt it was time to put an end to Adam.
In the tea, however, the interview was not at all in the direction of Adam, as its coma was unpermisable, despite subsequent improvements. So long as the doctor did not mention the reasons for this coma, what the Dean was actually interested in. “Now, I think, Padre Corvell, that Janus sessions in it have unblocked that part of his self, which was battered by a close person. Damianova’s presence Although the symptoms of his mental imbalance completely successfully rebuttated, but during his absence manifested signs of strong schizophrenia and apparently even now, in a comical sleep, suffers from the prepeople that began to intermingle with reality. Other patients informed me this morning that they had a severe attack of fear that ended up using it. I’m afraid that Adam will have to move on to the insulating unit. And there it was subjected to another form of treatment, which was practiced before the coma. ” Both clunked the doctor as if he did not understand him. “I think we start with just a gentle electro stimulation…” Damian Rose sharply. “Do you want to treat it as a fool?” Dr. Trewleany slowly nodded and hinted him to calm down. “A significant improvement occurred in 52% of treated patients. Moreover, at Adam’s chance to complete, I emphasize a complete, cure of schizophrenia. ” Padre Corvell slowly stood up and noted that he had already to leave. He also turned to Damianovi and pleaded him to take off today and to get a good time to relax. When he left, Dr. Trewleany Zalial tea and one Cup handed a divorced priest. “I want to Adama only the best, Mr. Caller. But I also realise what I can cause… ” The young priest is not nodded and passed his right hand after the head. He sat on the couch as a finished pile of bad luck. “Mr. Trewleany, undoubtedly you are right. But isn’t it by chance so that your hospital wants to save on caring for a almost hopeless case? After all, electric shocks are only a cheap substitute for the very necessary, but costly constitutional treatment… ” The doctor has taint his eyes. Damianov’s knowledge of Adam’s state and approach were unprecedented. He told him about Janus Erbley? No, it was bound by secrecy. “I don’t decide,…” Tossed with his hands the doctor and Damianovi this Pilátske gesture came honestly. As a frequent visitor the hospital knew about her anarchist management. Those who had power, abused it into a moron bone.
He wanted to say something, but the doctor interrupted him by cutting his hands. “No, Damian, I do not continue this debate! On today you will be in the hospital, in the Adam’s previous room, it’s right next to, so if you… ” The priest slowly nodded and went after a hospital outfit. He returned to the doctor and asked him to announce the Dekanovi. Sebastian Trewleany slowly nodded.

Patrick Shelby on the scene

Damian, Damian, Damian… Muttering Adam from sleep. Just a few minutes ago it woke up from an artificial sleep to have done some examinations and now let him rest. But Adam had the feeling that he had left him in the fate. Damian was gone, surely he was angry, and Mr. Erbley? What’s where he was. Adama possessed fear. He was alone, in a room illuminated only by a weak light at the door. Again alone. There was no one to protect him from him. He felt him. He felt it was somewhere nearby. Man in uniform. Not mistaken. The door was suddenly opened and then closed silently. There was someone in the room who had nothing to look for. Adam heard his hoarse breath and then the pike switch. As always. In absolute darkness, he performed his perverse ideas. He slowly came to the boy’s bed and attached his ear to his chest. When he heard his accelerating pulse, he quietly laughed. “Good boy. Nothing you told him. I’m very happy to think, at least, I don’t have to ask for permission. “I walked Adam into his ear and walked his finger over the cheek. Adam desperately preglgol, could not even shout out, the fear of the man was stronger than the instinct of self-preservation. “Where do you have this friend? I heard it is also a lying patient…. How are you doing that all around you cause pain? ” The curve of Adam’s heart rhythm climbs sharply upward when the man inserted his hand under the pajamas. Then he turned him sideways and reached himself. Fortunately, the mad pain in the pants did not lasted fifteen minutes, the man kissed his neck and readjusted him to the same position he was before his arrival, so that he could not be suspected. Adam was in the spirit of his pain and felt as if he had a man torn his belly and again, he was alive. The eyes had him drali through the closed lids, practically he went to jump out of t
he wells… Damian sat on the bed and looked absent from each other. Just marginally perceived the released radio of an elderly patient and his words: “I didn’t like him, well he did so, it’s a small thief, he stole in my shop!” At first, this was not the Damianovi, but then he turned sharply on the old man: “What did you say?” Other patients had been remeasured by them, they did not understand what happened. “Just calm, Mr. Spiritual! When he was about 5 or 6 years old, I caught him in my shop with pockets of full men’s condoms. I called the Poles, but the Shelby was just laughed, apparently on what the kid would have been, and left it that way. But wouldn’t you find it? ” Damian couldn’t believe her own ears. And it was even worse. “I can remember that, at that time, Mr. Shelby visited me at school and asked if he did not attend the boy, he was already a mandatory, but no school kept his records. I said what I knew. That resides at Victora Karasa. But Poliš laughed me, apparently Victor Karas has no children. But he visited him and found him a boy. He imposed him a greasy fine, but as far as I know, the boy left him. At the school meeting I asked if he joined somewhere and their answer you probably know… Mr. Caller! You bleed! ” Damian reached his face and felt something sticky. Bleed from the nose. Feel the nose in the paper bag and wanted to ask for something, when he walked in Mr. Trewleany and told him to follow him to Adam’s room. Damian without the word stood up and barefoot walked through the corridor into the insulating room and what he saw, he set off his breath. Adam lay in the middle of the sprawled bed and sighed with open eyes, which was also on him quite admirable performance. “What happened to him?” asked the Doctor. He was just a mouse-locked shoulder. He didn’t understand what he had seen before him. The expression of Adam’s face was reflected by the mad fear and complete emptiness at the same time. Damian came to him and caught him a pale hand. “What happened, why so much you’re crying, what are you worried about?!” he urged. Suddenly Adam was so loud, until one of the Little sisters left the bowl with empty syringes on the ground. Damian ignored her. “He was here! Found me! Retouching me! And you’re not here!! ” Damian Oushed: “Adam, was it just a bad dream, you understand? Only a bad dream! And I can’t ever be with you! ” Adam closed and then declared, “Why are you still living? When you don’t want to protect me! ” The Doctor boy’s words set off the breath and when a little bit recovered from shock, he called the Damiana Nabok. “I check the camera in the hallway, or by accident…” Suggested seriously. As he said, he also did. After a moment of silence he was ozing Damian. “Adam, forgive me, I was not at you in the moment of your greatest fear. And now tell me what we do with your wet pants? ” Adam muttered that he has no idea. Damian smiled. “We’ll go nicely together with a sister’s aunt to peel off.” The boy razantly wrinkled his head and wardened his face by disgust. “Boy Golden, why do you get this complicated? Wouldn’t it be easier to accept certain conditions of living in this company? I didn’t want to say uncomfortable directly, but I forced me to do so… and cannot be endure. I don’t care that you don’t like it, we’re going to be rocking. Now I’ll get you down and move on to a special bed, right? ” Boy hesitantly nodded. Damian got busted, slowly the boy overtook and moved him to the elastication of the coated bed. “After all, Mr. Caller!” showed one of the nurses when the barefoot Damian pushed the bed out of the room. Slowly pass through the corridor to the shower room. They walked in the bottom and the nurse lit up the light. Adam suppressed the scream of horror. The room was heavily smelled by the ammonia, all the special shadows. “Attach it to the shower hose.” Pointed to the corner. Damian obeyed and then spoke to Adam, “Now I’ll tell you wet things and wash it up with this fragrant soap. Don’t worry. I will touch you only with soap, and the other hand I will be bent on the bed. ” Adam hesitantly agreed. Well then he asked, “and you’re gonna be also undashed?” Damian quietly replied that he will give himself a ridiculous green coat, not to wear clothes. He showed him him. Adam has been on him with great disbelief. But Damian gave him no time to resist, slowly he passed his hands on the cheek. “Trust me. I will not hurt you! “reassure him and slowly he began to break up the pajamas shirt. “So I probably will go!” she took a sister unexpectedly and Damian didn’t even get caught, she was gone. Adama pressed at the heart. “Stop!” crossed and Damian pulled his hand away from his feet, he wanted to pull his socks to soak up the boy’s urine. “I can’t seem to do it myself, Adam, you gotta afford me. I really think that I have been able to convince you for many times about the fact that I am not like Victor or those others who have touched you only for the purpose of breastfeeding their reversed needs. I am a priest! ” Damianove’s words have been deeply touched by Adam. He looked at his hands covered with callusts. And suddenly he felt that they saw them somewhere. Well not in this life. As if he said in a dream: “Even the Ockove’s hands looked like this. Destroyed by heavy work and such a non-gentle. ” Damian was not sure whether he was talking about his or her biological father or victor, because he was the same, whether he spoke of one or the other. “Have you finally allowed me to wash you? There’s a cold and you’re soaked in the bone. We quickly wash and go back to the room, understand? ” The boy finally nodded. The Damian was ejected quickly and the only movement he called her socks and slowly withdrew her pajamas pants. And then he realized that Adam did not lie. On the inner side of the thighs had fresh bruises. Lay here completely frightened, abused and now a total defenseless boy who does not know what it means to have something of his. Something that no one would have reached. And he felt a strong desire to embrace this broken baby and cast him into the veins of love. But he knew he may not. Adam finally began to believe. “I’ll let you water on your right hand and see that there’s nothing.” As he said, he also did. Cautiously, the tap and Adam had a pleasant warmth over the body. You See? I was talking. There is nothing to worry about. Now I’ll give you a hand soap. Here is! ” He inserted a piece of soap into the palm of his hand, and the boy’s finger was stacked around him. “Do you feel something?” he asked him until he caught the rest of the soap and walked through him to the boy’s body so prudently that Adam was not uncomfortable at all. On the contrary, the presence of soap on the skin was a completely new experience for the boy. Then, however, Damian stopped and looked at the boy. “Adam, I have to tell you something.” The boy was surprised at him. “What you told me that my hands remind me of your dad’s hands, I was breastfeeding. And I am sorry that now I have to do something that you will not like! Boy, you probably know what I mean! ” Adam with a sealed breath nodded. “I don’t know how you build it, but it belongs to the personal hygiene of every person. Adam, please do not have a choice. The nurse has gone away and we stayed here ourselves! “went on Damian. Then Adam surprised not only Damiana, but also himself when he said, “I don’t know what personal hygiene means, but I know about what the Damian goes to. A… And if necessary, do it. No hurt… ” The young priest took a breath and had something to think. The moment she was entertained with the bedside, until then he pulled Adam into the sitting. He caught his hand with soap and shifted her to his crotch. “I don’t have to do it, can you try it yourself, did you ever?” he asked quietly. The boy was very frightened. “I… Until recently I thought it was just to Cikanie… And I did not know what to do with it. “Muttered after a while. This Damiana was surprised. Victor did not know, but he expected that the boys at least familiar with the basic functions of his body. He swallowed the question and cautiously the boy smiled. “That’s nothing. Now I’ll teach you. For a person learns a lifetime, Adam. Even if in your case it’s a little different. Now you go with soap on your thighs and rinse a little. ” Damian gave him a gently caught hand and did as he explained. Adam unexpectedly flushed and stopped him. “Damian, not looking there!” The spiritual Shepherd took a moment to understand. “What… What’s going on with me? It makes me very warm and it hurts! “the boy broke out. “Breathe deeply, breath, breath, breath, breath! Are you better off? ” Adam shopped his head and overwhelmed her from Damiana turned away. “Adam, look at me! I’ll explain it! You don’t have to be ashamed of it! ” The child unwillingly turned his head to a calmly man and he began to talk. “What happened to you is the result of something that you were comfortable with. However, you must know that this is not normal at all. Although, in the light of the conditions in which he lived, he was in the fact that it was absolutely common and therefore now confused. ” Damian tried to calm the boy, but it was not easy at all to talk about a 12-year old boy about erection. “I’m wrong!” he announced unexpectedly Adam and from the mouth he embroided a stream of twists. Damian quickly moved him to the changing room, which was just a few feet away from them and it was well covered by the fate to not refrigerates. “We’ll be back to the room, but you’ve got to get dressed. Is you already better? ” Adam malately nodded. The priest pulled from the plastic bags dry and clean pajamas. When he removed his towel, he noticed that his excitement disappeared. It has been significantly relieved. She quickly dressed it and took it to her arms. He opened the door by kicking and walked out on the hallway. There he saw the Doctor Trewleany. He looked at Damiana and saw it very upset. He spoke to him, “You’ve got it in a row, it’s okay. We move Adam to the cart and you will go to the room of the hospital protector. For a while. ” Damian nodded. Adam was in spite of all that weight and had already been lamted by his knees. The doctor brought a wheelchair to the room with Damian. When Adam fell for a while, Damian followed the doctor at the end of the hallway to the room full of monitors. The doctor came to one of them and lost the record. Damian watched a man in a black leather cell and with a cap on his head to Adam’s room. In a few minutes, the cheerful comes out and turns on the knob on the pants. Someone reminded him of the man. “Do you know him, father?” asked Mr. Trewleany slowly. Damian shopped his head. “But someone reminds me very much. I just can’t remember. ” The doctor grabbed his shoulder and slipped. “I know this man, and you met him as well. Do you say something like Patrick Shelby? ” Damianovi was blindfolded in front of her eyes. Is he? “Sit down, you are very pale!” suggested by the doctor quickly. The priest, however, only baptized his head. “I came off. But I’m okay, really. I’m a little tired. I guess I’ll go back to the room if it’s not going to hinder you! “he said. “Alright, Damian, I will forgive you…” He noted and did not give him a choice. He grabbed him as a hand and as an unseated child he brought right in front of the bed and supervised him to reach and even cover the papary. “Probably not good to leave Adama alone, I will give before his door protector. Two men to watch for him. “he said. Also he was shaken by what he saw on the video record. “Thank you, Mr. Trewleany!” I was kicked Damian and closed his eyes. The doctor asked about the medical condition of his patients and Restless came to Adam’s room. “Wake up, boy, I want to talk to you about something important.” He said from the door. The boy initially did not perceive him until then he muttered on the character that he was careful. “You didn’t lie. And I like it, Adam. But Damianovi you must say the whole truth. What you spoke to me during the examination. He has the right to know. If you turn it into problems with unifles, it will be a life. After all, you know what the man is capable of! ” He came to the boy and caught him a hand. A bit of it squeeyed. “Do you feel it?” he asked. “No, Mr. Trewleany.” he replied quietly. The doctor sat down and bent on the boy’s finger as the most he allowed it to cartilage.
“And this?” Adam shopped his head. Unexpectedly passed Mr. Trewleany to his feet. He pushed his right leg, but the boy replied as well. “Adam, I have to call my colleague to make you look at the feet, well? It won’t take long. “He said and before Adam called his fellow neurologist. About five minutes he walked into the insulating room of a slim youngster and smiled at Adam. “Adam, this is my colleague. A little will touch you, but only where I am! “announced to the boy. He hesitantly nodded. The doctor has set a colleague to stand before Adam. Hi. My name is Jimmy! ” Adam devoted him a embarrassed smile. “You don’t have to worry, I’m a doctor.” he told him with a smile and picked out the suitcase, which he brought with him, a small red gavel. “Help me, Sebastian. We invite him socks. I’m a little I’m going to tickle with a gavel. “He said, still looking at a surprising child. Jakživ has not seen anything like that. He knew about Adam only from a hospital consultation when he was taken over. And so far he did not believe the story of the Polak of the child. However, when he was in front of him, he had no doubt about the words of Mr Trewleanyho and the director of the hospital. Once Sebastian pulled his socks, he bent and walked through Adam after a smooth foot. Adam suddenly bued really strangely. “What is?” both doctors asked unanimously. “I’m tickler!” Men have exchanged surprising views. “Really?” Mr. Trewleany had not believed him or herself. “Can’t you somehow find out if it’s not pretending?” The neurologist nodded, rebued very secretive and then came away from Adam for a while. With something he was messing with and Adam overplayed curiosity. He suddenly turned sharply and had a big goose feather in his hand. Once again Adam went through the foot, but this time the boy only surprised her looking ahead. “What was it supposed to be?!” exclaimed. “I’d be able to ask myself too!” He noted a little disappoint Mr. Trewleany to be sorry in Adam that he had done something wrong. However, the boy, as usual, did not move the giant. “According to what You told me Sebastian and after I saw myself, I’m afraid that nothing can be done. Numb is global. Thus, I suppose this, but I would be happy if he brought him to my little office, so I did a complete examination. “said the neurologist, when he closed the briefcase and was about to leave.

“I’m tired, Damian!” said the boy desperately. “I too. But we have to endure it for a moment to end! “he interceded. Adam lay only in the infancy of the bed in the ambulance and the up. She was cold. The doctor has taken a moment to get a little bit of the nose, and sometimes he was injected into his feet. “Do not sleep, Adam. You’ve got to communicate with me! “said a strict doctor. For 4 hours He researched Adam’s state of health and still felt that something was wrong that something in his research missed. Even though Adam was on a few MRI, and even on the CT head, nothing was found. Apparently it could spine, but according to a colleague it was not related to the damage to the spinal cord. Thus, the boy’s loss of emotion had to occur more distant. And just had to find out. When this occurred. Whether before trying to suicide… o How hard he thought about it… Or it’s from an early childhood. “Mr. Caller, if you want to go, you can, yet we are not far from the end, I know it’s already a lot, but if we don’t do it now, it won’t be possible anymore. We have to finish it. ” When Adam heard it, he started to weave his head more abrupt than ever. He wanted to get away. Adam! Don’t do it! You gotta tell me what’s going on! “he convened Damian desperately. He was such a tired… “I want to go away, I want to leave! I want to go away! I’m cold and nothing helps me! ” Damian caught his hand. “Listen to me! So listen! I’m taking you! I will not go anywhere until it ends! “he interached and Jimmy was narrower. The boy was calm as a lightning strike and with confidence he looked at the depleted and sweated Franciscan priest. There was a unreal bond between them. “I have an idea.” He declared without a smile of a neurologist and then said. “The examination has ended, dress it up and sit.” Damian was rolling out his eyes. However, the fastest Adama dressed up and then slowly pulled it into the sitting. “Okay, now resign!” The priest surprised the shout out: “but then…” The neurologist has attached a finger to the lips. Damian had no choice, resigned. The boy took a breath and moved his head downwards. It has become something unprecedented. Instead of falling forward, the hands created a kind of support and Adam realized it sits. Both Damian and neurologists were amazed. “Quickly move it to the light!” he exclaimed Jimmy. He was right, Adam was the whole shaking, his hands were lamted. “Did you feel the weight of your body?” asked slowly by the doctor. Adam, however, only with amaze looking ahead. “It hurts my tummy…” muttered instead of answering a boy. The ambulance began to spread unbearable odor. “That’s nothing,…” Noted neurologist. “… But you felt the weight of your body when you sat? ” The child Skrivilo the face into crying and said, “as if someone happened to me on my back!” The doctor nodded and said the results will be up after the new year. Back then, Damianovi was already December, and associated with Christmas. He looked at Adam and shred himself in front of his eyes. How will it be through the hol
idays? When Adam, dry and overpackaged, finally fell asleep on the bed of the insulating room, Damian pressed him to take a steady hand and weeped. For Christmas he goes to Michigan to celebrate with his family, he cannot be close to Adam. He stood between two mill stones and did not know what to do. He realized that to reject the father’s re-offered hand would mean the complete end of their already well-disturbed relationship, but would also not be able to leave Adama’s adrift Patrick Shelbyl. He did not believe the guards in front of a boy’s door no more than a safety system hospital. After all, the COP was unnoticed directly to him and stayed there for more than 15 minutes… “My lord, what do I do now?! My family expects me in Michigan, but my presence is necessary for Adam. I can’t just leave it, leave it! Nobody has! Sir, please ask me! ” Janus
a Erbled was delighted when he heard Damianov’s prayer. It was already more enjoyable to talk about Christmas, but it was still something that came into it. “I’m not a pandedly, but the answer I should have!” Damian turned sharply and saw Janusa as she smiles. The priest stood up and quickly shook his hands. Staring at him with the expectation as a young child. “To be right said, I was thinking about it already since 31. November when I last talked to Adam. But let’s go to the point. You wanted an answer and I am offering it to you. Tell your parents to come here for Christmas. Do the old house so you can prepare a safe stay for the boy. As far as I know, to his mental state, is stabilized and out of it, staying in a different environment could help him cope with his unlight situation! ” Damian was rolling out his eyes. How ever a psychiatrist knows that they have a house here too? Janus took a wide smile and pressed his shoulders. “I know Mr. Caller older. As a boy brought me to the holy acceptance. Well my faith over time has been paralysh and today I don’t even appreciate being called a Christian. I do not have any interest in the background. I do not fully live in my own way. “He said, enjoying the Damian Embarts. “Think about it, three days!” continued with a silent voice. When Damian as-so reassigned, he said, “I am concerned about this. Mainly because of the father. He has a sick heart and do not know if he would agree with the flight here. ” Janus stepped closer. “Three days, Damian Caller.” With these words he looked kams for damiana and smiled. “Good morning. Or is it for you night? ” The priest looked back. Adam has already slept. He was looking at men with swollen eyes. If only recently stopped crying. “Why are you here?” asked the boy in surprise when he better matured the man who stood at Damianovi. “I came to see how you got, long time I didn’t find out with you and I was sad.” he said slowly. “Damian did not say anything to you?” He sounded a guy another question. Both men hit his words. Did he know that she was talking about him and nothing could be known about him? “Noo… Telling me that you do not know to distract from the evil people who abused you until the accident. But as I see, the cannon does it even after it. Nobody could tell you because Patrick Shelby was effectively threatened by something… You just have to reflect a painful memory in your eyes. If this is a small one, I have already told you that what happened can not be undone! It’s true that you’re disturbed, you can’t consider it! ” Damiana psychiatribred words very surprised. She was eating with Adam so openly until he felt that a moment may have become a further bout of auto-aggression. In recent times very quickly vykypel. “Damian, go get a call with dad, we got some unresolved things, please!” He said a little irritable, bypassing the naughty hair around the toe. The priest slowly nodded and just dislike from the boy zoomed out. Pulled from the pocket private cellphone and called the father…

Christmas by Callericas

Christmas was for Damiana to all. But such shocks did not do well. The father, without hesitation, agreed that the boy from the hospital spent Christmas with them. The Ba seemed to be enchanted by this idea. Damian did not understand, not only his parents agreed with Adam’s presence, they even had already been on their way to his old house, which for several years he managed and rented Damianov cousin Jon, and enjoyed his arrival. The only one who was not so pleased was Damian. He had a very bad feeling that something was zomelie. In such a way, until it affects the whole family and perhaps even the whole damioans present life. The more the boy has come to know, the more difficult it is to alleviate. This child influenced his psything more than the people he kept behind the hand when they were dying. He suddenly realized what he was thinking and overwhelmed. Adam couldn’t for anything, the whole life with him just included, could not know that what they are doing is not correct. Even though it can be understood at times. In particular, the older.
.. “Damian, so, what is the verdict?” the door came out Janus Erbley and asked the priest to be overwhelmed. Seeing it is not very excited, he sighed. Understand. But at least try it. I ask two days in a family environment, it would greatly help him. We have to give him a chance. I explained to him what is at stake and I think he understood me. If not, it will understand it when it is seen in your own eyes. You may not save it. If you hurt, let him know. It doesn’t have to be just a slap if you know more creative and much more effective methods… ” Spoke and talked. But Damian perceived only half the ear. Something has drilled his head. It was necessary to arrange a few things before Adam exceeded the threshold of the house. And the first was where to accommodate it. Although the house had several guest rooms, the Callerovce family lived a rich social life, but they were all on the floor. And just in the thought of constantly dragging the top down it hurt the crosses. Janus Erbley smiled. “What will be your next step?” asked a thoughtful spiritual shepherd and involuntarily edited the fold of shirt. “Equip it with the hospital. Then place the safety features in the living room, just for sure, and prepare the family members on the boyly unpredictable behavior. “Damian said without any greater concentration. The child psychiatrist smiled. Well just very slightly. He saw the Damian’s face. He thought it would manage better. Well be mistaken is human…

Adam woke up very sharply. He felt that the room was not alone and very much has fallen. The room ruled darkness and it was not added to his courage. “Damian?!” exclaimed frightened. “Here I am, don’t worry. Do I have to cut the lamp? ” The boy quickly nodded. The priest came to the nightstand and the tinted switch. A muted light is sped around the room. Adam in his Delectia saw Damianov’s face. Harden by stiff thinking, or rather a quiet prayer. “Here I am! Why don’t you sleep? “asked a frightened child. “I had a bad dream. About the woman who was Lillin’s mom. ” Damian was Mykol, a moment he in mind reiterated Adam’s words. And then he banged: “but for… It was thy mom! Do you remember the mom? ” The child was thought. “We played together games. She told me to flee as far away from the house and then I was looking for a long time… I always won, never knew me to catch it. Only once it succeeded. When he came Dad’s home, I don’t know from where, and he told me, “You’re bad! I hate you! “, then let me run away, race me halfway and kick me until I fell asleep. When I woke up, Dad stood above me and had in my hand such a strange thing. Apparently it was a weapon. And began telling me the story of my father. I do not know why… ” The priest quickly sat down, because he suddenly ruspped his head. What was it supposed to be? Was this a real story, or a guy’s mistaken thinking? How could the parents behave in this way to their child? And why does Adam want to find his dad, after he acted most outragently? On the other hand, there were Adamove involuntary memories of a kind man with subtle hands… Damian was purely confused. If only he knew how the boy got to Victor’s power, everything would be much easier. “Who called you Adam?” asked Damian. Unexpectedly, something came to mind. “Ehm, Dad did not call me a name. Adam I was from that event… HE called me so. He gave me the name, gave me a mission. He gave me himself. Every time the sun goes out on the ceiling. ” The priest was in a drink, but he overcame and continued: “Adam, what is your mission?” The boy will empty swallowed and then he replied to the silent voice: “My mission is to be a piece on the Checfer. Be a white horse man whose hands are colored by the blood of thousands of innocent bodies. ” Damian was rolling out his eyes. It couldn’t be true! These words have already heard. Exactly eleven years ago, he came to give anointing to a dying man. He expressed them at the death threshold. He spoke that one day he finds himself, what cruelty can be committed to human beings. And then he hears the message. Damian. Open your eyes! ” Damian was attracted. He lay on the earth and he was tipped by Mr. Trewleany. Damian. What happened? “the doctor asked a slow voice. “Yes, I think so…. ie I do not know, I talked to Adam… S, Adam! Is it okay? “he exclaimed sharply. The doctor put his hand on the cheek and said. “The boy is in the best order. Only you have frightened us, however Adam? “looked to the right and smiled. The child is hesitant Usmialo. “It’s so Damian!” He confirmed the shaking and stared at him. “It’s been very late, I’ll be back to the parish, and prepared for tomorrow’s departure! Anyway, you’re going with me! ” Adam’s face fossils surprise. Janus Erbley was right. She will have Christmas with Damian. Then his enthusiasm passed away and he almost cried at the thought that there will be other family members. “Go Damian, and tomorrow you have to sign the bag and I would still recommend it, I know it will sound crazy so that you can all be vaccinated against jaundice if you haven’t had the chance to do that.” Damian was surprised at the doctor. “Adam, I’m going to talk to Damian on the hallway, a little while back and I’ll give you vitamins.” Boy nodded.
They are going to talk about me and go, what does it turn to mean! After all, Damian tells me so. And if not now, certainly later, after all I promised… D
amian came out on the hallway and closed the door to the room. Then he turned to the doctor with a plea for clarification.
“It’s about Damian that boy’s oral hygiene is at a minimum level and you know well how it responds to touch. I’m afraid that after bites could infect someone. If not directly jaundice, then the bacteria, which, despite our efforts, have proliferated throughout the cartilage. “explained slowly. “Mr. Trewleany, if you insist, go home and announce it to your family. But I have concerns about it. “Confessed Damian after a while. The doctor has been pousmial. “But try you could!” noted. The young spiritual shepherd slowly nodded and went to his old house. The doctor went to Adam’s room and had a warm up on it. Adam. Tomorrow we will move you to the house of Damiana Callera. You will be the mother and his father, even his siblings. You’re going to be polite and not talking about anything that doesn’t matter to you. They are very good people and therefore you gotta try. Damian makes my family very happy and also likes you. I know it’s hard for you, but try. ” His statement of the boy was very surprised. But not Milo. Since how do they behave like this? Like..
. “Okay!” rumbled and turned his head on the other side, giving the doctor a show that he no longer wants to speak. Mr. Trewleany has sighed and injected the boy’s antibiotics on the inflammation of the urethra. After them, the boy was always a little bit owed. “Good night, Adam. Good night. “Whispered and covered with a quilt to neck.
What is it all about? After all I try and still it’s a little? And how will he be at Damiana when he blatantly does not even want to? I thought that he likes me, but apparently I was mistaken again. Again, I have someone naletel… Why do I always believe people like Damian or the weird bleached man? For the only thing I want is to die and they’re still not going to understand. Or do not want to… I am very lonely, I have no longer anyone to understand me. Max has not come here yet, and my dad is also somewhere far away. And I do not know whether or not Damian really looking for it or I just pr
omises… With these unflattering thoughts Adam fell asleep. They woke up early in the morning by two nurses and started disconnecting it from the devices. Adam did not understand it first, but then remembered that goes out of the hospital. To the House of Damiana Callera. Wait! I don’t want to go! “He called desperately just when he walked in Janus Erbley followed by a young priest who had a blue backpack on his back. He was frozen in the door and looked at the Psychiatrias. He did not hesitate and told the sisters to leave him a moment alone with a boy and then he completed his work. When they left, Janus beckoned Damianovi to come to the boy’s bed and caught him a hand. Only then he spoke. Adam. Why don’t you want to go with Damian’s home? For Christmas you can’t stay here! “said a sad voice. Adam was silent for a while, but he replied, “because Damian does not want me there, he wants to be on Christmas only with his family. And I don’t even wonder! ” The boycove words Damiana very much jumped. And not only his. Janus thought the boy carefully overmeasured and then looked at Damiana. “I think you would have to explain to Adam, Damian, I feel it didn’t understand correctly!” The priest nodded. Firmer pressed the boy’s hand and kicked him: “Adam. I love you very much. And I also love my mom and dad. And just they are important persons in my life. Well something you get badly explained. Yes, Christmas is a family holiday, but you are more than a family for me. I swear you to protect them. And that I will never leave you again. But I recognize, I am the only person. I doubt. I want to be with you, but I want to be even with them. And therefore you gotta go with me. ” Janus has Zaleskli eyes. Damian had a tremendous gift of speech, knowing about everything to talk so faithfully as if it thought everything seriously. Although it has now only forced him to help Adam a little bit. He wanted him to get into the normal environment. A family of Greek Catholic priests full of children with similar oudes was a perfect alternative to the hospital atmosphere. It was also safe from abuse because there was no one supported by excessive sexuality. “Come, dress you up warmer than the pajamas. I have something new here, what you still did not have. This is called the sweater, Adam. Because the outside is cold and this will protect you from the winter. ” Adam slowly nodded. It was captivated by the shape of the light and its special colour. “They got him my mom. So, then thank you. “Continued Damian. The boy took the mind that it is most strange from that woman. “Damian, why did your mom bought my sweater? What did I do? ” Damian told him he just backed the socks when he had taken him what the boy said. “Did not understand me, Adam. The knit means to produce it. From the coarse wool. And out of love. It has made you this sweater to tell you that she is welcome in our family. ” The child slowly cried. Although it is not very artificially. Well according to Damian’s color the voice recognized that it was good. A lot of information knew the mists. He was so sensitive that, occasionally, before Damian said something, he knew what he was going to say. This was especially because Damianov’s emotions were most manifested in the expression of his face. Outside of that, Adam was already getting bored on the bed so he began to invent various activities. This was particularly related to the new experience that he caught on rehabilitation from a rehabilitation worker, Mr. Levera. They talked together and Mr. Lever told him that the time in the hospital was spending much more meaningful than thinking over the stupidity that only burdened his healing. He advised him to watch the faces of doctors and sisters, and tried to guess what they were in the mood. With a single condition: only on the basis of the mists. When Adam tried two weeks ago for the first time, he did not do it, rather knowing their mood to observe from their demeanor. It was a failure so frustrated that it deeply influenced his motivation for rehabilitation, making Damiana very annoying because he made great strides, turning his head into the sides and even he managed to second or two to keep his head in the air. Until the Forebee tried it again and with that result, it was surprised to do so. On that day, he correctly estimated the mood of 6-Tim Sesters and the Doctor Trewleanymu even congratulate the most beautiful smile. Because Damian told him he must be lovable for people who care about him. And Mr. Trewleany such man was. Adam of course did not understand what medical work means and could not know that relationships to him are purely patient-doctor.
“What is Damian?” asked Adam surprised. “These are just diapers. We will not stop every time you want to go to the toilet! You simply die into the diaper. When we arrive in our old house, you get a new one, is you clear? ” Damian was irritated and so did Adam more not ask. The priest moved him to the trolley, to what Adam responded with the gentle cornering of the teeth and the tear. No longer yelled, and it facilitated the transfer of Damianovi. Despite the slight improvement, it was clear that Adam had never been completely unwell with the touching. His psychological injury was deep in his inside. She grew up with her. “You are a good boy, Adam. Thank you for not biting me. “Damian said quietly and received an agreement to stay in hospital from the doctor. Then it was enough to come out through the main entrance on a snow-dusty street. “We go by bus. Have you ever traveled by bus? ” Adam seated on the trolley, however, has now watched the people who are throwing snow, as children cheerfully grafted and bouncing in small suckers, and as a short time, they take away from any parishes drink, and also how they draw colourful wraps from large pots, so that they can On them, they slide down the winder snow. “There’s already a bus, Adam. Will we go? “asked Damian carefully to make the boy quickly distracting from thinking. “Yes, Damian.” He replied the boy to the absent. Several prosped helped the priest with the cart and then he spoke to the bus driver: “One whole, please!” Adam looked first at the driver and then to Damiana. Both were smiling and a while freely conversing. Then the bus moved and Damian turned to Adam with the question: “Have you ever traveled by bus?” Adam gently smiled, and then quietly said, “Yes, once I was with Victor out. He took me to a strange room full of magazines and told me to pick him up and waited for the bus to come. ” Damian did not know how to respond appropriately to his words and therefore rather silent. Although he was surprised to say, he finally pronounced his name and did not do anything with him. Soon, the driver’s assistance was made right in front of the Franciscan church. Adam’s amaziness of the temple really surprised. Expecting certainly less than he saw now for his own eyes. “Now we come in and walk through the whole temple to the corridor, which we get to the flats for the priests.” He explained to him and pushed the cart with the boy inside. As he said, he also was. Damian did not lie in anything. They walked around the tall poles, decorated with colourful frescoes, and then moved into a slightly curly hallway with the pictures of the Saints. Adam only looked silent. The atmosphere of the temple was rather terrifying as astonishing, felt cramped here. “Adam, this is Padre Slaviny. For a moment, I leave you here, not at all dangerous! “he announced the priest of the boy and showed on his back a standing priest in a white robe. The man they were talking about with a smile turned and consently nodded. “Of course, I’ll give it a look out for him.” He said and nodded to Damianovi to have gone. When the doors were closed for Damioan, Adam visibly sounded. The presence of strangers has not done very well. “Come on, Adam, are you in the Christmas?” asked Padre boy. He did not answer the moment, and then testified. Yes. I love Christmas. And Christmas tree… ” She conceded his breath. “Do you know Damiana Callera well?” asked Adam unexpectedly. “I know Damiana well. Together, we ended the seminar. Why do you ask me, he did not say anything about him? ” Adam’s face a little pale and said, “If you are his friend, warn him. Before a dangerous man whose name I do not want to pronounce. He goes after his throat. ” The young priest took a moment, until he understood, but before he had anything to say, he appeared with Damian. With a small red backpack that hung on the handle of Adam’s trolley, which actually donated him. “Can we go, nicely you are with Padrem telling?” Adam slowly nodded and plunged on a man standing in front of him, a cauant sight. “Okay, we have a lot of ways ahead. Dovidenia! “Say Goodbye and Damian directed the trolley to the street. He walked very quickly, sharply reeling the snow wheels of the trolley, and suddenly Adam exached, “Stoj!” Damian has strayed the wheels in the middle of the sidewalk and kneeling in front of the boy. “What is, happened to something?” he asked. Adam with tears in his eyes nodded: “Your father is also a man!” Damian was silent for a while. He wondered what he could tell him. He realized that for Adam, all men were the same as Victor Karas and the other by his trýzners. “Yes, Adam. My father is a man. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be hurting you, nor will it touch you, it’ll swear! “he said. Admittedly, he saw that this answer was not satisfied by the boy. “We continue.” announced Adam and indeed, the boy has caled a little. Not even ten minutes before the green shot of the goal that Damian opened his feet and walked into a narrow, but unruly court. On the stairs leading to the house stood the whole family, including Damian Cousin Jona, the administrator of the House in their absence. When they saw the arrivals, they started waving and one after another came to Adam to familiarize with him. Adam was surprised by their number. If it was correctly counted, they were eight. Mr and Mrs Callerovci, their 4 children, Jon and Damianov little nephew George. However, this was not the worst. Damian Adamovi told him that he had yet to come his brother Daniel even with the elder Nepcomer Denzek. A total of twelve people in the two-storey house. Adam did not honestly imagine. Well Damiana has been delighted. At least they will be on Christmas all together even with Jonom. “Damian, welcome home, son of mine.” said Mr. Caller with a smile. But Adam saw that it’s just a strong smile. He did not trust him. “Hi, Adam. My name is Raymond, but you can make me feel free to call Ray. “and offered Adam’s hand. “Father, he does not move his hands!” he muttered his Damian ear. “Sorry, Adam. You don’t have to worry, I won’t touch you without permission! ” He knew first that his boy must start believing. Damianove’s children were mostly battered and so well knew how to do them. Moreover, Damian warned them already before Adam’s arrival.


Adam? Rather? ” In the room someone walked. Adam’s moment analyzed the voice and surprised to find that it’s Joshua… But what would Joshua did in his room? “Ehm, No…” Muttered Adam. “I can’t fall asleep, don’t you want to talk to me?” he asked Joshua and sat close to him. Adam carefully turned his head to the Youngman and slowly nodded. “How did you like the mass?” The lying boy was thinking a while. “I don’t know it was so strange, they all moved and talked exactly the same and I felt such a different,… And when I was starting to think that I understand the feeding or whatever it was, and then came some guy. And he did not get the Keksík! Only a cross on the forehead. ” Joshua swallowed Posmeshock and slowly spoke, picking the right words. “Children like you or the boy still cannot accept the Lord Jesus in the host, the Keksine, because they do not understand yet.” The explanation, the boy seems to have been sufficient because it was not returned to this issue. Then, however, he asked something that Joshuu almost cry out: “Do you think Damian love me? He talked about with thy dad! ” He sat down to Adam on the bed and the complaint was raised: “And you got scared of it, however?” Adam nodded. “Now I’ll tell you something about Damianovi what nobody else knows about him! Will it be a secret, well? ” When he saw Adam’s consent, he began saying, “When Damian was still very small, he fell into the well. Probably the story of the lookout, but what followed this experience, you do not know. The neighbor was a priest, as was also Mr. Caller, and still Damiana attended. He spoke to him about God and about how God really love him and he is still looking at him. This, however, little Damiana frightened, did not want to walk even to the church. And when the parents asked him why he was doing it, he told them. But they did not suck him, Mrs. Caller made him snuggled and told him how it really is. That God is hiding in every one of us because he created us. He gave us a gift of life. The most precious of the gifts. But to not forgive,…. Damianovi’s explanation of the great mysteries was not enough and began to hunt. He taught to read the Bible, constantly asking. Not only your savior, but all about. And it concludes that God I love man internally, not externally or physically… And about the way it thinks with you Damian. ” Joshua surprised to find that Adam fell asleep. “Good night.” Whispered the youngster and came out of the room, leaving the door closed. Ej, alas!
It was one hour in the morning when the Damian Children’s room was a heartbreaking scream. Adam! Mr. Caller ran in the bottom first and turned light. Adam lay on the bed and in his eyes he had a deadly fear. Shaking like a seed and not and not calm down. “Adam, a team. Tíško, Adamko,… ” He spoke to him whisper. Adamom sharply trhlo. “Pom.. Pom… In… ” Habkal Boy. What? What do you want to say? “Spotted Mr. Caller. “Pom-Power! Is…. Here! ” Raymond Caller came up to the lying boy and said, “No, that’s me, Ray! I am here only me, Damianov Dad! Light shines and you are not alone! I’m here with you, nothing you don’t like! Breathe nicely, deeply! I’ll open a window to make you better! ” He stood up and carefully deviated the window. The room lifts the frosty night air and Adam has been preserved, this time from the winter. Mr. Caller covered him up to the chin and smiled at him. “Gone-what was here? And-How did he find me? ” The old man sat down on the chair and he killed his face into the palms. He twisted his head and heart sharply bilo. “Adam, not me well, I call Damiana! Call it! ” And the boy obeyed, from a full lungs called Damianovo’s name, until he ran up to him. “Father!” he convened Damian in shock. Father! Where do you have your medication for heart? ” Mr. Caller blanched as a wall and something that Damianovi has saved. Damian ran out of the room and brought a small orange tube with a white stripe, in which he received both medicines and Adam. Violence opened the father’s mouth and poured into them the contents of the tube. Adam was horrified. Damian has been hurting him. Stop! Heaven Ho! He is wrong! “he weeked Adam. But Damian ignored him, he took his father to the ground, and he was constantly intercoached. Finally, Mrs Caller and his phone were in hand. “I’ve already called a rescue, there will be about 2 minutes!” Adam still repeated his and Damian desperately exclaimed: “Sklapni already!” He could not concentrate on the father and Adam at the same time and at the moment his help needed a father. “Ray, Ray, listen to me! The moment comes help, love mine! Hang it up. ” Adam threatened watching, as Mrs. Caller caught his husband’s hand and reassued him. In front of the house were taught sirens and someone let go of two rescuers in the bottom. Adam heard their thumping on the stairs and then revealed in the room. Damian and Mrs Caller were quickly resettled by Mr. Caller and were not watching his life. Then one of them turned to them and asked: “And what A boy, we also take his, looks bad!” Damian shopped his head. “He’s just scared, I’ll give him his medication and I’m guessing I still fall asleep, it has burried us!!!” The rescuer turned to Adam and said to him, “He saved him life! You can be proud of yourself! ” With these words he loaded Mr Caller on the stretcher and said Mrs Caller on which department to stop tomorrow. When the entrance doors were killed behind them and the siren was crushed, Adam was still looking at the place where he was only a moment ago to lay Mr. Caller. “Darling,…” With caution. “I’m afraid of you, Damian!” He said and the bitter was crying. Damian did not know what to do. In no case now I am not going to go to Adam. When Mrs Caller understood why Adam said, she looked at her son and said, “Wake up all and the father to ignite a candle… Sacrifice your prayer and do not despair! I will connect to you as soon as possible, but Adam should not stay alone today… ” Damian had a wiped sweat from the forehead and fulfilled the mother’s desire. After being lost in the house, banging the door of all the rooms, Mrs. Caller sat down to Adam on the bed and started: “Tell me everything that has been troubled by you today. And I’ll try to explain it! ” The boy caled for a moment and said, “I had a bad dream and I probably yelled because he came up with Mr. Caller and asked me why I’m afraid. I was afraid because I thought that here was Victor… He found me here and wants to marry me. And then he sat down on the TAMTU chair and told me to yelled Damianovo’s name… But he when he came, was bad! Bil Ho! But he was wrong and could not resist… And then about something begged, but Damian had him rolling on the ground and banging him with his chest hands! ” The new tear of tears also hit Mrs Caller. “Adam, my husband has a sick sweetheart. And just today he was threatened. It was a little bit of it and therefore had to take him to the hospital to unwind. They give him some vitamins and then he will leave him home! ” Back then she broke his voice. “Adam, thank you for my husband saved her life, without your help would be no longer surely dead!” Stisla gave him a hand and then breath. “Och, sweetheart, already again?!” She looked at Adam’s behaving legs. But without further words, she pulled out a blanket, pulled her pajamas, and took a new diaper from the backpack at the nightstand. He repacked him, while singing her songs, so she can calm herself… “Dami
an, what’s actually happened to Adam?” after a common prayer, everyone sat silently in the kitchen. “Andrea, I’ve already told you why I brought it here and what she experienced! Don’t move me to repeat it! ” Toby suddenly stood up and stood up to Damianovi: “It affects our lives, we have the right to know it! Andrea wants to know what Adama leads to such a thought, so… ” The last words emphasized. Damian took a moment or did not move, but then slowly began: “They are 2 o’clock in the morning, but well! If you love the horror, listen! It was all started eleven or twelve years ago. Thus, Adam was born. Yet unknown woman and mysterious Midasovi. It has undergone several quiet years, two or three years, and then it has changed. Adam is also taking care of his sister-if he/she can be called-the bankrupt of Victora Karasa, who forced him as a sexual object of pedophile ruins, seems to be a decent money. The boy conceals somewhere in the house and night after night it sexually abounds. Until the period two years ago, when the house erupts fire and Victor burns alive. Adam remains where he is completely abandoned until eventually this year decides to commit suicide. Then it is seven months in a coma and perceives only the voice of his savior… ” Damian could no longer continue. “… And when he takes over, he tries to find his father and the only one that has the greatest fear, I am! “He added a drag. The kitchen was immersed in a deep silence after his words. Toby did silently bite the nails and rigidly pondered, handled ineasy information… Andrea, in his right elbow, revolted and rested with grief. Catherine with her husband sat as a statue, holding his hands. Joshua stood bent on the wall and the up. Jon has not yet been mixed with tea deposits, which has long been off the table. Well it was rather a mechanical movement than targeted, just needed to do something with his hands. “The father of the heaving…” Joshua opened his mouth and came out of them just this prayer, which Adam didn’t understand at all. After the Rosary of God’s mercy for Mr. Callera, Jon said he would go to sleep, to be in order at least before George and Denzek. No one was opposed. Damian, however, still dressed a jacket and came out in front of the house. The densely snoshed and early traces of the stretcher almost disappeared. Tears were shiny in Damian eyes. He needed to relax, weep and understand what Adam now thinks. It wasn’t easy and so it finally gave up. “The morning is wiser than the evening!” he said to the empty court loud and walked into the house.

New Year

“Already in the morning! Wake Up! ” The stairs Zdupotalo a few pairs of legs and Adam heard how joyfully washed and laughing. As if yesterday did not even become. Damian quietly walked and blessed. He thought Adam was still asleep so he started praying. “Damian,… Please do not call a moment… I want to hear what’s going on down there! “muttered Adam. The priest immediately muted and Uprel on the boy’s sad sight. “I know why you did it! Mrs Callerová told me this! ” Damian surprised the murder. Was this an perhaps attempt at reconciliation? Or did he understand it incorrectly? “Ehm, yes.” Adam opened his eyes, so far closed, and continued, “You read me in a few things, the type of behavior that you consider to be correct… But I’m not good. I did a lot of evil and do not deserve your attention. You know, Damian, I am born just to fulfill the perverse dreams of my torciders. You will never understand this! You’re like an angel. Still with me, but not the way they stood for me Victor and the other… ” The boy spoke razantly and with such conviction that Damian had not ruled him to oppose. Adam continued, not noting the Damianov shock. “… We were born into another world. ” The priest came closer to the boy, but dared to speak. “Damian, what happened yesterday, filled me with fear. I don’t want Mr. Caller to die… ” His voice broke and after the cheeks he steed tears. Damian, risked everything, she sat down on the bed and rigidly Adama embraced. “My father will not die! Still has a lot of life ahead! And as well you! No longer do I wave to listen to your words! You’ve got a chance to get rid of that fear! You just have to tell me more about thy family! ” Adam in Damian’s arms was crying for a moment and then he pleaded, “Do you Take me down? To other members of thy family? ” Damian without hesitation picked up the boy and transferred him through the corridor and down the stairs to the wheelchair. Adam’s atmosphere in the living room Criromila. The cry of the youngest member of the Callern family, Georga, with a new race car, was kneading with a very long discussion around the well-numbered boxes. Damian came to the tree and from underneath the branches pulled the box, tied by two blue ribbons. He put her to Adam on his knees and said, “Adam, although you are defending, is already a member of our family. And our tradition tells us to donate something! ” All heads turned to Adam and Damianovi on the Christmas tree. Damian carefully untied the ribbons and after a while of powering out with the wrapping paper opened a box where Adam’s first gift was hiding. It was a teddy bear with buttons instead of eyes and a patching on the left paw. The boy on the wheelchair has been interested in the pet. She has worked with her beloved and harmless impression. “And here’s another gift, this one is from Santa clause. In the hospital, he was not able to give it. “He reached a smaller box with a dark red ribbon. Adam tense watched what it will be this time. When Damian made the box pulled a small red toy car, everyone was circulated. Adam did not understand the looking around and then noticed that George has the same in his legs. “So it says coincidence!” he laughed Toby. Denzel, standing at the wall, the Adama froene overmeasured. He would like to be at the centre of attention. He jealous that Uncle Damian is dedicated to this eternally dummies deck so much attention and affection. It has not yet proved to him. Adam noticed his gaze and asked him, “Why do I get angry?” Andrea surprised herself at Denzela. What does the boy answer? “Until you come here, Uncle Damian was playing with me! But now he is dedicated only and only thee! As a star! ” Adam has been bured by surprise: “But for the stars are high in the sky! And I’m here, on earth! I can’t be a piece of stone that is illuminated by the sun! ” Damian shocked his looked at other family members. Adam’s remark brought them out of balance. Finally, Mrs Caller intervened. “We have one more gift for you, Adam!” The boy turned to her and Damian went through a cross over the room to Denzelovi. He grabbed him for his hand and brought to the floor. However, Adam did not notice, noting Mrs Caller, who was smiling. And from behind the back he pulled a silver chain with a cross. “This is a sacred cross from the pilgrimage site in Jerusalem.” She came to a surprise child and gave him a chain around her throat. “Now, Mr. Jesus will still be with you.” She smiled and gently he squeezed his shoulder. Nor did he realize it. “Thank you, for all you have done for me… And what you are because of me… ” To avoid milking. “Well, let’s eat and after a meal we will go for a visit for the vinegar and let him give him his gifts!” Adamovi pressed the heart when he heard it. “Go someone after Damiana and Denzela! Let’s not expect very long. “The last words gently underlined the warrant and so George quickly ran down the stairs. Adama moved to the kitchen and Joshua without the word started with his feed. A moment they walked down Damian with his nepo and seemed to have explained it. Adam without grumbling, he ate a whole bit of a sandwich with a fish Pomazánkou and closed his eyes for a while. Joshua was silently hired and with the expectation he looked at the mother. However, she was smiling, did not act by the impression of a frightened wife even though he had the right to do so. She lived with her husband from his eighteen years, and it is a long time. Joshua doubted that what their entire years held together was an untruly sincere love. That was clear. After the breakfast Adama nicely dressed and the backpack, which had hung on the handles of the trolley, had all the gifts for Mr. Caller. Catherine with her husband, both sons and the heavily pale Lady caller, went to the hospital with his car, Damian with Adam and other family members went on foot and almost no one spoke. Only Adam’s way of something has tasted. But it was too unintelligible for anyone to deal with. Since that event with Denzek was unusually thoughtful and maybe a little sad. As soon as they came to the hospital, they were hailed by Mr. Trewleany. “Looks good, just tired! But I didn’t even wonder after such an experience. As I see, you have come to be a father. I will delight you! It is beyond the threat of life and we could dismiss it tonight. He overcame a light heart attack, but fortunately, we caught him in time. Your mother has already gone for him, but I would love to speak to you. ” Adam looked at the doctor as if he saw him for the first time in his life. He was a kind of rejuvenated, he blased her entuziazmus. When speaking, he was throwing his hands on his lips, and he had a light-hearted smile. He was so excited about seeing Adam. Well the more it was like to see Damiana in a relatively Christmas mood. “Of course, let’s go to your office.” said Damian. He told Joshuovi and Andrei to explain the rest of the family and shade Adam into a medical office on the ground floor of the hospital. When they were in the bottom, Mr. Trewleany closed the door and turned to them. “I’ll make Adam a quick tour and see! Damian, call him a sweater. ” The priest without objections stripped Adam into a shirt, which in the middle broke out. The doctor reached after the stetoskope and attached it to the boy’s chest. He listened to the heart and then measured his pulse rate. Everything was slightly elevated, but it attributed its too close proximity. Working with abused children has never been easy, but Adam was something else. He stared the smallest touch next to and there was a severe seizure of fear. “Looks good. As I thought, the pressure is in the norm and the heart works as it should. I am very satisfied, Damian. And how is it with infection, you see the changes? ” Damian shopped his head. “It still has blood in the urine. It is much less, but it is still there and the changing ritual does not help it. On the inner side of the thighs and buttocks appear painful pimples. I talked about it with her mother and believes that they’re just diaper, similar to having babies. Well I would be happy if you would have looked at it. ” The doctor nodded, it was not a problem. Damian moved the boy on the couch and pulled his pants. Then he unpacked the diaper. “Oh, yes, your mother was right, it’s just a reaction to the material diapers. I am prewriting to him for some kind of powder and it should retreat. What about the most festered bearings on the back, have they caught antibiotics? ” Damian nodded. “Its skin is slowly regenerated. This is due to adherence to hygiene. Well he does not want to buy. “He laughed Damian. The doctor had amused to say that he could not help him and told them that the investigation was enough today. The priest of the boy repacked and pulled his pants. “Damian, and what about his muscular response?” he asked the rebound Mr. Trewleany. Damian was straightened and slowly said, “It’s smooth to turn the head all the way, and it can even take it for a few minutes, for example when bathing. His hands do not move, but he has compulsions and here-there will be more focused on it to force them to move. However, he has not yet been able to move by them a millimetre. But I believe it will gradually come. And the legs are totally immovable. I asked him but did not tested it. I guess I’m slightly motivated. ” The doctor has Pat Damiana after the shoulder. “Maybe it’s not in motivation. Do not print too much, if you feel the need for movement, you will surely find your own feet. ” With these words, he said goodbye to them. Damian looked at where the others are. “Why did you say that I don’t want to move my feet?” Damian has stopped and said, “After all, it’s true! You alone told me. He asked me about it, so I replied. ” Adam was frored. “Oh!” More did not say anything and thus silently came to the room where Mr. Caller Lay. The whole family stood at him as a guard and Adam’s very upset. Mr. Caller noticed it and laughed. “My children, I am so glad to see you here all together. But I think there is a little bit of us here, I pronounce the contest accordingly! Who will be earlier in the buffet and back, will receive a Christmas premium! ” A young priest looked at the father and nodded. He attached the trolley to his bed and left. There was only a patient in the hospital room, Adam and Mrs Caller, who held his husband firmly. “Adam, I have not had the opportunity to thank you… You saved my life… To never forget… But now something else! I want to know what you’re gonna do after Christmas. Are you coming back to us or will you be in the hospital? ” Adam was silent. Mrs Caller looked at him surprisingly and saw that crying. “I can’t do that. I am for Damiana attractive because I do not want to live. ” Mr. Caller did not know what to say. Finally swallowed and noted, “but that’s not true! Adam, let my son relax. There’s too much to it and then it says things that don’t really think seriously. Don’t worry. He likes you as before and always will be nearby when you ask for help. ” Adam had a little calmled and then said, “Two days I was crying mud to understand it. To understand that from there I can not miss. The walls of the place got me back before I became aware of it! ” Mr. Caller shopped his head: “But this is not the place. It is an ordinary small American city! ” Adam was silent for a while, but then he pulled his head: “You are the priest, Mr. Caller and I only ordinary American boy who took the soul. Those walls I meant my life in the victor’s kindness hug, which changed to the hideout of the Rattleson! ” Mrs Caller empty Preglgla. “Did you know that what he does, prepares you for the soul?” asked Mr. Caller startly. “Throughout my life I knew all of his words are lies, but I loved it. And love is something that overtakes all the mistakes. He also loved me. I was still repeating it. But especially at night. When… ” Nor did he have to finish, the spouses had a pretty good idea of what was happening after dark in the house of Victora Karasa. “Adam,…” He breathed Mr. Caller’s complaint and then looked out the window. Thickly snoed. “Look at those snowflakes. As they attach dirty streets to the whites of the snow. Likewise, with your love for this man, is like snow. It can be a bug, but only until the sun is melted and again there will be. Bugs, bad decisions or thoughts… Never miss it. They abused you. But maybe the time has come to the storm. That wash off a lot of feet, wash away from you the dirt of those hands and limbs… ” Adam is likened to things that as-so knew very much liked and more of his words understood. But even so he couldn’t get rid of Victora. Just couldn’t. “You gave him everything and what he gave you? A pain that didn’t understand you never felt! ” At the same time, all the children of Callerice were in the same time and the interview was a terrifull. But Mr. Caller was not satisfied, still did not trigger the eyes of Adam. “So, who won?” he asked finally. All fingers showed up on Denzela. This! Denzel, your Christmas premium will be the whole table of my famous Swiss chocolate. ” The boys have lit their eyes. Mr. Caller, with his chocolate directly from the Swiss Prime minister, was very fond of the pride and he just liked it. Damian looked at Adam. He was particularly thoughtful, but on the lips he saw a smile. “And the father, when he will forgive you?” asked Joshua sadly. “To this question I should be guessing to answer me!” All heads turned to the Doctor who came to the room absolutely quietly. “My name is James Butlen and I am a paternity cardiologist. We had a consultation with colleagues and I came to the Lord Caller to familiarize with her results. According to the latest tests, the heart stabilised and you already look healthy. If you are here by car, whether you like, you are free! The nurse has already written a layoff message, just sign it! ” Mr. Caller smiled and said, “but first you can still open gifts if you allow it! She had them here up from the house, it would be a shame to wear them back. ” The doctor laughed and at least picked the patient with an infusion. Then he left for other patients. “So, Openram!” The gifts were on the pile and George with Denzek helped him with the unpacking. You sit each one side. First, they released from the wrapping paper a voucher for purchase in the popular trade in fishing needs. Other gifts were about something more modest, but Mr. Caller all long thannamed. And some, like a sweater and knitted socks, he threw his way home. Damian was walking on a walk with the younger (Joshuom, twins and, of course, Jonom) and he debated with Jonathan about that competition in the hospital. “I really think it did because of Denzelovi. To make it feel better, you know… ” Noted finally Damian. But Jon shopped his head. “No, he didn’t do it because of Denver, he wanted to talk to her little alone! Did not see how the tváril when we are there all the rebound tow? ” Damian looked at the boy, sleeping on a wheelchair. They walked into the house and took Adama to bed…


It’s here! Came! Violated because of me ban! It’s here! And again praying! For me! I can’t believe it. How much I wanted him to say that I am missing… But I do not know how long I will like to sleep… I want to already wake up…

“I know Adamko. I know it hurts! But hang it… We no longer allow anyone to harm you, well? When you wake up, you will leave with me! To Mom and dad. They make you so very sorry… Please hang on! ” Sebastian Trewleany walked in the bottom and when he heard what Damian says, in his eyes he had a handful of tears. So much love for a mere rat from the street? Why? “A moment comes the nurse to wash the boy. Do you want to assist, Padre Damian? “he approached him. Damian was strapped and then nodded. “I want to help you with something to believe, Padre. I hurt your family, but not bowed. I’m sorry about it. ” Damian was silent for a while. “If you really regret it, you will surely forgive you.” The doctor silently nodded and then opened the door of the incoming medical nurse. The boy uncautiously stripped of Donah and wanted him to move to the bathroom when he pushed Damian. “At least cover it with a towel! He doesn’t need everyone to see his nudity. ” The nurse was broke. “Sorry, I didn’t realise that it was so important.” He disconnected the boy from the EEG device and deployed him a portable breathing device. He then covered him and came along with Damian in the hallway. “Is it possible for a boy to be taken over during this?” asked Damian. The sister was shopped head. “May have muscle cramps or chills from pain, but we put it into an artificial sleep. It cannot be overtaken by itself. Whatever he wanted. If it was taken too early, it could die from pain. It’s barely a 27-pound boy, right? This would be the body’s big burden. We have to endure the last five hours. Then the effects of the detoxin slowly become more and we will consider its awakening. ” Damian did not ask more and followed the sister to the bathroom. There were only two patients with their caregivers. Damian was built so that the boy was not looking and helped his sister with his positioning. He was constantly interceded and explained to him what was happening to him. What actions will follow and why they may not be afraid. The nurse had great difficulty concentrating on washing, because she was perceived, with what care and tireleur he had been in the soul. The moment the boy was washed. And then it happened!
His hand jumped away from the body, then the foot and soon began to shake the whole. The nurse immediately reached the syringe he had in his pocket. “Close the fist!” and the hand with a syringe at the front of the boy’s thigh. “And what does that mean?” The sister Sofsely ran out of the hallway and left Damiana with the seducer Adam. “What’s going on? What happened to you? Relax! Calm down! “whispered because the voice skipped him when looking at a child’s sufferers. He desperately looked at the caregivers, but neither did they have a clue what was going on. After an impossibly long moment rushed in the bathroom Dr. Trewleany and fell to Adam.
“DDDDD-” was rescued in the breathing device and Adam slowly opened his eyes. Dr. Trewleany remained in shock to stand a few feet from him. Then Adam once again closed his eyes and the doctor attached him to his neck. “He, he is…” Could not be said. Damianovi had a knee-break. “… Conscious. ” The doctor carefully withdrew the breathing device and Adam began to Shle. It has been sprayed with the unusual pain that turns into it with conditions of numbness of the whole body. “Breathe, Adam, breathe!” whispered by Dr. Trewleany to the boy’s ear. A few cruel minutes to Adam’s brain penetrated medical words and began to breathe slower. Her eyes were still closed, she realized her nudity. For the first time in his life he felt a shanation for the fact that his body saw everyone in that room. “We will dress you up and return to the room, Adam.” Adam did not move more. Every millimetre of the body gave him a pain in the brain. “The moment you go, just breathe.” Nothing. The doctor was unsure whether the boy perceives his words and hesitantly began to help Damiana, who meanwhile came to himself, to dress. It took them a long time, both were crirowed by these unexpected twists of the situation. “B-hurts…” Adam said with the effort. However, it did not make sense. They knew it. “Okay, we slowly move it to the room. We must be careful not to deal with it. “The doctor told the priest and showed him where Adam had to catch him to cause as little pain as possible. Despite this attempt, Adam cried and shared and this time on it had a real reason. He moved it to a sliding bed and both pushed him to his temporary home. Hospital room on intensive care unit. “Here you go, your macík. He missed him. “He kicked him Damian when he had him with medical help moved back to bed. He laid him on a chest of cuddly criterias and gently squeested his hand. On his big surprise her boy pressed her. It was more like a reflex, because he quickly rearranged and the hand was straightened. “Mr. Trewleany?” He turned to a doctor who cannot find it. “Yes, Mr. Caller, Adam’s hand was around. Herself apart. It’s not intentional, don’t think. But we have at least a good foundation. Otherwise, I want to wish you a happy New Year! ” Damian absent thanked. And then he was there. Has gone through for almost a year from the moment he met Adam. He has experienced more than ever in his life for the single year. Whether as a priest, or a young man bathe after the a
nswers… “I’m worried that I’m getting older.” “Faster than you anticipated?” Did not forgive your doctor. “So I did not think…” Looked at the boy and wiped your tears into the sleeves. “… Rather I feel that I am no longer able to understand everything around me. It hurts it… But why? And when does it stop hurting? ” Sebastian Trewleany swallowed comment. “Let’s sit here and pray for him.” This time the doctor did not wear. They sat down and prayed. They didn’t even know when, Adam woke up and suppressed the revolts opened his eyes. “Da…” Damian was strapped and looked at the boy. “S-Am I in heaven?” Damianovi followed his words in a sore throat. “No, Adamko, still you are still here. Mom and dad come back here soon. I Joshua. “



Mr. Caller sat in the kitchen behind the table and tasted tears to the handkerners. Adam fails the heart, the muscles do not obey him… I still have to go for it. To alternate Damiana at his bed, so that he did not neglect his duties of the priest, which in the first place was. “Mom, am I going to go for him?” asked Joshua sadly. Mrs Caller has long been hesitable to answer and finally said: “Stay with Denver, has some new computer games. We will not be long gone. ” Joshua disappointed himself ran on the floor. “Darling, really this is a good idea?” he turned Mr. Caller to a wife. It is very strongly added. “The way we buy chocolate.” she noted. A moment already sat at Adam. They talked together about what Adama has been troubled lately, and what plans to do in the future. “I would like to… I would like to go to the cemetery. Where they buried Victora. But I’m afraid. That I will not want to take me there. ” Callerovci exchanged thoughtful views. Then Mr. Caller handed out Adam’s chocolate. “Here you go. If you want, I talk about it with Damian. ” He put her in her mouth. Adam remembered him as Mr. Caller showed and reiterated it. Mrs Caller noticed what her husband was troubled with. Stisla mu plece. “We’ll have to go home for a while. But Joshua sends you a lot of greeting cards and hopes to see us soon. You know, you will have a birthday. ” Adam surprised the murder. Birthday? What is it? ” Mr. Caller was straightened, but did not say anything. “This is a celebration of the day he was born. Such as Joshua. Exactly tomorrow will have seventeen years. ” “How Christmas?” sounded the question of both spouses honestly circulated. Then, Mr. Caller coughed and commented, “Basically yes, only the presents here will only get a birthday party.” This Adama circulated. “When do I have a birthday? And how much do I actually have for years? ” The spouses remained seated. “You… You don’t know it? You don’t know how much you got for years, Adam? ” A boy with a hint of tears in his eyes Shung his head. “Adam, I want to… AMI, you are here… Sorry, but someone sent me a beep that something was going on. I thought… But that’s nothing. Is all right? ” Mr. Caller looked at Mr. Trewleanyho and shopped his head. “May I speak to you alone?” The Doctor hesitantly nodded, and came out in front of the room. “First of all, I want to apologize for my inappropriate remarks that have been angry… And now to the point is there any problem with Adam? ” Mr. Caller stood a moment, surprised by his apologies, and then said, “Adam does not know how much he has years, even when he has a birthday. Can’t find it somehow? ” The doctor was thinking a while. “The milky teeth no longer has, but his teeth, the majority already came after the jump. The remaining ones cannot be ripped off, so if we would like to do some sort of analysis, we would have to wait until the furious falls out of itself. Well according to my estimates is somewhere at the beginning of puberty, about twelve years. Mr. Erbley is currently unable to work, your son broke his nose… And he did not deal with his age. And that’s when my birthday, I mean the date, is currently impossible to find out. ” The Lord Caller did not focus a moment, resulting in an aggressive behaviour against his former protector. “Oh, excuse me, kinda shocked me. My son was last bil in the last year of the seminar. ” The doctor silently nodded. “But I should suggestion for you. As Damian is currently Adamov’s legal guardian, I suggest that he determine the day when you celebrate his birthday. This is just a small consolace, but it must be enough. ” Mr. Caller nodded. Even this is better than nothing. “Thank you, Mr. Trewleany.” and returned to Adam in the room. “Asleep?” asked toward the wife. He pricked and squeezed him his shoulder when he sat down. “So what?” I was wondering. Mr. Caller explained her proposal to Mr. Trewleanyho. I agree. And I also have an idea! But we should talk about it with Dam
ian. ” Do I choose my date of birth? How does it work? But that’s not it! Or yes? It would be great to know when I was born. But probably it is not so easy… I look forward to seeing Joshuu again, very lacking me…

“Where is Joshua? Why did not come? ” Mr. Caller looked at the wife. “You know, Adam, Joshua must devote to his nepdeps because they are now with us. We could not leave them at home. ” Adam slowly nodded. “We talked to the dock, waiting for us a lot of work, but together we can, yes? And then come to us again. Home. “Continued Mr. Caller slowly. Us? You here you will be with me? “did not understand the boy. “Damian is now in charge of the first-receiving children, so you’ll walk on rehabilitation with me. I already spoke with Mr. Leverom and he agreed to help me. ” Adam was frored. “It tells me still. That I have to help in exercising, but how, it doesn’t tell me anymore! ” Both Callerovci sincerely laughed at his trucchy. “That’s unfortunately neither us. For a moment they will bring you lunch. After a meal we will go for a short walk. “She approached him with a smile Mrs. Caller. When Adam had a little najedol, the doctor moved it carefully to the trolley and said, “but really just briefly. She has pain. “He commented and the boy smiled on the guy. Mrs Caller Pricried. Slowly came out. The snow covered the entire hospital area with a delicate layer of powdered sugar. “Adamko, isn’t you cold? The whole is shaking! ” The boy slowly wrinkled his head. “Let’s go to the very well.” Mrs Callerová laughed. “But no, darling, it’s not a well. It’s a fountain. If you want, we will go there, but then we really return in. I don’t want to get sick. ” Adam unwillingly agreed. In the bottom he’d like to enjoy it. “Mrs Caller, am I still a friend of yoga?” The woman stopped a few feet away from the fountain and noted, “I assure you that you are still buddies. And now we really go inside! ” They returned to the room where Mr. Caller sat and the he looked was sadly. “It happened to be something, darling?” she approached Mr. Caller’s wife. “Adam, I want to talk to you alone. You leave us? “looked at Mrs. Caller. She helped the boy to bed and she nod. When they were alone, Adam asked, “Why did you like to talk to me without Mrs Caller?” The old man has sighed. “Adam, just called me Damian. In the records of the Chronicles of the city of Aninsise found mention of a small girl named Lilly, who was brutally murdered. This is not why I am sad. Adam, why didn’t he tell anyone? You’re yet Lilly not killed! ” The boy was silent. He watched Mr Caller in his eyes and was silent. No one in the world could force him to say. To say what has actually happened there. “I don’t remember it.” But remembered. On that day they were ironically happy.

Mama sat against him and in his arms he held a small little girl. She told him he’s his sister. And he was very happy, very much enjoyed. Well then came home dad. He was angry, which meant that Adam gets the battle. The instinctively has been caught, but the blow of the belt has not come. He was surprised to open his eyes, until then firmly closed and he was lying on his mom next to his father. From the wound to her head she was stepped by blood. Adam was in shock, the father of mom never struck before. Lilly, his little sister, she lay in her and she was looking at him. He didn’t cry, but he saw her in the eyes that he was scared. The father took him kneeling and began to beg for forgiveness. And she has waived him. Together with the girl they walked into the parental bedroom and they left Adam’s very kitchen. He only stood there and watched… And then he heard the cry. “Yelled… No it was not screaming, the belted, disarmed by what is happening around it… It hurt it, and then it quietly. And odor… I could not endure it… ” Adam shook like in the wind. “… I walked inside. And there stood the man. He looked at me and laughed. He laughed until she broke his limbs. And dad lay at mom. As if I hadn’t been there. And then threw… ” More no longer ruled to speak. Collapsed. Mr. Caller without hesitation pressed the red knob, although he knew he would ask him questions. What just happened, it deeply rocked. Lilly had at the time of death 2 years and one month. As if her murderers had not cared about. He caught him eight months after the brutal murder and sentenced to death by a shot, which was explicitly opposed to the constitution, but due to the circumstances of sufficient satisfaction. However, Damian did not find any information about Lilly’s parents. Because of the age of assassinated, an information embargo has been imposed on all data. It was terrible! He was so close to revealing the truth and no longer knew to get closer. And Adam? Do they recover yet? Probably he didn’t have to say this directly. From the thought of Mr. Callera, he ripped off a mighty jerking. Ktosi has violently pushed him away from the bed. Mr. Caller now realized that the number of doctors was enlarged. They pulled it in front of the door and slammed them. Then saw only the retractable blinds and the cry of doctors. Something wasn’t right. The man was surprised to stare at the door when his wife embraced him from behind. “Let us pray.” They sat down and prayed together. A half-hour of the boy’s room came out with a sweaty doctor and told them: “It’s stabilized, but it was already on the other side. Fortunately, we managed to roll it back. If I’m right to say, this time he didn’t give up. The Azores has finally divorced and will work together. ” His presumption was that Mrs Caller was crying and the long was unable to calm down. So hard to hear those words… Especially when it comes to someone we love.

Where is it? And why the weeps again? I did not hurt her… But when Mr. Caller started talking about Lilly, too it hurt. How long did I no longer think of it. On his face, she looked at me and in his hand he had the smradleft water… And as you then took me with me. And dad let me go… Why annoyed me? Why can’t I forgive me? “I wa
nt to go for Adam, Mom!” Joshua said, as soon as Mrs Caller returned from the hospital home. “No, Joshua. It’s for your good. Outside of it, today you got your birthday party. You should be at home. Your friends will come here for a moment. And also comes Kiara. She said he didn’t miss this opportunity. ” Joshua slightly flushed. With Kiarou, he experienced a lot of humorous moments and was his loyal diary, from which no memories had ever been missed. “But even Adam is my buddy, and just today I want to be with him!” The expression on her face, however, spoke clearly. “I don’t understand anything I didn’t do. Nothing you should prevent me from encountering him! This is not fair! ” Mrs Caller already wanted to say something, but it was just the bell at the door. Both startly looked at the clock in the kitchen. It was almost six hours and therefore the guests arrived. Joshua was frored and went open. The taste of celebrating the birthday, and the joy of a successful driving course, has somehow vanished. Well then opened the door and in them stood Kiara and her husband. They were both smiling and when Joshua invited them in, they had a good time. They even brought Joshuove’s favorite chips, which were very much left to anyone from Callerov. “Joshua, this is Scott. Scott, this is my little brother. ” Scott laughed. “I’m delighted, Joshua. But as I see, Kiara is a little mistaken. In the seventeen man very little is not. ” Joshua was honestly chuckle looking at her red cheet. They sat down to a staggered table when the bell was rested. Joshua went open, and welcomed with other guests. Gregom, Thomas, Brandonom and Jaredom. They were members of his lot and it was very pleased that they came all. He offered them chips from Kiary and then returned to the kitchen to bring a snack that made with Nepfice yesterday until the late evening they were preparing. When he walked around his mom, he didn’t make his eyes. He was angry at her. He banned him from going beyond Adam. And dad just didn’t want to tell you why. It was not aware of any error, indecent touch. But yet, Adam’s absence was noticeable in the house. Every time he walked around Damian’s room, he kicked in and wanted to greet, but no one replied. Not even had who. Damian no longer lived there and Adam was back in the hospital… “Joshua, do you give us those breadcakes here?!” he was told Greg. Joshua awoke from thinking. “Oh, of course.” Everyone laughed and the celebration began to stir. They were playing music, dancing, shouting pillows and joked. Joshua was completely focused on the guests, Mrs Caller, who stood on the upper floor and watched teenagers, a little laugh. The Kiara completely turned into the bed. She always acted as if she had less. It has been a part of their lives for so long… And it was not always easy. Now that Mrs Caller had seen her heart with her love, she was proud of her husband. Therefore, the Damian thinks that Adam can handle it. Because Kiara proved it. “Mama, came already Denzel?” asked Toby. Mrs Callerová baptized his head. “Today he has an hour of music.” The young man broke down. “He told me he would be at home right after school because Mrs. Gladwood is sick.” My mom was surprised at him: “I’ll call her. Maybe it did just go. “remarked Toby and walked into the kitchen where they had a fixed line. Joshua sprinked Some sort of tension, a brother he barely nodded to look at. No Kiara told him what he was talking about and so he turned to it. They talked even a while when Toby laid his hand on his shoulder and asked him to go with him for a moment up. “Joshua, what told you Denzel before going to school?” The celebration was thought and then replied, “Only that after school goes with friends to play football into the Casserry Park. Why? ” Toby slightly zbledol. “It has long been home. Everyone said something else. And he didn’t take a bag of football. Everything is in his room. ” Joshua Mykol plecom. “Maybe he went for Ellen. I was ashamed to tell me, but I finally forced him to do so. The elder brother surprised him. “Do you think Ellen Bardottovú? The girl who bulted him? ” Joshua with a smile nodded and then both laughed. “Come back to celebrate. We’ll see what will be. “

Adam lay and stared in the ceiling. The sun has long been turned on, but let him not turn his head to the window. Today, it would not even take a month out of thinking. The muscles hurt him very much and although he got a mild solution of Morfia, it did not have a big effect. And so instead of crying thinking about what happened today. He thought about the words of Mr. Caller, about Damiano, who was speeding up in his quest for truth. And yet he did not speak with the police officer. There was a trembling in the idea of Adam. Even though the nurse had brought some food, he refused him. Hunger did not bother him, rather thoughts. “Don’t you want to talk about it?” Adam was strapped. “What are you doing here?!” asked surprised. Janus Erbley cautiously smiled. “I came to apologize. I did not act properly. ” Adam was silent. Only after a long moment remarked, “Do not be angry. Have you know about what happened to Lilly? Did you tell Damian? ” Janus smiled. “No, I talked about it with Raymondom. You invite him under the name of Mr. Caller. And how do you perceive those? “he asked a silent emergency voice. “I don’t want to talk about it. It hurts me. Lilly me very lacking. I love it. ” The psychiatrist had a tained nose. “Adam, you’ve got to talk about it, you can’t.” The answer was quiet. “Already shining the moon?” he asked finally. “Turn your head and see.” a psychiatrist replied. “I don’t want to tell me this.” The man laughed. “This way it doesn’t work, Adam. If you do not do something, you will not know anything. And you’ll just think about it, instead of finding it. ” Adam a moment did not say anything. “It’s not fair.” Janus stood up and came to the window to open it. “Snowing.” said Adam’s rebound. The man turned to him startly. He kept looking into the ceiling and thus couldn’t know that snowing. “How do you know?” asked. “I feel it. The outside is exactly 0 º C, it said. ” The psychiatrist quickly opened the block, and enrolled it. “Who said it? Victor? ” The answer was to be muttering. “Dress up my jacket, I don’t need to get frozen.” He continued Adam. Apparently, the spirit was not present again. “Tom here brought the snow…” Janus surprised the murder. Was Tom another of his sexual partners? He decided to find out just what the boy is hypersensibly to reality. The fine line between reality and the decline in the same tranche, in which all his memories were turned off, was a major anomaly. The psychiatrist failed to estimate whether this condition raises the boy himself or has no control over it. Moreover, the cannon made it increasingly frequent and ended with unconscious. And the drugs already in the body had a lot of damage, they clearly did not have themselves-less merit. “Adam, why are you doing this? Why do you die from reality? ” The boy has muttered. Janus came closer to his bed. “Where is Damian?” Janus Erbley has exhaled. The boy lost his confidence after seeing his attitude towards him. “I know you’re disappointed by me, Adam, but I need to know it. Why do you see? And where actually. Is it a place much safer than this reality? ” The child was thought about the question and after a while he was froly answering: “As you may have noticed, I can’t miss anywhere. I am strapped here. And I don’t know why you hear my thoughts, but still ask me about it. And not only those. Also Damian and his parents. And once even Joshua. ” The psychiatrist actually did not expect this answer. “Adam, do you not realise that you say it aloud?” gave its presumption after a long moment of silence. The boy shopped his head. “How can it be?” It would also wonder Psychiatrias. “I would probably be able to advise you if you would have asked me.” Janus turned his head and saw a man in a white coat that made them friendly to smile. “Oh, forgive, I did not know that we do not know. I am Jimmy Bull, I am currently Adamov’s main neurologist. ” They handed hands and Adam sprinked the noticeable tension from Janus’s side. “Okay, so what’s your opinion?” he asked the psychiatrist quietly. “I would like to take it to your coffee, if you allow it, it is not decent to talk about someone in his presence.” Laughed at the neurologist, žmurkhing on Adam. “Of course you are right, Mr. Bull.” He became embarrassing quietly. “I’m Jimmy.” said finally a neurologist. “I apologize. Adam, do you allow me to leave? Relax a little bit and then talk again. ” The boy smiled slightly. Then both men left and he osamel. He has never had to watch the ceiling. Carefully turned the head to the window. Well the outside snowing so densely, until the moon formed only a blurry smudon on the background of the white scenery. She sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. Slept all night, and then even half of the second day. When he finally woke up, he saw his bed sitting with Mr. Caller. “Good morning, Mr. Caller.” approached him. “Hi, Adam. How do you feel? ” Adam was pondered. “I’m hungry.” The older man laughed, but Adam was frored. “Sorry, I didn’t think so. But I asked for something else. Are you relaxed? ” The boy slightly turned his head. “Today I do not have rehabilitation?” asked with the hope of the voice. “Why are you so disgusted? Oh, what I brought you! ” Adam had a surprise staring at the hands of Mr. Caller. He held in them something like a cellphone. “Adam, you know what is it?” The boy slowly wrinkled his head. “This is an Ipod. He sends it to Joshua. It only controls this wheel so you can train your hands. ” Adam blatantly sadently. “Something happened?” asked Mr. Caller. “Why isn’t there? Why can’t I Come for me? ” The man put the Ipod on the nightstand beside the plunder and said, “Adam, Joshua and other siblings are looking for Denzela. He did not return home from school. Therefore Joshua is not here. Because now we need it at home, you understand? ” Adam nodded, although he did not give it. “He told me that he will go on some trip.” Mr. Caller was rolling out his eyes. “Denzel was here in the hospital?” Adam nodded. “He had a bandage on his hand, but he didn’t want to tell me what happened. Apparently with me just came to talk about Damianovi. But when she walked a nurse, she quickly left. Nor did we become untold. ” An older man immediately pulled the cellphone and called Catherine. “No, I didn’t find it. Well he was behind Adam in the hospital, and apparently again began to damage himself. We need to find it immediately if it is in bad condition… ” Did not even want to finish. “Okay, I’m at Adam, but let me tell me immediately.” Finally, he still added a short prayer and then turned to the boy. “What constitutes self-harm?” Mr. Caller has exhaled. “Denzel cannot control his emotions as other children. Therefore, in order for him to be relieved he needs to get his blood. ” Adam slowly nodded. However, the man was sure not to understand it. “This is not important, especially for him now we have to bring home and take care not to happen.” Then Adam said the incredible sentence: “If someone reaches the reaches of his life, is not sentenced to death? So why search for it? ” Mr. Caller turned his back to him. Was talking to him still someone except Denzela? “Tom brought the snow. He was cold as that place, but still enjoyable. ” Adam had his eyes open, but he stared in the ceiling. The emeritus priest slowly stood up and came to him. In those eyes saw joy. The memory of this was certainly pretty, although her he couldn’t understand it. “You gotta help me, Adam. Remember each, even the insignificant detail of his behavior or words. Maybe you said where it is, but you did not understand it altogether. ” Adam obediently closed his eyes. The game reminded him of the words of Mr. Levera of rehabilitation. Guess the emotion by mimiky. “I,… I think they are still staring out towards doing a great chimney. And was very… Tight. ” Mr. Caller strongly Pobledol, but then he was spamming and said, “Well, Adam. Excellently. I really helped me. ” He caught out the jacket cellphone and quickly sent the searchers to the chimney. In spirit he prayed that the boy did not do some stupidity. About ten minutes walked into the hospital room psychiatrist and the he looked was cheerfully. “Mr. Caller, Adam, I have an amazing message for you. Denzela just brought to the children’s department. It climbed up, but failed to come together. He started calling for help and Joshua heard him. He climbed behind him and brought together down. Go for him, Mr. Caller, I want to talk to Adam a little more. ” When Mr. Caller quickly left, Janus sat down in his place and said, “I heard that he gave a clear footprint. How did he prove it? ” Adam explained him slowly that he learned from Mr. Levera. “This is an amazing feature. Do you realize that you saved life? ” The boy, however, baptized his head. “I’ve told him that if he’s very hurt, he can’t suffer. He came here to tell him how I did it. As I jumped and whether it will hurt… ” A psychiatrist long did not know what to say. “Adam, you probably already know that it was not correct, however? It has been a lot of tension. But that doesn’t matter, you didn’t have to know where the problems are not addressed. Next time, if you come here for you Denzel, you’ve got to tell someone an adult. ” Adam nodded. So many relish because of a few words? Just wanted to help. And this sermons did not expect. “How was with JIMMYM? He likes you, you know? ” The psychiatrist is the red pepper. “With Mr. Bullom, Ehm… JIMMYM, we talked only about you. ” Adam was frored. “Why don’t you like it? He is super, and quite funny. And he kept telling just about how he seeks the love of his life. ” Janus Erbley a little while wondering what the boy has to say. “Adam,…” Breath. “… I don’t want to talk to you. But don’t you think he meant a girl, therefore a young woman? ” Adam was pondered. Not. For I can see how she looks at you. ” The psychiatrist would not have fallen down at that moment, but tried not to see Adam. “Adults enjoy sympathy in different ways. It’s that I don’t have to mean that he’s love to me, do you understand? ” The boy turned his head to the ceiling. “Jimmy is a very good person, helping me. And I want-I want to be happy. “said quietly Adam. The psychiatrist was straightened on the chair. “But he is happy, then once he will. Even you can be. If you want to. ” Adam shopped his head. “No, I won’t. For there is no Joshua, and neither Damian. They have their duties, and I don’t want them to bother with their existence. ” Janus Erbley sighed. “The same thing you said and Denzel, and see how it matters to them. And it was enough to ask them to do so. In order to give them the opportunity to be the backbone. Denzel, however, chose a much more complex journey… But you can make a decision, Adam. You’ve got a choice. Mr. Lever told me about you, see how you try. This could be your way. “

A few days later, an unexpected visit was discovered in Adam’s room. “Hi, I want to apologize to you that I got you into trouble.” Denzel, dressed in a carered pajamas, stood in the doorway and hesitated to fit in the bottom. “Come in and pull off the blinds, I don’t see the sun.” said to him Adam, looking to the ceiling. Denzel quietly passed to the window and crumled the chain. “Thank you.” I heard Denzel silent thanks and surprised to be turned to the unruled boy. “Denzel, tell me how to be Joshua. And Damian… Long I haven’t seen them. ” Denzel sat down into the chair at the bed and began to tell: “Damian is now very busy, preparing young children for the first Holy Communion and very much enjoying them. That will be part of our community. “noted.” And Joshua for a moment begins to go to school. Looking forward to your buddies, and also on learning… “A moment has paused:”… And still think of you. I miss you very much because she got used to you. And he lacks her eternal asking. ” Adam at that moment did not say anything. Only then slowly noted: “Why did you come here? Only to have you apologized to me? This is not the right reason. ” The boy was surprised. “I… Damian pleaded me to visit you and find out how you go. ” Adam was frored. “So tell him that when he wants to know, let’s come here alone!” Denzela his reaction a little jumped. Did he not explain it enough? After all, he reiterated exactly what Damian had. Or forget something? “I… I’ll be back for a while. ” Adamov’s voice sounded shaking when he said, “I want to sleep, not to return.” As soon as the boy left, the lying patient was crying up. She didn’t understand it. Why doesn’t he come to Joshua? He has not yet gone to school and Denzela has already found. And those words your boy could even invent to make him happy. “Adam, has-” to the room he walked Jimmy with his little suitcase and he remained standing in the door. “What happened? Did you have a bad dream? ” Adam turned to him, and almost he didn’t even see through the flood of tears that made him rinuli out of his eyes. “Why not come here, why just send links? Does it no longer stand for the sight? I’m angry at me, because I didn’t move even a millimeter?! ” Jimmy took a moment to process his words and then he strongly said, “Adam! Stop by so much regret and start the rehabilitation collaboratively! Mr. Lever is very keen to stir up your limbs, but you do not do anything into it. And it’s familiar, so whatever you say now, they will only be excuses. Only you lie here and you are constantly thinking about crap. You’re not having a problem with your feet or hands, it’s all in your head because you’re almost given up. Damian has beyond it and other duties, he has a job and a family. The fact that with you is not twenty-four hours a day does not mean that you do not like. ” Adam stopped crying and Udivene looked at him. “So many words I have not heard from you.” Jimmy Bull laughed. “Forgive, I just try to tell you that you are wrong.” Boy nodded. “Why is the wall white like snow?” he asked when the neurologist began to disassemble the suitcase. “For hygiene, to see the spots immediately and we can clean them.” Adam was frored. “I don’t like the white color.” Jimmy laughed and commented that he can’t do anything, although it wasn’t quite true. Already longer thought about it. After a brief examination he enrolled the result into a small block and told Adam: “The muscles are already responding better, it seems that rehabilitation will not have to change. Just more to try. And something else. I really like it. “The bemural and the boy have slowly smiled. “He told me that once you’re gonna be happy.” Jimmy laughed. “He probably knows what he says. It’s an expert. “Gently pressed his leg, but the boy did not move. Did you notice it a
t all? “Mr. Caller, can you talk to you in a hospital buffet, about an hour?” asked Jimmy when he saw him go to Adam’s room. “Of course.” He replied to him an older man and walked in the bottom. “I came to take you to rehabilitation.” Adam silently nodded and allowed Mr. Caller to move him to the trolley. The whole way to the elevator did not say the word. Only when Mr. Caller pressed the knob on the elevator, Adam asked, “Damian has other duties than I regret?” A man startled his head. “I think Jimmy, if he told you he said, he thought that he could not be given you now, because other people need it.” Adam again was silent and so the man did not know if he understood him. After the rehabilitation, which today did not go ktovieas well, Mr. Caller went to the room to get a little redone from the exercise. When he left, he said yet: “My son is the best that you might encounter.” Adam did not say anything, only turned his head towards the window and so the man disappointed left. When Adam in the room alone, he said aloud, “but did not meet me, only saved my life!” Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.
In a hospital buffet, Mr Caller finally noticed Jimmyho’s frinted head. She sighed. The young man with the ridge as if he met. “What did you like to take me? I have considered that Adam’s new results are favorable, at least so you said to Damianovi. ” Jimmy smiled and commented, “You are right, they are favorable, but something we would do with it could do to be excellent. Adam is starting to get bored, and does not like the white color, in the same way I understand. Therefore, I would like to propose a kid’s carousel. You know, the one with colorful pets that squirts and creates a ceiling for colored shadows. ” Mr. Caller laughed. “We only recently put aside the garage, my granddaughter George was literally obsessed.” Jimmy had a little smiled. “Mr. Caller, you are a very wise man and know that Janus will give to your advice. Could you guide him to express his emotions? Because I am interested in it. I know that in your eyes I am the confessive of hell, but do not you can silence the call of the heart? ” Mr. Caller initially was silent. “Mr. Bull is not in my power to judge you. As far as my protector is concerned, I would recommend you to print less on it. Nevertheless, I am not convinced of his sexual orientation. ” Jimmy smiled. “Thank you for your sincerity. How did Adam thrive in rehabilitation? The boy amazes me with his fluctuating moes. I never know what to wait for when I enter his room. ” Mr. Caller has exhaled. “Today was exceptionally bad, he was still just getting stuck and not talking to me. Only when I was leaving, he called for me that Damian had not met him, only saved. I surpassed the temptation to come back to him and shout at him. ” Jimmy nodded. “Today doesn’t have your day. And for something is still troubled. Just about it does not want to talk to me. ” An older man only nodded his head. “These philosophical issues unnecessarily lose time, Adam doesn’t believe us enough to tell us.” He closed the topic of Adam before he wanted Jimmy to continue. Both have grown up and everyone went their own way. Mr. Caller for Denzelom and Jimmy back at his department.


Funeral, Secrets Revealed


After twenty minutes of Quick walk they were in place. In Malborough, a neighborhood where many hostile people ranged. That’s why Mrs Caller always walked with Joshuom. For sure. She had a feeling of greater security. “Adam, do not sleep. The moment we will be inside and straighten your back. “said Mrs Caller and he looked at the son. “Okay, well… Adam, you know why I gave you Mr. Wandera right now? ” The boy surprised her head. “Well because you started making great strides, you’ve been told me that after a workout you’ve got trouble finding a good sleeping location. Now it will not be a big deal. ” Adam gently flushed. “Joshua, go to Mrs. Wincher and the pros of her sons to help you with the cart.” Joshua waved his hand and ran into the house before them. Adam had a confused look at Mrs. Caller. “Wincherová? Have you just told Wincher? “the woman surprised her. “You invite her?” Adam did not catch the answer, the house ran three boys. When they came to the cart, they became uncomfortable quietly. “Hi, Adam.” said the higher of the guys. Adam was silent. “Ehm… Well so I will catch him behind the handles and you two under the wheels… Um… Is it so good, Mrs. Caller? “A woman with a smile he added, trying to bridge the unpleasant atmosphere. After getting into the apartment, she welcomed the mother of two sons. Scones. “Welcome back, Adam. I told you that you are coming back. “He handed him one. “He does not move his hands. And not even the legs. “She said quietly Mrs. Callerová. Josefine Wincher has faintly smiled. “So you tried… But don’t stand in the door, have you brought us something? ” Mrs Callerová smiled and filed her food bag. “Thank you, it’s very valuable to me. And also that again I see a small. I look forward to not even look at me. ” “Mrs. Wincher, you know Adam? How long? You have never talked to me. ” Adam was rescued and commented. “Two years. I banned not to find me. ” Mrs. Wincher has sighed. “You were so small when we met, Adam, don’t you think it was right? I’ve never told you that I invite you to your home and gave you food from our table. And even though they gave it away, I continued to do so. In the hope of one day you accept our gift. Not even that, you were disfigured… Didn’t mind us. Neither me nor Thomas nor Sebastianovi. And what about those? You missed us as soon as you left. No farewell. ” “You didn’t miss me.” said Adam chilly, until Joshuu Zamrazilo. “So my husband was right… Sorry about it. Mrs Callerová, excuse him. He never knew to understand what the proprietivity means. “She turned to a silent woman. “Take it to the room, let yourself get a little bit and a small guy, you can turn on your computer.” The threesome teenagers took Adam to the children’s room and then rushed to the computer. They played car races and Adam Intriguedately watched them. Remember this room. He remembered the first slap from Mr. Winchera and the last screaming when he threw him on the street with words to never come back. It was considered as a blemited sin and did not want his dirt to be infected by his sons, who were a desquat to faith. For Adam It was a difficult period, but as with Tom, I did here for all the brute line and listening to the order of Captain James Wincher, purged from his life courtesy gestures Mrs. Wincheric, friendly stings of elder Thomas and offered friendship The younger Sebastiana. However, once again he came to Mrs. Wincher. He brought him bread. Well he refused him and said he would no longer obstruct anyone. That will quit your life. Two weeks after their meeting, he stood on the roof in an industrial park. Almost a year ago… “H
e was on the street. Alone and burnt. I was amazed that no one had reported it to the socials. I’ve been trying, but they refused me. Apparently they have no knowledge of the child named Adam. And never found him on the street, even though they were looking for it. And not once. A year ago I was behind him and tried to convince him to go to home. But he told me that no longer live will not. That will not interfere with anyone. I warned him that he was a sin to reach for life, but he did not listen to me. He said that in God does not believe. In God, who hates him, he lives and hates him if he wants to end. I’m afraid I took it too much and maybe I did not explain it enough… Since then I have not seen him and I thought that his time was filled. That’s why I haven’t wanted it anymore. ” Mrs. Callerová has sighed. “It’s a terrible idea. So a small child relied on helping others and still thinks that only impeses. How could it go so far? ” Mrs. Wincher gave her a gently caress arm. “I think your son has done a respectable thing when he decided to take care of him, despite the lack of time.” The elderly woman was credited. “I admire him. And at the same time, I feel like it’s too much a bite. For Adam’s cure from these injuries need to be more than just a good heart and the attention it demonstrates. The boy’s curiosity is minimal, nor does it take to know the essence of things, until recently was his only concern for the food. Nothing more around. Unable to play, does not want to play. Not even practicing. It lies and looks in the ceiling or outdoors through the window. This is the only thing that is now interested in it. “The moment they talked and then the living room ran Joshua. “Mom, he does not breathe, I call a rescue!” Both women jumped on their feet. While Mrs. Wincher helped her son with his chalk, Mrs Caller tried to reach the hospital. Finally, she succeeded, and a few mučivo long minutes went down inside the savior. They moved Adam’s bed to the ground and revited him for about ten minutes, during which Joshua firmly clutted the backrest of the chair. He was in the end of his own horror, and when he finally managed to stabilize Adam, he brought himself to Earth. “That’s okay, just fainted. But you go with us, Mrs. We talk about the boy, yes? “The Savior spoke very strictly as if it were a mistake by Mrs Caller. “Joshua, I called the dad, will come after you. Ozvem will be as soon as possible. “She called for her son, because the savior had already dragged her to the ambulance. The road to the hospital was quietly in the ambulance, Adam was in the sleep phase and Mrs Caller could only be seen silently. She perceived her presence even in his sleep. After arriving at the hospital, Mr. Morgan and Jimmy were waiting for them. “What is the patient’s status?” asked Jimmy rescuer. “Stabilized, pulse 80/35, breathing in standard, muscle tone none.” Mrs Callerová took him to the freaks out. “But what happened?” wanted to know Mr. Morgan. Mrs Caller already wanted to answer, but he overtook her rescuer. “Inresponsible access and treatment of the boy. This would not happen if the boy was not placed on an inappropriate mat. ” Jimmy stepped up to him. “This is not your concern, but ours. Your task was to transport him to the hospital. Thank you for that. Now, go after the robot! “and pointed to the door. While Mr. Morgan controlled Adam’s state, Jimmy said, “excuse him. It is an ordinary hulvát. But don’t worry, we’ll come to what happened. ” Mrs Caller, with tears in his eyes, cried. “What does no muscle tone mean, Mr. Bull?” Jimmy has gently embraced her. “Mrs. Callerová, that’s fine. In Adam’s case it is a slight step back, but it is nothing that would be permanent. Do you understand me? “the woman cautiously credited. “Okej, Jim, we move him to cardiology and I will be supervised. Who is the boys Guardian, you, Mrs. Caller? ” When she shopped her head, she sighed. “Damian is his guardian. Is it possible to come here? Try to call him. “Designed by Jimmy Potichu. A poor woman with shaking hands went to the phone. Damian her dvihol immediately. “Adam-is back in the hospital. Mr. Morgan wants to be with you – yes, he is conscious. ” After a long moment of silence, when Mr. Morgan recorded a slight deterioration at Adam, he suddenly flew the door to an emergency reception and stood in them Damian. “I’m here. I apologize, but I did not know what happened. ” Mr. Morgan waved his hand and Jimmy encouraged him to press his shoulder. “What will be the next procedure, and why did I have to come here? Can’t I decide my mom? “He pointed to a shaky woman who began to hug at that moment. “The boy needs a pacemaker.” Damian has appeared in the doctor’s hearing. “And-how please?” The cardiologist reiterated his claim and Damian almost fell from his feet. Fortunately, he was spamming and asked. “How much is it wrong?” Doctors looked at each other and suddenly said, “10 minutes, if not more, revited him.” Damian nodded. Understand. When will you be able to operate the boy? ” Mr. Morgan looked at a colleague and then said, “I call Cardiochirurga, we have one free pacemaker that must be implanted by someone. So do the clock. You can stay with it and explain it to him. You mentioned that it was important to him. ” Damiana was delighted to be acting quickly and then possessed him fear. “Mr. Morgan, tell me what’s the chance?” The man overthrew his eyebrows. “It is too early to do this. Well if I am right to say, 20% is still optimism. ” The priest looked at the mother. “No cardiostimulator has a chance of survival of only 6%. Mr. Caller, this is no fun. The heart needs momentum, otherwise it will not be able to function normally. What happened today is just one of the options. We will no longer be able to revive it again. ” Damian pressed his mother’s hand. “Okay, then you move it to the department? Can I help you? ” Jimmy smiled. Yes. Tell him that we have to move it to the second bed and make him very unwashed, I do not want to let go of the ground. ” “Mom, do you want to stay?” the woman shamed his head. Then he bent over Adam and kissed him forehead. Then he slipped something and said, “I have to convince you that Joshua is fine. He was in the way he was revited. I guess I will give it today the medication to soothe. ” Damian nodded, once again his mom embraced and devoted to Adam.

Kids Patricka Shelbyho

The boat made the paper slowly filled with water and Adam was watching it with interest. “And when it drots?” asked the man next to each other. “Up will be full of water and the paper will start to Deravil.” Adam nodded. Suddenly he reached the boat hand and tried to pull it out of the water, but the someone pulled him back. “What is? Why do you pull me back? I don’t want that boat to sink. ” A man next to him replied. “If you’re going to tilt, you’re drower. And I don’t want to turn it. ” Adam was froely seated back on the trail. “I don’t like the way you talk to me. I’m no longer such a little guy. “Man laughed and grabbed Adam’s shoulder. “If you’re not a little boy, I’m sure you want to play with me. Play in adults. ” Adam nodded. “Yes, yes, I want. How is it played? What are the rules? ” Man-man laughed. “The game in adults has no rules. You’re doing what you want. You’re going to get what you want. Most importantly, you cries. Loud and strong! As the strongest you know. ” Adam nodded. “I know such a game. And do I really have to sc
ream? ” Adam! Adam! Call with me! “Cardiochirurg tried to take a boy out of unconsciousness by several Fackami. The heart worked fine, so it could have been an unexpected reaction to the amount of people near him. “No-let… Hurts… ” She shoyed Adam and cautiously spared at a doctor. “What hurts you, say.” He was trying to speak quietly to make him very unscared, but still watched the X-ray and examined the small electrode in the right place. “It hurts me when I’m sitting on you. It hurts me and it makes me cold on my feet. ” The doctor tried to understand what Adam wants him to say. “Did you have a bad dream, Adam?” he asked finally. “Yes, yes. He showed me the game of adults and I had a loud shout. ” Cardiochirurg is slightly straightened. “And you agreed with it? Did you like it? ” Adam looked at the Radiogen and asked: “Bum, bum… Is it spoiled? ” The doctor smiled. “Not total. Only got a little trouble with the muscles. But we will correct it. ” Adam slowly looked up. “Now don’t throw your head, tiny. If we do this improperly, we will have to operate again. “He named him slowly by the surgeon. “How are you calling?” asked Adam’s rebound. The man he sighed. “My name is Dick Morsel.” “Want to hear a fairy tale, Dick Morsel?” The doctor with interest nodded. “The winter sorcerer came to immerse the country in the white quilts. In order for the spring to bring flowers. Mrs. JAR was very rich and the winter sorcerer had it so glad he was willing to unleash the snow about something earlier and thus grew up snowdrops. They were jealous of the white snow with their little flowers, and people admire them very much. End. I don’t remember. ” When Adam ended up speaking, the doctor realized that everyone was standing and listening. She stumbled, and the room was again moving. “I… Thank you. It was very nice. ” After the surgery, Adam felt unexpectedly refreshed and still talked about what the dickmen slowly began to climb on the nerves. Of course, the bad dream of talking did not want. “Do you give me a carousel?” asked Adam when they returned to the room. The doctor silently pressed the knob. “Try not to sleep.” “I would be able to take care of what you think?” by Janus. “Where is Damian?” asked Adam, ignoring Janusa. “Damian went back to the temple to take away the holy Mass and come behind you. But now I want to hear something about your evil dream-“Adam has interrupted him. “I don’t want to talk about it. I want to hear something about you and thy love. ” Dick Morsel laughed and said to get nicely pokecali, Chokac laughing. Janus tried to operate normally, but it is not necessary to say that he was not at all. “Adam, you can’t do this to me! In the hospital they already know so much and I do not need to be taunting me because of this. Do you understand? ” The boy shopped his head: “If you love it, you don’t care what others think about it.” The psychiatrist smiled. “You are a very receptiful boy, but this is a bit tricky. Jimmy and I are still not ready to publicly come out with the truth out. ” Adam was pondered. “Why do I remember it?” he approached him quietly. Janus was confused, and already wanted to ask, no Adam continued, “The man spoke to me about the winter sorcerer. Fairy tale. Why do I remember it? ” Janus smiled. “Because, Adam, we learn in several ways. And you’ve discovered your, remember everything you hear. ” “You’re weird.” Rumbled boy and looked at the carousel. “Why not give it to me?” after a long moment of silence. “For he did not begged me.” He replied without hesitation psychiatrist. “Please.” Janus laughed and pressed him knob. “Adam, tell me the fairy tale. You may wish to mention other details over time. ” Adam hesitated, but then nodded and began to speak. When he spoke, he was disappointed. Nothing. Nothing I remembered. ” Janusa did not even think to fix it. He was pretty frustrated even without it. “It doesn’t matter at all, the more often you’re going to repeat, the sooner you mention it. Something I try, well? Magic. Good looking. ” Pulled out of the wallet dollar and looked around. After the hallway he just walked through Yared Pricks. “Hey, come for a while here.” He called him inside. The doctor greeted him and walked in. “Need help?” The psychiatrist nodded and reached him behind his ear. “She gives!” he turned with the dollar to Adam, who cannot find him. The expression on his face was unreadable as if it were fossilized. “Adam, all right?” he asked after a while when Adam did not move. Then it happened. Adam laughed. And it’s so loud until Yared was jerked away from the sound of the noise. “Once again!” he exached. Janus smiled and kepped on a colleague. “How to tell a young lord.” He showed him a coin in his hand, then he blew into the palms and the coin was not there. Again he reached Yaredovi behind the ear and made it. Adam made the bells laugh until his cheeks flowed tears…


Damian walked back to the temple and constantly looked around. Then he realized he had stopped and baptized his head. Stupidity. No one is watching it. “Father, please when will be mass with dekanom, I would need to sacrifice mass for my grandfather.” Damian realized that before him he stands Joshuov Buddy Dennis and smiled at him: “Tomorrow by half eleventh. If you want, I’ll tell him about it and you’ll just come to sign. ” Dennis nodded. “Thank you, father. And how is Adam? Joshua is still talking about him. ” The priest had a little resigned from a boy who was too glued to him, and noted, “she thrives well, has little trouble with digestion, but it’s nothing that would not solve a smaller diet.” Dennis said goodbye to him and the priest finally got to the temple. He walked through a corridor with the paintings of the saints, when before the door saw the cost of Padre Slavíny. “He praised either Jesus Christ.” He greeted him. “Forever, Damian, eternally. Have you finished with Adam? ” Damian Smiling nodded and reiterated what the boy said. “Hear, not looking for me anyone here?” The padre was pondered and Damian hoped that she warms her head, no he said, “There’s one man. She looks pretty ruined. I told him to wait for you in the temple, should you meet? ” The older priest quickly nodded and looked toward the door to the temple. “Thank you.” and passed them into the weakly illuminated area of the temple. Before the altar he was blessed and was looking for a man. Lastly, he saw him. He was drunk on a wall near the back bench and stared at Damiana with silent eyes. “You’ve been talking to me?” asked Damian carefully. Men’s expression has changed. The mask of fear made him faded when he spoke, “you take very well. It would be a good detective, nor would you think that just today you will find such a huge footprint. Special, however? I would say coincidence, but you don’t believe them. You have other superstitions. “He pointed his hands around. “Well but I’m not here because. I’m just a simple person. I have no power or means to convince you to leave it calm. The Midas Perrish is, however, dead. For this country, for your children. It happened a long time before you think. Long before the death of Lilly… I have to tell you how it was really. Adam is not a murderer. Only saw the murder. Not only the murder of his little sister. It was much more. It was scaring. The ears of parents who were unable to cope with the death of the daughter. And then they lost Adam. They declared a quest for him, but they all considered it dead. Then his mother scoffed and killed. Midas left and never come back. Don’t search for it, you get your tasty family into trouble. ” Damian did not give so easily intimidating. Death was threatened regularly. Well this man, about what he was going… “Who sent you? Patrick Shelby? ” The man laughed. “The poor guy is just a piece in the game that goes beyond his understanding. He does what he has in the cartridge of his work and makes it well. It is not enough to complicate the situation with it. And then Victor cucumber and I realized that I have a problem. I tried Adama to find it, but he revealed me and spiel. When I was then from Maxa learned that he jumped, I had it still before the eyes. And then I saw him at a funeral. I couldn’t believe it. I have always considered it an extraordinary… But to survive such something… ” Lost the thread, and quickly realized it. “You’ve played a dangerous game with the Golden King. And I am now offering you maybe – “Damian has interrupted him. “Tell him the only one. I am ready to meet him if he understands the following:-I have known the pain of a broken heart and I know what it means to count the days when we meet again… I knew the tension that was accompanied by days without him. My father never embraced me and did not tell me that he is proud of me. ” The man was bent on the wall and said, “Goodbye, Mr. Caller. I will convey your words to the right ears. ” He wanted to leave when he stopped Damianova’s remark: “Thank you, Mr. Praxton.” He did not turn, but Damian saw that he had it and thus assumed it correctly. Still a moment after the man’s departure stood at the altar, and then he took over to his room. There as every evening prayed a rosary and went to sleep. As soon as he fell asleep, he started chasing men’s words. Thus it was all night and when he went in the morning for breakfast, he looked like after the battle. But he can’t even wonder. Dean greeted him and handed him a bowl of oval flakes. Damian has eaten them without grumbling, even though they’d rather have a privstal and made a scrambled eggs. “Adam is right?” he asked after a while when the other priests left for morning prayers. “Yes, and I think I’ve been a step closer to revealing his true identity. I just feel that so many people are preventing me from doing so. It’s as if it was something bigger. And Adam was the key to doing everything. ” Dean stopped drinking and looked at Damiana with raised eyeball. “Damian, just keep an eye out. If Adamov’s life is veiled by so many mysteries, maybe it has some reason. What if you only threaten it? What if you uncover the identity by revealing it, before it is protected by this anonymity. ” The younger man was overmeasured. “But father, think… If this were the case, then he wouldn’t allow him to jump from that roof and I would not find him. ” Dean had a juice that he prepared for the breakfast and stood up to say, “Damian, the question sounds different. What did you do in this part of the city just at the time it happened? ” Damian stood up from the table. “Father, it’s time for morning prayers.” He washed his hands and left the room without further words. The Dean was in the freezer. What does Damian Caller do not want to say? “
Good morning, a birthday party. Although she had a birthday yesterday, but I didn’t congratulate you. ” Damian walked into Adam’s room and noticed that Mr. Trewleany no longer sleeps. What could not be said about Adam. “Is it all right?” he asked him Damian a little puzzled. “Oh, yes. But they got those drugs on the enterocolitis. It is a little seasoned. But for a moment, breakfast will come, you could wake up. ” Damian shopped his head. “Wake up when you need it. How do you feel? “asked by a doctor. Mr. Trewleany laughed. “A week will leave me. After all you know, nothing they want to underestimate. They sprung me. But it’s not the first time you’re getting used to it. It just surprises me that the stick figure said after he pressed the trigger. -The undespise of giving him the drugs.-I do not know what it should mean and honestly it scares me. I don’t want to have problems with anyone, it’s about the Rover and our child. ” Damian nodded. “Some people think that drugs are drugs because they change human behavior and their perception.” Mr. Trewleany smiled and looked at the display that monitored his heart rhythm. “It was even better. I probably slept little. Adam had a bold truth with what sleep is for a person beneficial. Á, there’s a breakfast! “he laughed and greeted the sister who brought Adam’s tray with a whole grain of granite and a little mineral. The doctor has brought an infusion. “What do we have today? I hope the burger. ” Damian and sister have laughed and then the woman said, “We will not delight you, there is only what your body is currently needing. Minerals, vitamin B and D, proteins and carbohydrates. ” The doctor overturned his eyes. Fine. I would be delighted to say something else, but apparently I can’t get married, “Adam has unexpectedly taken over from his sleep and exclaimed,” Today, no! I want to eat peanut butter! I want chocolate. ” Damian in that shock began to laugh very much and Adam was on him so he waved until he had to hit Mr. Trewleany. “Adam, come on. It’s for your good. You do not want to hurt your tummy. You alone told me. See, nor am I am excited about this bag that is currently fulfilling my stomach. Well I have to endure it until you heal this unpretty wound. ” Adam had sighed and left Damiana, who was so reassigned to him to feed him. Then they went for a rehabilitation nurse to make Adam change rehabilitation due to the change of diet. After this visit, Adam had some time off before the neurologic examination at Jimmyho Bulla and therefore Damian decided to take him to walk into the hospital complex. He dressed his sweater and went out. “Damian, you wanted to talk to me about something, however? Therefore, we are here and not in bed. ” Damian had faintly smiled, he laughed before Adam and said, “Adam, I think I already know how I get to thy dad. Well the point is that someone does not want me to find it. Adam, I beg you if you remembered someone you were very afraid of… Just tell me and I’ll be careful not to dodge him. ” The boy was sitting on a head-bent cart, and after the cheeks he had fallen tears on his thighs. “Adam, I…” Well he cruled his head. “You promised me,… And I have…. I forgot… Don’t know who it is. I know only his palm, which he had taken everything that he had not been in. But the truth is that he belongs to each centimeter. Even if I know it’s a different way… ” The moment was quiet. “Adam, yesterday you had 12 years old and I want to give you something for a birthday…” Adam faintly smiled, through tears he saw him a little smeared, and Damian gave him his knees wrapped box. “But I already have one toy car I have…” Started Adam startly. Then, Damian enjoy laughed and began to expand slowly. Her hands had a little shaking, which the boy was spraying, but he was interested in the contents of the box. Finally, the Adama dropped several pieces of wrapping paper and the boy in the box saw the book. At least he thought. Thoughtfully looked at Damiana. “I do not want… I don’t know very well read. ” Damian smiled at him and said. “Read the dedication at least.” Adam slowly nodded and the priest opened it. This photo album before you is empty yet. But it may not be. You can fill it up if you are going to roam. You are a member of the family, and although not yet before the law, long ago you got the plac
e… Furthermore, Adam was unable to read. He was looking at his guardian and empty his mouth. Finally he called and muttered: “Thank you.” The priest smiled on him, put the photo album into his leather pocket, then pulled out the record Book of Janusa Erpale and quickly recorded it. “Why don’t you say Jimmymu, he would have told him also.” Damian gently grained, and so Adam continued. “I think in the dark you say everything.” Damian has built and noted with severe sigh. “Adam, you yourself well know that me this topic is not ktoviehow pleasant and I have a very preconceived opinion on that matter. I appreciate that you are starting to perceive your environment, well please… Things of this format, just leave a discussion with Janus. ” Adam smiled. “Sorry, Damian.” They returned inward, on a neurological examination. Jimmy welcomed them with a wide smile. “Do a half waist to undress. And the socks can not even see them. ” While Adam was a little bit, he was not happy, but then he just warted his head and allowed Damiank to remove him from the top of the pajama. The doctor made a classic neurological examination and then asked Damiana if he ever reiterated the attempt to sit. “During the rehabilitation I tried it twice, but Adam refuses it.” Jimmy took a breath and turned to Adam. “I see a great improvement, Adam. Don’t you want to move more forward? You’ll do it, don’t get it. ” Adam, however, baptized his head. “I don’t have diapers.” Jimmy and Damian startly Zažmurkali. “Adam… What are you talking about? “asked Jimmy. “Last time I tried it, so I did… And I don’t want to be dirty! ” In the eyes had tears. “I already understand this is fine. We’ll do it any other time. Dress him up, Damian, the examination has ended. ” Then their Jimmy broke up to the room and asked Damiana to go to him to talk to the hallway. “Damian, I realize that there is nothing in it, but as you have progressed with finding his parents… The point is that I am very interested in its adoption and would like to know what I have a chance. ” Damian stood up and staring at him. “I… I already know his name and I know the date of the boy’s birth, but it’s not that easy. Tomorrow I go to the social office and ask them for help as far as adoptions are concerned. Well it’s me strange why… ” Has stopped. Jimmy waved by hand. “Damian, I am more than clear that my sex life is not just a textbook example, but in his nurturing I will emphasize on everything you have learned in your family…” Damian shopped his head. “Mr. Bull, I do not decide on its adoption, it is complicated enough because of the lack of identity and the possible existence of living biological parents. However, Midas does not seem to have the slightest interest in the son, but it must be found to approve its adoption. I have already teamed up with the police. Currently we can only wait.
” I can’t believe it. Jimmy wants to be my dad. And yet he spoke to me about Hope, but I have never seen her. Why did Damian not say that he would like to adopt the Callerovci? Or already it has changed? And what does this sexual example mean to touch me? He still wants me to be stripp
ed… Damian walked in and when he saw his frowed sight, he sighed. “You’re fine, Adam?” A boy with tears in his eyes was wrinkled his head. “You don’t want me to be adopted to you? Why did you not tell Jimmymu that I belong to you? ” Damian you sighed. “Adam, I can’t tell you how I explained Jimmymu, your adoptions are currently in the hands of Midasa Perrisha and a social worker who will come to visit you tomorrow.” Adam shopped his head. Not! No more kind of lady from that great gray building! They like to catch me, close me, again! ” The priest sat down to him on the bed, and said, “Adam, without them, I can’t help you.” The boy curled his head and after the cheeks he flowed his tears. “Do not cry, my little, do not cry. Everything goes well, I don’t let anyone hurt you. I will exchange the service in the church with Padrem Tonder and come here. ” When he saw that this boy did not calm, he slime: “Joshua will come also, he wanted to be informed about everything.” Adam you sighed and finally stop crying. “Why must he go to that shloat?” Damian laughed. “Must go to school, Adam, to school. And it would have done by the way, even if you could. ” Adam was busted in disgust. “I was enough for Tom’s fairy tale.” Damian nodded. “He liked him. At least at the beginning, however? ” On this boy did not say anything. Mainly because they have already slept. The priest carefully covered him and laid him on the chest of the Macyman. “Good night, Adam.” And he went back to the Faru, where he welcomed him Padre Corvell. “Damian, can we talk?” Damian nodded and followed Dean to Sakristie. “He called here your father. He told me that you are trying for a boy adoption. And I want to know how much it affects you. Recently, I am worried about you. The closer you to revealing his identity, the deeper you russh to sin. Klameš me. And I want to know why? What happened to you? It has passed a year from that day and you are still not going to confess to your other father with everything that will be your insightful soul? ” The younger man looked older in the eyes. “I have the right to my secrets, father. I will not tell anyone. ” Dekan you sighed. “Damian, I know you want to go to Rome. Are you a spiritual profession? ” Damian shopped his head. “I want to go to Rome because I feel it’s right. I was applying for a place that rejected me through your intervention. ” Dean sat down on one of the benches and said to Damianovi, “Damian, you like my son. I do not want you to hurt whether he has defied his soul with some secret. Something bothering you and it’s seen. On your face… ” Damian faintly smiled. “Father, forgive me that I have sinned. But I can’t confess this sin. ” Augustine Corvell exhaled and devoted him to a thoughtful view. “When Maxa died and you wanted to leave the church, I stood with you and supported you. When Cathy died, I understood that it deeply rocked you and that you are afraid of Andreu… Or is it all about the matter with an attempt at Euanasia? ” After these words the young priest shuddered. “I’m tired, father, we don’t let it on tomorrow?”

Adam slept when the room walked Janus. “Mr. colleague, how he is?” he turned to Mr. Trewleanyho. “He’s wrong. But this is not a novelty. Moreover, when he heard what Damian and Jimmy were entertained here in front of the door, I’m not amazed that they don’t want to talk to them. ” Janus has sighed. “Oh, do you mean adoption? I told Jimmymu that this is an interesting idea, but Adam from Damiana nowhere does not go. ” The man on the bed carefully sat down and nodded. “I can’t imagine this tomorrow’s visit to socials. It will be quite busy here. So I already have A backup plan. But I prefer to dash about it, because our Lord curious to be sure to explain it again. I have not seen a more stubborn child, and this is the moment I become a father. ” Janus pressed his shoulder. “Let it be any way, especially patience. And as far as Adam is concerned, I would not say about stubmness. Only has an undeveloped understanding. It is therefore important to communicate with it openly, without any kind of sauces. Well but I leave you, I thought I would be up. Tomorrow here I will not, because we go…. But that’s one. ” Mr. Trewleany laughed. “Enjoy a nice day off.” Janus smiled and walked away: “And don’t forget to protect! You know how the maternity is paid. ” Albín sharply flushed and made an indecent gesture. A man sitting on a bed only – just that he didn’t win laughing. “Oh, boy Golden, where did you get it? From the humble miništrantíka to the sex obsessed with the hulvate… ” Adam smiled in spirit, although he did not understand him very much. He feared, very afraid that Mr. Trewleany again inked the drug. And while he himself told him that he does not support drug addicts in their addiction. Well as once Damian said, the morning is a wiser dinner…


Adam’s Opportunity

The delivery stopped before the home and Damian helped Mrs. Greenic get Adam’s cart. The woman was very impatient, constantly tapping the dial until Adam said, “Some of the processe cannot be accelerated.” He almost erupted laughing, but he was dominated. “Processes, Adam, processes. And it would be easier if you had so many nemetal. ” “Damian likes me.” Rumbled on it’s Adam, what Damiana was very pleased with, although it did not give to know. “Here, it will be on the insulation, until we decide where to place it for the period of investigation of the formalities associated with its adoption.” Damian nodded and pushed Adam towards that room. “You don’t think seriously!” he convened Damian surprisingly, as soon as he walked inside. “Forgive the father that we do not have the hotel apartment as at Hotel Zamu, but we are the only state organization.” Damian caught his lips and moved the boy to the bed, which he was very reminded of the prisoner and he had a good idea. “Adam, for a moment we leave you here and I’ll sign a couple of documents, then I will come to say goodbye to you.” The boy nodded and closed his eyes. The Pach room gave him the memories of the past. The few that have not yet been blacked by the painful loss of Victora Karasa…

Caserry Park, Year 1983

Adam sat on a bench in the park and watched a few drunked, waiting for the moment to be in the spotlight and he will be able to rob. In the abdomen he mercilessly škvŕkalo, but men did not seem to need to rest. They were surprisingly fulfilling the energy and were very aggressive, which for Adam didn’t have to end well. Finally, he decided to make a decision, he came to a few steps from them when he spotted him. He stopped and tried to reverse slowly back from where he came, but the Čiasi hand was sowed and he fell on the grass. “Get out of Here, puppy until you come to the accident!” Adam slowly swept away, but then he flew a punch and he hit the basket. He had only a Greaves elbow, but the surprise gave him a breath and a moment after him helpless gasping. “Let’s look at him! It’s totally out! “they laughed. Then one of the men grabbed behind his shoulder and rolling it down to the ground, with a much greater force of what Adam expected. “Och.” whispered when he blew in front of his eyes. One of the men who had taunted him, however, noticed, and said, “The house, let him do so. Look, it has a big fear of you. ” A man named House was cruelly laughed and helped Adam on his feet. “And now fall out until I think.” Adam weakly nodded and tackling he went back to Mouse Avenue 7. Victor slept hard and so the boy reached beside him and fell asleep.

As soon as he woke up, he noticed Damiana. He stood in the door and in his eyes had tears. Nor was it very pleasant for one of these situations, but it was inevitable. I’m Leaving. Well I’ll be back. I left Mrs. Greenic’s phone numbers. One of them is also in the parish office. Every time you will be sad for me… Not now as soon as I leave… ” They both smited. “… You say Mrs. Greens to call the number and I will come to the phone. Do you understand? ” Boy slowly nodded. “Adam, don’t worry. I will come. And if you were very sorry, vedz that Mr. Jesus, whom you got on your throat, is here with you instead of me. ” This time Adam immediately did not react, it was clearly seen as the exaggerations of crying. “Everything will be fine. Do you believe me though? ” “Damian, please, no longer, very hurt me.” Damian Sadly nodded, faintly smiled and turned in the door. “Goodbye, Adamko.” The boy once again lonely. The empty room, in bed except it only has a soft macik with buttons instead of eyes. “You but you are not a dog, however? That would make me very sorry. Dogs are weird and do not nail at all well. ” In that memory, he shopped his forehead. “Did you seriously tasted dog meat?” Adam was panned and staring at the shocked Mrs. Greens. “But after a long time without life! And I was hungry! “woman washed out:” These are silly excuses! You’re still a man! You had to steal something! ” As soon as she said, she realized what she was saying and quickly wanted to fight back when Adam said, “Stealing is a crime. Like murder or fire. ” Nodded. “For a moment you will be familiar with our psychoanalyst, Jordan Tellcoatovou. “And that’s a woman?” asked the boy puzzled. “Á-yes?” Adam was frored. “So he doesn’t have a penis.” The woman did not know what he was supposed to say, so he went on the heel and walked away. Since it did not close, Adam had a good view of the hallway. He was hesitated for a moment, but then he saw the sight of a picture that hung right across the door. He was on him a skinny angry boy with a shaved head and around his throat had a similar cross, as he had Adam. The Ba seemed to him that the picture was smiling. Special thing. Adam had no idea that she was looking at himself and more of it fascinated when the picture began to move as he moved his head. Then, however, the view of the special object of interest shot the arrival of Jordan Tellcoat’s. “Hi, Adam.” He greeted him. “Uhni, I don’t see on that obarz behind you.” Jordan looked for herself and laughed. Then she weighed again. “Adam, this is not a picture. It’s a mirror. What you saw there was your face. ” The boy was frored. “You took me a face, a woman?!” Jordan quickly shopped his head. “No, Adam. The mirror is the way we can see your face. That’s how we look, without some kind of unintentional facial removal. It’s like a photograph. Well more real and look at yourself right now as you are. ” Adam Zosmutnel. “I look like this? But after all I’m not nice… Think that’s why Victor left me. For I stopped being nice?! What did you do? I want to go to him! Maybe I will need me! ” Jordan has sighed. “Adam, Victor is gone. He left you here. He has left you here to help you. Cope with what happened to you. ” The boy shook his head to get rid of the thigh tears and he muttered, “I’m very haldable. Please eat. ” Jordan shopped his head. “You won’t get anything until it’s time. Here it does not work as in the hospital, here we have your regime. If you want, I’ll explain it. It will make you easier to get accustomed to. ” Adam finally nodded. So. Breakfast is about the seventh. Then we have a snack, it is about half eleventh. Lunch tends to be around one, followed by a snack and then dinner. It’s not for everyone, because most children are not wanting to eat anything around the seventh. ” Adam has guessed, “and if I do those fish do not let?” Jordan did not understand what was going on. “What fish? No I have not appointed. ” The boy took it confused: “And what is this food seventh, eleventh and still do not know how?” The Psychoanalytician has been rolling out the eyes. “You realize that it’s a sign of time. One hour, seven hours,… Still nothing? I don’t believe you. Victor did at home had to have hours. Had to know when it’s time to go to sleep when you go to work when you get breakfast. ” Adam thought about her words. “He walked to work until I slept or I was with someone stranger.” These words were preserved. “What did you mention Adam. How did you feel? When someone was foreign to you? ” The child closed his eyes for a while and then said the incredible sentence: “How to be reburied alive.” Jordan rejoined from Bed and said, “I’m going to see if you no longer have any food, well?” Until Adam was caught to recover, she was no longer…

Meanwhile, the House of Callerov was prepared for Adam’s possible arrival in the family. Although this is not a loud one of them, the notion that Adam does not get to them, hung over them as a curse. Mrs. Greenová made it clear. The Callerovci is not in the counselor, until the other matters, mainly because of the Toby’s past with Janusom erbly. “Damian, I’m afraid.” Damian ceased to move the boxes full of old Kiarinho clothes and straightened up, looking at the younger brother. “Adam will be fine:” “I’m not afraid of Adam. But about yourself. Greg… is a super kid, but I always imagined life with someone else. With some girl… I am afraid that I will no longer want to favor me… When I tell him that I like someone else. ” Damian you sighed. “Greg had a girlfriend of Joshua, are you sure you understood it correctly?” Joshua had thickled his lips, modified the pillow that he had in his hands on the bed and said. “Yes, I’m sure he’s like it, Damian.” The priest came to him. “This is not confession, Joshua, but if you want it to me,” the boy sat down on the clean and said, “Damian, we kissed! I am more than sure that he is a lever. He gave it clear enough. Okey, maybe we weren’t both bostars as a groin, but there you can’t pretend. ” Damian has sat down to him. “Joshua… You’re right, it can’t be pretending, but still it doesn’t mean anything. Alcohol releases not only barriers, but also chemical processes and the perception of certain situations. Have you talked about it when you’ve been called? ” Joshua was pondered. “Since then we have not been together, but I… You know, Toby spoke to me about that night with Mr. Erbly. They both are heterosexuals, but in that night they decided to do this cough. But how can you cough up? Tell your body… I am now gay and we will have sex together… Then I reorient the girls? This is not correct and I do not understand… And I do not understand even what happens to me when I am looking at him… ” Damian embraced him around Pliec. “Listen, you’ll be caught. You are creating your own attitudes. If you don’t want to move your relationship with Gregom, don’t do it. If your friend is to understand this and together you will find some solution. If not, then it will hurt, but it does not have the meaning to continue such something if it leaves you confused and disappointed. ” Joshua get bued. “What did I do for a man when I need to ask what kind of orientation?! Until recently, I was all clear and suddenly… ” Damian smiled. Joshua. Don’t bother so much. First, try to talk to Gregom and then it might be better. ” The young man nodded and bent his head on his brother’s shoulder. “I didn’t think that sometimes I will be the parish to ask, with whom to kiss.” They drove and both erupted laughing. “Okay, you’re my miserable little man, go down to help mom with preparing dinner and then we can jump on the bed.” Joshua had already standing up when he turned to Damiana. “Really You just –” Damian threw him a pillow. “I fell already!” The boy on him crawling his tongue and quickly fleed down. Damian still sat on the bed and then looked around. Akosi quickly turned it into a beautiful children’s room for him…

Joshua surprised staring at the buddies. “Give yourself with us. It’s cool. The shelves come here so soon. ” Joshua took a glimpse and attached a bottle to the mouth. “The diky that I can stay here.” The boys laughed. “And tell us why you actually had a nap?” Joshua closed his eyes. How could it be so coughing up? After that, Max said that Adam needs it… And he also himself told him. He begged him… Hey. Cool. I don’t miss it. “Mykol shoulder Greg and reached after another bottle. Then he tilted to Joshuovi no one was pulled. “Are you better off with Corolones? What’s going on with you? ” Joshua was dominated to him by one. “Greg, let’s talk.” The boy was frored. “Ben, go get some cigy.” Joshua nodded. “Thanks.” He muttered as soon as Ben was gone. Greg waved by hand. So? What’s going on and why you asked me for help? ” Joshua took a breath. “How did you fall in love with me? After all… We were the best kamoši. I didn’t behave to you differently than to Ben or Sharkovi. ” Greg did a good break and said, “You’re thinking I’m gay? But I have to disappoint you. Pipíky is not even a chance to attract me. If this evening… I do not deny that it was fine, but Joshua of goodness… I had more friends than Mick Jagger and out of it… Even if I was gay, you’re not my type, Caller. ” They both laughed. “But now seriously. Why did he nap? ” Joshua had sighed and began to tell him what happened…

“As far as I know, visits are also allowed to applicants for adoption. So do not try to convince me that I can not see it. Where is his room? “the woman Froene went to the appropriate door. “Give me a moment. I have to go phone calls. Before I get back, let’s go away. ” Joshua nodded and turned to a pale boy. “How are you?” The boy didn’t react but his eyes were shiny. And not just from milking. “Are you sick?” Adam quietly shut down. “I thought of you… And it happened… It hurts. ” Joshua a little cúvol. He couldn’t believe what he just saw. He had only twelve… This should not survive. In addition, alone can not even relieve… And then his shot as a bullet hit the idea. This was his work. That’s because Adam felt this way. The eyes have been flooded with tears. So he didn’t want it. “Josh… What do I do? It hurts. ” The boy she wiped his eyes and long looked at the boy. “Adam, this is not good. It needs to be hands-on. After all you know… ” Adam was frored. “How to wash with soap?” Joshua get bued. Clear. As with soap. ” Lying as if he was spamming from a trance and asked. “But Damian is not here. How can I wash without it? ” Joshua did not know what to do. If someone would now go, I would probably be able to explain it. Well what was going to do will break the border. Touching a foreign body and in such a place was a violation not only of the Christian but also moral point of view. Well Adam suffered… Was this really the only thing he could do? “Adam… Tried to think about something else? Naprík-“” Help me. “Whispered. “Adam, I can not do it… This is a serious thing. If I touch you, there’s no way back. You’re not going to perceive me as well. ” Adam you sighed. “So for my hand. You do not touch me and you will be a friend of mine. ” Joshua is heavily bitten in the lips. How to keep? Max told him that Adam is doing very badly… “So I listen now. I’ll do it just today. Only once. ” The boy sadly nodded. Joshua swept his teeth into the lower lip and then grabbed Adam’s hand. She moved her to the top of her pyjama pants and gently heated it down. “Adam I…” Joshua hesitated. Adam’s genitals were dotted with small cracks and around, but mainly on the abdomen, they were bruises and burns. Then he once again bite and slowly moistened his hand with his own saliva, which was a little disgusting, but impossible without it. He saved his fingers around the erect cold and suddenly realized he didn’t know how to do it. When it did himself, it looked naturally. But Adamove’s fingers have worked… Incredibly. Especially since the little finger and ring only lay on the remaining three. Until then, Joshua realized why up to fifteen didn’t even think about self-satisfaction. In theory, it was possible, but with the big outfit a little ineffective. His thinking was interrupted by Adam’s rebelling. Joshua swallowed a little blood and began to stir his hand up and down all the length. Adam Dvihol his head and saw him watching. But then he had to lie down again, the flesh was a strange spasm. Well Joshua continued to shudter his hands on the Gizmo, which he cikal. But he believed Joshuo that she just causes him pain. Soon the spasm missed and Joshua resigned from him. Too slow. In the door, Mrs. Greenová stood…

“So this did not give… And now what? Are you going to hide here until you find them here? ” Joshua hid his head in his palms. Greg get bued. “Let’s drink it. When you kill you, we don’t give it long enough. ” Joshua laughed. He grabbed the bottle and turned her content to ex. “On idiots like me.”

A month later, a court was held with Jimmy Bull, in addition to the whole Callerice family. He was alone because Janus had to work. They were all very nervous, the atmosphere in the room was cut. Not only because he had to decide on the temporary custody of the education (for three months to test the validity environment), but also because of what Joshua told them. Of course he had to admit to all and Mrs Caller did not cover disappointment. Well after all, nothing could have done anything. It happened. “Mrs. Greenová, you are not given a decision, explain the reasons and then go to the room with the lists. I remind both those interested in adoption that this is not a competition, it is the custody of a boy into temporary custody to one or the other, so I expect less emotion and more sense. For possible hysterical effusions use toilets on the second floor. If it is clear to you, go directly to the point. ” The judge was seated that Mrs. Greenová stood up and presented: “After considering all the facts and following a personal interview with Mrs. Jordan Tellcoati, I decided to entrust Adama Perrisha, given the inability of the competent to find his biological parents, to Temporary care… ‘ In the room, it became so quiet that the subsequent words were in a warm manner: “… Raymonda and Anne Caller, while guardianship continues to remain in the hands of Damiana caller. ” Jimmy smiled, came to the surprised Mrs. Caller and shaking her hand. Goodbye. You know I didn’t think that Adam gets to me, but I would be delighted. Anyway, congratulations. ” Mrs Caller has faintly smiled and said, “Mr. Bull, is clear to me what the boy means to you and of course, that you can attend the boy.” Jimmy nodded and returned to his place so that the court could end. While Mrs. Greens, the judges and the spouses of Callerov signed the papers needed to adopt, the rest of the family, Jon and the twins, left. Damian and Joshuom were sitting silently next to each other and didn’t look at them. Only then Joshua started: “I thought… After all… And she doing so… ” Damian pressed his shoulder. “I too was surprised. Well Joshua, I think you myself understood the seriousness of this decision. And apparently Mrs. Greenová acknowledged that this would be the most appropriate solution. I say, of course, that it is no longer to touch him, at least until he/she is not able to explain it adequately. Is it obvious to you what would happen if Mrs. Greenová would leave Adam in custody of the state? It would remain in the children’s home and we would no longer receive it…. ” Joshua almost erupt in crying, but he overwas. Clear, Damian was almost untold with him and now he knew why. Fortunately, Mrs. Greenová, although he witnessed, did not submit to Joshuu a criminal notice for sexual assault-in her eyes it was so-and instead he did something like this.

“Okay, so Damian with dad will go after Adam and the rest of us we stand in front of the house as a welcome.” The court went back around lunch, but no one had a taste. The divinity slowly left them. How does it react to a boy? He was unable to contact him from Joshua’s visit because there were no questions about the criminal notice. Could this boy perceive it as a betrayal, how did he forget him already? Mrs Callerová stood next to Andrey and shaking herself from the invocation. Where do so many jerkes? After all, the papers were fine… And if it no longer stand longer, they heard the trumpet. Jon saw them first and began to waving them. Others have also been added soon. The car came out on the street and the front seat ascended Mr. Caller. The Netváril is Ktoviethan enthusiastically. Well Mrs. Caller undertook to be a nod until they come inside. He then ascended the Damian. Both men switched to the back door and opened them up. Adam sat in the seat and something he spoke. Damian nodded, took him to the arms and cautiously with him walking toward the house, followed by the father, who bore Adam’s trolley. Before joining him, every noisy greeted him and Mrs Callerová both even embraced what Damiana was making. They all walked inward and Adama saved on the couch to get a little straightened back. Then they went to the kitchen, meaning only Damian and mom, others stayed at Adam and talked to him. And verily you had something to say, the boy was clocked, and more talked than he listened to, but it was not one at the moment. The whole house shook from the laughter of Adam’s cheerful stories. “It’s special. I thought that when we come behind him, he will be frustrated or depressed that he will be reading something. Well he just smiled and told me the only thing. You came after me. ” Mrs Callerová embraced him. “We’ll handle it.” Stisla gave him his hand and handed him a cup of cocoa. “On the toast.” She added to his witty view. “On the family.” He whispered Damian and returned to his living room together with his mom.

She passed a few days and Joshua began to realize that this would not work. He waited when he would be able to be with a boy alone to be able to talk about what he was waiting for, but it seemed impossible. If there was no Damian or Mrs Caller, Tobias and Andrea or Adam were simply moved in front of the TV and participated in the discussions. Most of the day he spent at school and when he returned, he was forced to do her homework or help my mom with food preparation. “Damian, I want to talk to you. Lonely. “He said after a week of this uncontrollable carousel Joshua. “What is it about?” was wondering brother, as soon as they came together to go house to have a little privacy. “I’m sick of it! You treat me as a criminals! You are constantly behind the heels and defend me with Adam for a while alone. I said, however, that this is no longer repeated! So why don’t you believe me?! ” Damian you sighed. “Joshua, no fuss. And listen to me. Here we don’t believe it. It is a regulation of the court. Got your condition, Joshua. You do not have to be with Adam alone until the whole investigation has ended. You got 17, and he has 12. This is the problem. You are the one that has to have reason. No, I don’t want to hear about Maxovi anymore. Don’t you ever think what happens when you get caught? Joshua, Onania is fine, but what you did to Adam-even with the intent that you wanted him to relieve, is called otherwise and it is already very close to the border of the prosecution and also… Thus, you are a leader of those who have taken it without permission. Just because he asked you about it himself… ” He paused and embraced the boy who was shaking from the suppressed weeping. “Joshua, it will be good, soon it will end and again you will be able to continue. But only that, you understand? You say to me now about Greg, how was it actually? ” Joshua Zasmrkal, not leaving the brethren of the kind arms. “I-talked about it. He said we were drunk and denied that I liked him. But I… That kiss… All this was just a game of intoxication? ” Damian gave him firmer hug and slimy in his ear. “No, that’s not. Only alcohol sometimes multipises our most secret desires. Greg, as he lives in such a way of life, by as the squirt of the girls, is hurting not only himself, but also the people around him. He doesn’t know what real love is, looking for her in them, but maybe actually eager for a gentle hug to some boy. Nor do I, nor do you, not judge him for this. I know I shouldn’t tell you this because I am a priest. Well I knew Mr. Erbled, and I asked him to experience it… Oh, Joshua. Only… Look out for yourself and try to watch his eyes. Maybe then you will be clear why it must be. Why can’t you do it now. Let’s wait for the notification of the Court, Joshua. And then they will see what’s next. Now come on, we’re going to help the vinegar with lunch. ” Joshua has wiped tears into the sleeves and without the word followed damiana into the kitchen. After a few minutes he was already laughing at the father who had not successfully attempted to throw his pancake on the other side and also restated after the already made until he noticed Damian: “You are going to take the attention and I will be the shlohnem.” Both to himself the conspiracy of the begotten and Joshua said, “Can I go Adam feed?” Mr. Caller gave up his unsuccessful attempts to flip the pancakes and Strictly fell on him: “Of course. Why do you ever ask, see, I probably told you this pretty clearly explained… Damian, the uncondeage to take from there those pancakes! ” Damian broke down to Joshuu and both ran out of the kitchen until Mr. Caller managed contacted. It took the whole house to the Jona room and the surprise owner pushed the plate with Paninkami. “You two are as small,… How much is mine? ” His eyes were jealous and she was smiling. The brothers told him one breath, how much he left him and he laughed. “This is like years ago… Hm…. Amazing art, these pancakes. “He swam Jon and it almost cost a pancake. Damian already headed his hands to his mouth to him from there. “You got your! Come on! ” Joshua laughed with full mouth. This was lacking. Since Damian introduced him to Adam, he spent most of her time and had no time for such childish entertainers. But when he saw him now, he was behind the pancakes that he loved, and with a sincere happy smile on the mouth of the jam, he thought he had not really changed. The moment still sat down and then started a terrible cry until they had frozen their smile on their faces. Damian quickly wiped on Joshuovo shirt and ran up… Jon shone the plate on the nightstand, div that he did not dissolve and looked at Joshuu. “We’re going to pass, come on.” A boy without a word nodded.

When the cousins returned home, Adam lay on the couch in the living room and watched the television. Mr. Caller sat near him and held her hand towel. “Daddy, are you right? He bitten you? ” Mr. Caller has exhaled and chuckled. “But no, I stumbled on the corner of the bed and struck the locker. Little was enough, he thought that I had another heart attack, Damianovi took almost ten minutes until he reassigned him. ” Jon took him a little disbelief, but then Mr. Caller had a hand-quite unwillingly-to show him a great bruising. “Where is mom?” asked Joshua. “She went for Balthazar. It will be gone for a few more hours. I have her go then pick up, but about today we will go on foot. ” “I will take you away.” said Jon quietly. Joshua thought it was overmeasured, but he did not say anything. “Adam, what are you looking at?” He approached the lying boy. “Damian said it’s Disney. But Uncle Storyteller said it was a movie about the fox and the PSU. ” Joshua suppressed laughter. “No, Adam, the fairy tale wrote Mr. Disney. Walt Disney. And his films are calling for him. ” Adam faintly smiled. “Do you want to watch also?” Joshua shopped his head. “I’m going to learn to school.” Adam flipped through his eyes. “You gotta walk there?” Joshua laughed: “High school is a wonderful thing. Better than on the base, there’s at least no one hitting me. “Mykol plecom, but Adam has frored after his words. “Why did someone have bupped you? Didn’t you like your soul? ” Joshua Onemel, Jon preferred to quickly left and Mr. Caller called to Damiana, who had prepared in the kitchen. “What’s going on?” Joshua without a word and in full shock staring at the unseen Adam. “Adam, please repeat it.” Adam you sighed. “Joshua told me that at school someone had bupped him. And me Victor said that I will beat my soul if I am going to defend them… ” Damian took him kneeling. “Adam, not so. He didn’t think so literally. Children are more aware of the words than the extremities. But about it doesn’t go, Adam, none of you soul will not beat you. And there’s no longer at all. ” The boy has sighed. “Sorry, Joshua. I didn’t know that. ” Joshua weakly nodded. “I didn’t want to. I’m going to learn. We see it for dinner. ” Adam smiled. “Dinner is about the seventh. Be quiet and everything zjedz, because you get to breakfast! “he died. Mr. Caller looked thoughtfully. It really happened to him or he said on the basis of what he heard from someone else. “Well yes. But here are not such rules. If you’re hungry, just say it and I or dad will get something ready, right? ” Adam nodded and asked, “and Joshua has already gone?” Damian with a slight sigh nodded. “She must learn to make a good final exam, you know, Joshua has a very fond math and wants to go later to college.” “Mamematics? It also wanted me to teach Tom. It’s crap. ” Both, Damian and Mr. Caller, have enjoy Zasmiali. “Just do not call Yoshua, you cannot commit to it.” Adam smiled. Already understood that they take it as fun and do not take them seriously. “Adam wants to watch a fairy tale, can?” Damian nodded and hinted his father to follow him in the kitchen. “Have you noticed this? The mistake in the speech? ” Father nodded. “Have you talked about it with a neurologist?” Damian sat down on a chair. “Apparently, after the release occurred to some short circuit, as you noticed, it does not control it. But if I started to attend a speech specialist, it might have helped. Nevertheless, we still do not know what repeats after others and what is his own expression. ” Mr. Caller nodded. “What’s up for me to yelled? That I am a troska, and thank you for him or something like that? ” Damian Mykol plecom. “Apparently some kind of flash from the past. And the Joshuov… Did you know about it? ” The father faintly smiled. “Then there was no Caller, had no reason to talk to me. Most of the time, I was defended by Dereko to urge him. ” “I’m going to check it out is somehow quiet. What about Jon? I’m about to jump over that platter. “He shone on the fathers of the detented expression and flee from the kitchen to not get the Varechou, which Mr. Caller mechanically mixed an empty bowl, just to get his hands. “Jon, can I fit?” He knocked him Damian on the door. “But hey.” Rumbled man. “What the guy all experienced, I hate those people, what their complexes are treating the child’s torture.” Damian was not sure whether he was talking about Joshuo or Adam, but did not ask him. “Adam will be cool. Time. And Joshua is slowly getting out of it as well. You can be a big support. ” Jon did the despise of the defral. “Clear with Adam will be all cool. If you were at least not lying. How can you know what happens next?! Whether he does not say something worse during the seizure and to someone who does not know him, and he will think that we do not eat here! Došľaka, I heard him up here! ” Damian you sighed. “Will go. I will not give up this just because it’s complicated, for the effort it’s worth. ” Jon Mykol arm and handed Damianovi a plate. “I take my father and when I get back, please explain it to him. Maybe come to us also Balthazar and I will not… But that’s one. ” Damian nodded. Even though they were family, they were not matched in many. In particular, in the opinion on Adam’s social inclusion, which was a precondition for the adoption process. “I take it and I’m guessing I don’t get on my fingers.” He was besieked by Damian, what a little older man honestly circulated. “Damian, Damian, this can not turn out well.” He looked after he was lost at the door.

“Adam, come on, we go to bed…” Approached him Damian after finishing the fairy tale. Well the boy shopped his head. In the eyes he had tears, which Damiana kinda broke down. Kneeling next to him and asked what happened. “It hurts the tummy.” The priest faintly smiled. “It can be easily remedied, what would you like to eat?” Adam, however, baptized his head. “Want to go to the toilet, Adam?” The boy has turned away. “Have you not caught it, however?” asked Damian quietly. Then he said, “Look at me, come on! Such things sometimes happen also to adults, well? It’s no shame and no one on you will not scream because of it. Now I call my father and he will help me, well? Nothing happens. ” Then he turned to the stairs. “Father?” About something later, he walked down the stairs and confused staring at Damiana. However, in the nose he immediately struck a strong odor and understood what happened. “How can I help you? My hand is still a little hurt, but if I move the little one up, I can handle it. ” Damian looked from Adam’s father and was seeing that weight. “Okay, I think there’s no one to discuss, nobody except us two is not a suitable candidate. Daddy, just move it to the bathroom and I’ll take care of it, first but I’ll clean the blanket and get a little out of the frame. ” Mr. Caller laughed at Adam and calmly waited for his consent. “Are you right?” asked Adam hesitantly and then he was silent. Mr. Caller understood why and quickly said, “Adam is okay if I come here – there you say Lord Caller, but do not worry, do not tell you if you reach me Daddy like Damian. For they are also Caller. So spolovice. ” Adam faintly tangled, in his pants he had not enjoyed her. “Okay, so we’re here. A moment to get back. But I leave here apparently a shirt to keep her Damian then washed off. ” Adam was hesitated puzzled. “I have dirty someone things, please do not… I did not… Please do not. ” Mr. Caller on him with a astonisient Gazel. The boy had closed his eyes and spoke to himself. And the words of what they were based on his mouth… This had to experience him. Or not? Damian with parents increasingly asked whether Victor Karas had not abused other children in this way, and Adam only imitated them. “Damian, have you done with it?” He called on him Mr. Caller a little nervously when Adam once again opened his eyes. He stood in front of the boy only in his pants and he was staring at him. And seriously it seemed to have taken it while it is scared. This proved only him. “Adam, please look more at that picture than to me, I’m uncomfortable when you look at me.” Alerted him after a while. Adam Dummies. “Adam, I’m not quite dressed and looking at me as a chocolate.” Boy smiling nodded. “I love chocolate. But I hate to look at her. ” Mr. Caller reached after the robe, seeing as Adam’s smile fell. “I’m going to see where Damian is so long. Or do I have to drink water? Make you a little warmer? ” Adam kinda hesitated. Damian was his guardian and these duties were the responsibility of him. “I’m already here. I’m going to innocence? “he asked Damian just what the scene saw in the bathroom. “But no, okay. I’m already leaving, but then I beg you to wind up and take away my clothes. Along with Adam, I don’t mind it. ” With these words left. Damian smiled and told Adam that he will unravdle pajamas. The boy nodded and left to undress. Here-there was a head on the sign of disagreement, but when the priest looked at him, he was always slightly smiled. “Now we look at the teeth. Open mouth, Adam. Yesterday, I saw the changes on that little teeth at the back, maybe it will be a defect. Maybe we’ll have to go the next day to the dentist. ” Adam flipped through his eyes, but then obediently opened his mouth. “Okej, I’ll call him tomorrow to the ambulance and see if he can look.” The boy was surprised at him. “And should not ask about Adam’s? What if he does not agree? ” Damian has left his finger in a boy’s mouth. “Adam, I… You don’t even know what you’re going to do and you’re already stretching. Especially calm. And the moment comes Uncle Balty, so you’ll look one more fairy tale and then we’ll go to sleep. Do you understand? ” When the boy nodded, Damian carried him down, where he was not left in the sights, and gave him the TV until he cleaned a little living room. “Damian, why not a fairytale?” The priest turned to him in surprise. Instead of the image there only sartificially. “About still stuck trafostation. The outside is now very cold. ” Adam nodded. “It is minus ten.” Damian in shock nodded, watching a thermometer at the door. As? It taught you Tom? ” While Adam was able to answer, before the house stopped the car and Damian had already heard a hilarious laugh from a distance. Rushed to open the door. “Ahooj! Welcome back! And how do you thrive? Long time we have not seen! “rumbled Ktosi, whom the boy from his position could not see, and then heard the voice of Mr. Callera. “But don’t block my door here! Come on, Balthazar, sit in the chair and I’ll make my coffee. ” The unknown man was loudly laughed and walked to the TV. “Damian, I didn’t know you’d love to be snowfall even on TV. I snow outside. ” Then, before the Damian prevented him from preventing, he exclaimed Adam: “That I am looking! And you don’t like me! You are noisy. ” A man named Balthazar remained overgrown and then stepped down to the couch. “Oh, you gotta be Adam. Now, I am very pleased to know you. I am a stranger, so do you not like? ” Boy surprised. “Damian, Adam wants to go away. Zober me off please. They will listen. ” The priest came to the boy and gently swirled him. “Damian, who’s that foreign?” asked the boy quietly. “Uncle, sit down yet. Adam, this is the brother of our mum, as I am Andrein’s brother. It’s also our family. The alien is such a person whom we do not know and not his family. ” Balthazar smiled under the beard. Damian always knew to talk nicely about things that others didn’t quite understand. “Nephew, do you give me a little water?” she approached him as soon as he saw that the boy sleeps. A young priest nodded. When he returned, uncle asked, “is your brother? I did not know that even in fifty years can a woman get pregnant. ” Damian laughed. “He has 12 years, uncle. And my brother is just over a week. However, we are still at the beginning of the adoptive process and it is not very easy. Especially to explain it to him. ” Uncle warded his head. “I find it interesting, so Anna made the old knees again become a mom. And how it lands… But don’t you think it’s just her quest to clog that bleed wound in the heart? After that, what happened? ” Damian shopped his head. “No, uncle. Cathy died just recently, and Mama knows about Adam for more than a year. ” Balthazar you sighed. “Cathy… I had her very happy. Well, but let the dead rest in peace. I came here because Annie wanted to talk and know that when he is at home Bethanie, we can’t do that much. ” The priest did not say anything. Aunt Bethanie was not told by the death of Cassiela with Annou caller. “Both know how it was and yet…” Waved over that hand. “We don’t solve this. And I’m not going to deal with it before. As Annie told me, everything sees and hears everything. And I wouldn’t want to have something as complicated as death explaining so little boy. ” Damian has sadly smiled. “That he would like to tell you a lot about her. Much more than nurses working on oncology or cardiology. Uncle, this boy more lived with the dead than live. And one dead does the same thing as Cassiel. He persecutes him, and he can’t get rid of one’s thoughts on him, still looking for him and can’t find him. “He sighed Damian and both were then quietly. “Damian, you’ve got a very difficult task in front of you, but you don’t have to be afraid that you’ll be alone. I too myself have passed through hell but I settled with him. With the help of you, my family. ” Damian thanked him and sat together until Mr. Caller came into the living room with the tray and coffee he put on the table. “Anna for a moment comes here, she went to talk to Joshuom.” Both men nod. “Damian, if you can, talk to Paul. Maybe it would help if once in a while came to us. ” The priest smiled. “I’ll try. Maybe it would help Adam too. ” Balthazar sat silently, and while he drank coffee, he watched a sleeping boy. “Is this a good place to sleep?” he was wondering. Mr. Caller nodded. “We do not want him to leave alone, is then very… Concerned. ” Balthazar smiled. “Just like Annie. She always wanted to be where we were too. He wasn’t sitting in one place. ” Mr. Caller has kindly smiled. This sentence was perfectly described by the wife. “We about the wolf…” He laughed at Balthazar and the pendingly smiled at the sister. “Thank you, but I prefer my right animal. Rosomákovi. ” Damian in vain detained laughter, and soon followed him by other family members. “Mama?” laughter ceased falling as fast as he broke out and Damian turned to the boy. The eyes had still closed and the murder face. “The most,….” Damian stood up and approached him. Be careful not to scare him very much. “That’s me, Damian. You are safe… ” Adam weakly shut down and carefully opened his eyes. “Da-” muttered happily and then slept again. “Daddy, I’m going for a while up, relax. Do you supervise it? ” Mr. Caller without a word nodded and when Damian left up, he turned to siblings. “Explain it to me?” asked Balthazar a little upset. Anna caller caress her husband at hand and said, “Adam was a victim of trafficking in human beings. We assume that as a very young boy he has kidnapped from his parents and then sold him for a certain amount of money to pedophile men and women. Well about his family we do not have much information. Damian attempts to find his biological father, but because of the seriousness of the acts mentioned, the information is only very much, and almost none. Damian has not really slept since the boy saw the jump. From the building directly to the ground. It is still not able to understand how God could commit. As a priest it is very troubled. That knows no answer to the boy’s most important question. And that’s why he’s not a pity why he’s not looking at all. ” Mr. Caller is bitter laughed: “I don’t tell you what I think, so I’ll write it on paper.” He shouted on the servash of his idea and shifted her to the swedle. He cannot take it to his hands and read what was written on it. His parents are the ones who have all caused it, they just don’t know that the man who sold the son, three years ago, burned in flames.

The Sweder unexpectedly blemished and Mrs. Caller quickly ran over the water. “Balthazar, what’s going on?! Sorry, it’s just my opinion… ” The man looked toward Adam. “God, forgive me the sin… Call here Damiana, something I must say… ” Mr. Caller, Vidiac, has become something seriously quickly fleed behind the son. As soon as Damian came, he sat down to uncle and asked what he wanted to say. The man squeeyed his hand. “The fire, in which Cassiel almost perished, was three years ago… Telling me about the fact that he tried to fit in and save the man, the Bank advisor or whom, but instead found there a small child. It stood there in the midst of a burning kitchen and was looking at him… When he tried to catch him, somewhere was hidden and then Cassiel heard the voice of that man. Hesitated. Well finally decided to rescue the child. When he finally found him, he was completely burnt by a boy, through the window in the bathroom he pushed him out onto the street, but until he had to go back after the man, he collapsed the ceiling… And he hesited him. Boy, however, nowhere in the vicinity found… Looking for him, until his death… How can it be now here?! He lies and no idea where he took and who helped him, who pulled him from the hot hell… Cassiel has never been as before… He kept talking about how he thought of a child on fire jerks out of reality… And while the whole time was so close! ” Damian could not be watched and in his ears resonated uncle’s words. His cousin… His decision… its presence… Its disappearance from the place of fire… Its finding in the hospital… Who was it? Max certainly not even Tom… He did…


“Damian, opening his eyes. Immediately! “He felt a hand on the cheek and gently remuted into the light. “Okay, now take a deep breath. What did you think, fall asleep in the midst of an interview? But don’t worry, I won’t tell Adam. We are now slowly seated. Breathe calm. ” He captured the father’s shaking hand and slowly sat down. “What-what happened?” Anna Callerová has sighed. “She came wrong.” “Sorry, mom.” He muttered Damian. The mother just waved his hand. “I’m already getting used to it. Are you better off? ” The priest nodded. “Give him a little vodka, she takes over it.” Balthazar sat opposite him and looked at how he made the cheeks slowly coming back color. “I don’t drink alcohol.” Uncle slowly nodded. “Damian, go to bed. Relax. I on a small oversee. “said Mrs Caller and indicated him not to give up. The father helped him up the stairs, and Mrs. Callerová plunged into a brother frowed sight. “Damian’s got so hard to do with the circumstances. You might already know it. I’m sorry what Cassielovi happened, but…. ” “Damian, I need to pee.” said the boy rebound. Mrs Caller hesitantly looked at the staircase. “The moment comes, do you hold it?” Adam was frored, but then nodded. “Try to think about something else, for example, you can tell Balthazarovi about what you got under the tree.” The boy hesitantly began to speak. “I got the Cross of Jesus, also a friend of the Macík. And, along with George, we got a nice red toy car. And Denzel told me he hated me because since I came, Damian has no time for him. ” His words of both adults have stopped. “Denzel only…” Started with Mrs Caller, but the brother baptized his head. “How did you think boy?” Adam was frored. “It hurts my tummy.” Mrs Caller then came to the stairs: “Raymond!” the moment was down and quickly helped Adam on the toilet. “All right, Adam?” asked Mr. Caller when he held Adama under the claws as a support. “I don’t like it. It is weird. ” Mr. Caller didn’t even have to ask what he meant. “He told you Damian, who is that?” Adam was silent.

“Okay, Adam. We go back on the couch and look at whether the screen is working. ” Well the boy did not react and Mr. Caller realized that he was asleep again. “Interesting child.” Noted Balthazar. “I’m about to leave you. I think I’m breaking it today enough. ” Mrs Caller did not even be answered, helped him in the coat. “Thank you today to come, despite everything…” He paused and he nodded. “Goodbye, Annie. God with you and thy house. ” Mr. Caller stood up next to the wife and gently squeeyed her shoulders. “What should I do? Raymond, I’m afraid… ” “Anna, I’m here, with you. We also handle the boy’s demanding education together. Come, relax while reading. ” He added, closed the door and was reading the books that Mrs Caller brought for Damiana from his brother.

Two months later he sat a man named Timothy Parson on the roof from where he jumped Adam and watched a significant damage to the gutter tube. Everything was carefully enrolled and then checked the place where Max Piers slept. In addition to rotting garbage and countless cigarette ohors, it also found several white powder packages. He painted one of the packages, and tasted the content. Froene did you forgive. “Have you waited something else?” Timothy turned. “Actually yes. Do you want to tell me something? For example, where is the boy? ” Max laughed. “I play in things and waiting to tell him, Há? The Idiot is this. ” The man he sighed and then pulled the gun. “Manual work. I’ll give it to you if you tell me where the boy is. ” Max. “It’s charged.” He added Timothy Parson, when he was at him Max Froely shamed. “I don’t believe.” The man laughed and scored him in the knee. Max was called from the surprise and then looked at the foot. After the blood was not even a clue. “Air, idiot. I don’t want to shrink anyone until you tell me where it is… ” Max Piers stopped thinking, and told him: “Clinic Grawes. There will know more. ” Timothy laughed, pulled from the pocket of the second pistol and handed it to a surprising homeless. “The sale will make you out for 890 dollars. Maj SA. And one more thing… If we ever meet, he leaves only one of us! ” Max Slow Preglgol. As soon as the man lost, he came to the edge of the roof and said, “Ozaj you had to shone here. Now you wouldn’t have to deal with such a buzny as he is. ” After a while, take a deep breath and pulled out of the pocket piece of the mirror. He set him up against the sun and gave a signal to someone on the street, around which he recently walked through a man with a weapon and not noticed at all. A man in a coat with a critical hat…

Joshua tilted to him and began to satisfy him by hand. They didn’t have much time until Damian didn’t return up to make the boy checked. Well today, Adam was particularly “passionate”, he was constantly looking at, and Joshuu came into madness. “Come on, SKLAPNI, when I’m too busy, I don’t know how to explain it.” Wgrałem to the pace and then dragged. He kissed his forehead and gently caress him. “Sorry,…” Adam, however, Zafňukal and Joshua did not even realize how loud it was. He continued to work. “What’s going on there again?” the Damian was waved. Mother of the shoulder. “We’d probably check it out.” Well as soon as they walked inward, they remained standing with open mouth. Joshua sat on the county of the bed and the hand had under Adam’s pajamas. This would make Damian even somehow lost, but he could no longer wade through it as she did with Adam Tváril. “Joshua, what does it have for everything in the world mean?” was crossed by Mrs Callerová and he was sharply pulled from Adam. “Mom, it’s not…” To finish, he was caught up to him and he was really prefackala. “I believed you. I swear that you no longer touch him! ” Joshua, however, said, “but I… Nothing happened! I only asked him where everywhere he touched him… I’m not yet a complete idiot! ” Damian couldn’t believe what he just heard and turned to Adam, who deceive not knowing. “Did you get my brother to help you? To relieve you? ” The boy looked at Joshuu. “Sorry, Damian… But not. Joshua did it out of love. Not because I forced him. Initially yes… ” Damian did not give him a talk and asked Joshuu. “Have you helped him with the knowledge that once I or my mom learn? Did you help him in self-satisfaction so how are you doing it when you are in the room alone? ” Joshua shopped his head. Damianovi until he was taught in his ears and shouted. “Mom, let us take a moment alone.” When the shocked woman has gone, Damian said, “Sit down and listen. I know that the notion of Onania ti is not unknown, the father has already caught you with hand in the pants. It’s okay, it belongs to your teenage as acne or Rebélia. But Adam? Let him manipulate him, take advantage of you to help herself. It makes me sick of you. And now go to your room and think about the kind of sheer you did. ” Joshua swallowed a reminder that he did not do it once, and left. Damian looked back in the room, then grabbed the backpack and started Adam’s packing stuff. “Where do we go?” asked Adam dummies. “Back to the hospital! Everything you ruined! What else do you want to turn upside down here? ” Adam closed his eyes and muttered, “he said he’s forever. And he lied! You want to advertise me because I’m spoiled… I just wanted to make it so did not hurt… I missed it… I wanted to… And he helped me… And he helped me… And he me… ” Damian turned to him. Something wasn’t right. “Adam, what is? If you just play it you do not need to… ” The boy Whichly opened his mouth… “Hurts-still-more..” Damian has attached his hand to his forehead. The boy literally blased with fever. “Hang up, I’ll call Help.” He left for a moment and then returned to the frowleanym. “Win the pajamas.” Approached the boy, palpated him belly, and checked the pressure. Then he surprised his turn to Damianovi and asked, “Interestingly, is completely physically exhausted. What did they do? ” Damian exhaled: “He forced Joshuu to satisfy him with his hands.” Mr. Trewleany laughed. “Well done, boy… So and now I listen well. One more such incident, and you are going back to the hospital and you will have twenty-four hour surveillance. And Joshuu no longer see! I don’t care if you wanted to just have some fun, or thought seriously – what I strongly doubt – but you don’t know that if Joshua did not wash his hands before that action, he could get you into the body to clog the unhandsome bacteria with which he fights very complicated and painful. Adam, as we have told you with Damioan had several times to remind you, you got inflammation of the urinary tract and intestines. You don’t have to spend such a effort because your body is struggling with something and it weakens you… Please think of the brain and not by the bottom… ” Then again he turned to Damianovi. “It only needs peace of bed and I also recommend a wrap to the head if the fever would not be dropped. And where is the help of the Lord, will I look at him? ” Damian was surprised at him. “In her room.” and showed him where. When Adam was then with Damian alone, the priest sat down to the county of the bed: “I’m sorry, I didn’t think so that I want you to get away from this family. I was angry at you, I kept, but I overcame it. I know that many things still do not understand and some maybe too. But Joshua,… Why chose his? ” Adam is pulling the bottom lip. “I… I wanted to be like him. Great. To be unhelpful. ” Damian was in shock. “What are you talking about?” “Victor… Told me I’m not helpful. But when they came… I was. I was helpful. Good boy. Friend. Joshua is also my buddy. ” Damian Zbledol. “Och No… Adamko… Why didn’t you tell me? I would like to explain… Joshua is not such a buddy. Is another… Type… manifested by other behaviors… Sir, help me with this… ” For a moment he paused, wondering how he’s supposed to explain. “Victor… Was a friend of mine who took and nothing was back. Joshua… Giving you gifts and helping you understand. This is a buddy who does not take. It must not be such as because it is hurting him. Already understand? ” Adam has been sad about him. “I did, I did not…” Damian faintly smiled. “I know, I know. Relax, bring something on your hot forehead. ” Came out of the room and until he returned, the boy was already asleep…

Joshua sat on the bed in her room and still shook. He heard the words of a doctor and really didn’t realize what it might be dangerous. How much could Adam hurt you. Although he liked these little dirty games. “Joshua, the hole. I am Sebastian Trewleany and I want to talk to you about something. ” Joshua stood up and went to open him. The doctor walked in and was really looking around. It was a room you saw already so many times… A teenager’s room. In addition to posters of favorite bands and calendars with the naked of Joan Rivers, there was nothing to suggest that Joshua suffers from some disorder. “One thing, Joshua Caller. Just one thing. I told you this before and I say you do it now. Don’t be included with it. Maybe you convince yourself that he somehow helps him, but he is not gay, just like you are not. And not because I don’t want to believe it at all. But because you can’t easily reorient each time you can make such a desire. Joshua, listen to me. You are a sensible young man, you know what life you can and what you can’t. They are but the boundaries for which you do not feel to go without thinking. When he reached his intimate lot today, he washed his hands? Are you doing this and yourself, undoubtedly, you are in your health? ” Joshua was a little surprised and frankly, ashamed to answer. Stop. Is it important or do I have to subscribe to a sexuologist and will you receive medicines? ” Joshua finally replied, Mr. Trewleany had him pat on the shoulder and let him on the paper that pulled out his pocket, his phone number. “Joshua, there are things you don’t want to download even with a farmer. Call me if you re-computer. “

Damian? Joshua? ” Adam took over unexpectedly, sharply, into a complete darkness. Everywhere he heard the thumping and someone in the hallway at the door of something whispered. The voices were mixed, they dragged into the goose masses that Adam caused severe headaches. He shouted and cried, but no one heard him. Adam! Adam, here I am! Relax! Just dropped out of current. COME ON! ” The Damianov voice was about something higher than usual, so Adam immediately knew him, but then smiled. “It is dark… Why is there darkness? ” Damian you sighed. “Take a deep breath and then breathe out.” When Adam sat down a little bit, the light was flashing and soon the room was filled with a cautious light. “Well you see, it’s better. You already see me? ” Boy nodded. “Adam, do you want to tell me something about what happened between you and Joshuom?” He wrinkled his head. “Okay, we leave it for later, but now… I have not progressed in the search for your dad, but maybe I would like to find your mom in Aninsisse. It’s rather a shot in the darkness but maybe… ” Adam was saved and then cooled away: “No. Leave it calm! Do not approach it! ” Damiana’s reaction was slightly shocked and a moment did not know how to react. Then a boy of the shamefaced turned away the face. “Sorry, Damian… Do not know what happened… ” Damian still wondered a while and then only said, “That’s nothing. Still get Pospi, I’ll give you a poultice on your forehead. In the morning we will go on a trip. Not good still just lying on the bed, however? ” The boy nodded and then closed his eyes again. He slept without waking up until the morning, what the Damiano say could not, he constantly had to think about why the boy responded as follows. We had only been entertained once, and the Damianovi was not very meaningful. “What are you, Midas Perrish? And Where do you? How do I find you? “

“Good morning.” He muttered Adam, as soon as he realized he has a company in the room. “Good morning, time for breakfast. What is your taste? The boy has slightly frored and opened his eyes. It was Raymond Caller. “Don’t face it so! Smile, that’s it. Today we go on a trip and we need a lot of strength. So come on, I’ll take you to breakfast. ” Adam took a breath and then nodded. After a quick breakfast, Damian returned from the morning worship and packed Adam a few things. “And where do we really go?” asked the boy, just making him Damian wanted to take a ride from the pajama. “You know.” Adam snap Cheeks and this damiana honestly circulated. “Come on, Adam, Joshua awaits us in the car. Do not invent. ” Finally, they got to the car, where he was waiting impatiently by Joshua. He wore his favorite blue rifle and flannel shirt, through which he had stretched and a rivel jacket. “We go to Alaska?” threatened Adam. Joshua looked at him for a while and then Damian had eruptedly laughing. “No, we’re going to New Jersey, and don’t face it because they won’t start the car.” Adam of course did not understand what is funny about it and so it just silently let it buckle up. About a moment into the car I also deployed Jon and twins. “So, we can go out!” Adam closed his eyes, he didn’t want to have fun with Joshuom and he didn’t even wear it. He himself needed to think many. “It’s only an hour and triquarters of the road from here, but if someone needed to visit the toilet… No Jon, we don’t buy a two liter soda, I remember how it turned out last. ” Jon rushed to Damiana unhappy sight but did not protest. “Damian Can drive? So why do we go on foot? “rumbled Adam. Joshua sped up and stoned him into his shoulder. “Because she wants to keep fit and gives you plenty of fresh air.” Adam smiled. “So thank you.” and flipped through the eyes. Hey! Who taught you this? “She was at the eye of the shocked Jon and laughed at him when the boy was frosted. Then they were the end of the journey all quietly.

Two hours later

“I welcome you, gentlemen and checkers… Joshua, on this magical place called Mountain Creek Park! Well and now without further rečí, let’s go to the checkout. ” He waved his hands Damian and Tobiasa’s finally taken over – all the way he slept. “Come on, Adam. We will look a little here until we pay the ticket, what do you say? ” The boy made the priest slightly smiled and nodded. “Slowly, slowly, so, it’s done. Thank you for having mastered it so bravely. ” He said Damian quietly and his handkerrum yelled his tears, which, despite the fact that the boy defended them, flowed out of his eyes. “Oh, we find all of this. Do you read this? ” Adam nodded. “C’est un lieu d’aventure, d’adrénaline et de plaisir pour tous les garçons et toutes les filles.” Damian on him in shock staring. “Wait, it was not… You know French?! ” Adam shopped his head. “I just read… Is gonna do you? ” Damian shopped his head. “Only got me a little surprised. I thought the part over that. So so… No nothing, we already have paid, come on. ” He moved the cart with the boy towards the entrance, where Mrs. Treasurer pleasantly smiled and showed them the direction to be married to the wardens. “Andrea, we see you in front of the dressing room, about 10 minutes?” The girl cried, zamrying Adam and gone. The rest of the family moved to the male wardly and Joshua laughed when Adam asked, “Andrea is mom, then a woman?” Tobiasovi Eyeears. “Yes, Adam. Andrea is a girl like Kiara. “

“Come on, I’ll give you a dry diaper and then a swimsuit. Have they ever been wearing them? ” Adam made his question heard. Bats? What is it? And we will not bathe naked? How in the bath? ” Damian smiling his head and patiently explained to him what the word meant. Adam slowly nodded and so Damian was overtaken. Then he overtook him. He stood his back to him, a fated fate and when he was already dressed, he saw on his face disappointing. Forget! I’m not like my brother, yes? And come on, others await us outdoors. ” Adam nodded and did not say anything, although it was seen that he would also want. “No Wau, you’re a fact girl!” he announced Andrei noisy, which Jona almost killed from laughter. “Really funny, cousin! Avoid yourself! “It was pointed towards almost boron Jonovi. Joshua had a stuchol and the man immediately calmed. “I didn’t expect it.” rumbled Jon and plunged into the first pool that he saw, with such a panchbite, until it reached Adam’s dreaded knees. He surprised himself and Tobias even waited to see if he begins to scream from anger, but the boy had only looked at his feet and smiled. “A-Adam? Are you right? ” The boy’s rebound began laughing and yelled, “yet! Still! ” Damian couldn’t believe her own ears, but quickly followed Jonov’s example and jumped a bomb. Joshua eruped laughing and briefly followed him as Adam. “I… I want also. “said the boy rebound. Joshua stopped laughing. “So come on. Damian, can you help me? ” Damian climbed from the water and nodded. “I’ll be lying on this lounger, you’ll now lie on the water, do you understand?” Adam weakly agreed and bent his head on his shoulder, looking for the certainty of what Damiana more than he was breastfeeding. But bravely put him on an inflatable, which he already held Tobias and Jon. “Well done, great. You can rotate the head where you want, aha… You see? ” Adam silently turned his head here and there. “Damian…” His hands were gently shaking. “What, Adamko?” asked quietly. “There’s a beautiful warmth…” The priest nodded and already on them flew the water’s showers. Adam was a freshman, but then it started to entertain and yelled on them to get the dirt away. He enjoyed every drop that turned into him… Was surrounded by people who were humorous and probably cared for them. And when the departure time came, with great hope in the voice he asked, “yet?” Damian with a smile caress the boy after the lies and said, “next time, Adam, next time.”

The journey home was quiet, except for Jona, which was driving, all slept. Adam even after they stopped before the parent’s house. Tired, but happy…

“Good night, everyone. Jon, can I talk to you yet? ” Mr. Caller looked closely at Jona, so he did not have a choice. They walked into the Jones room and until he was overcame, Mr. Caller started talking. “Thank you for being with them.” Jon inconspicuously flipped through his eyes. “How do you say uncle. And before you ask, nothing happened. The boys were entertained, we were around, but in addition, we left the water slides. Maybe time when you get used to it. ” Mr. Caller gently thicken his lips. “Jon, do not you please so that my son does not believe, but after what happened…” Jon laughed bitterly. “That you don’t believe? He gave them a watch, I felt like an idiot and I could not really enjoy the water in the pool, although Adam is a proper comedian,… Although I doubt it knows about it. ” The older man has sighed. “I apologize to you. It was not fair from me, I have to talk to Joshuom alone. ” Jon shopped his head. “Don’t talk to him about it, both need time to calm down. And in particular, Damian must take care not to repeat it. And it’s not in your power, because Joshua is a little younger and the world is looking completely in other eyes, in a nutshell, you don’t understand him enough for your intervention to help prevent it. ” Both of them frored and then erupt in laughter. “Okay, I understood, boy. Relax. Tomorrow we go to the ZOO. ” Jon looked at him, and so Mr. Caller said: “I, Mom, and Balthazar.” On the face of the Nepoper appeared a quiet joy that his uncle had not noticed. “Good night.” And he was called.

“Damian, thank you.” Joshua said when he came to the room for them. “It was my pleasure, you needed it both. Slightly change the air. And now Makaj into bed, tomorrow they go parents on some trip and Jon has their duties in the center or where it actually walks. And the twins are going to work, so we have to worry about the house, and yet we have to prepare some tasty food. You know what that means, however? ” Joshua has shamed on a sleeping boy and nodded. Damian gave him gently pressed the shoulders and sent him away. He himself picked up his room, as Adam now moved to Kiarina’s revisited room so he could even relax Damian. At about midnight, the house broke up crying, but until someone had responded, they heard singing:

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,

How I wonder what you are!

Up above the world with high,

Like a diamond in the sky…

Damian at the tips slipped out of bed and carefully spotted in the bottom. The night light only weakly lit up the figure of a teenager who tipped over the boy and stroking him at hand, singing his favorite lullaby:

Then the traveller in the dark,

Thanks you for your shining spark.

He could not see where to go,

If you did not Twinkle Soo…

The priest smiled, quietly closed the door and returned to bed. Joshua did something amazing, sacrificed his own sleep to make him wish him an older brother. At least so, Damian was currently perceived. He slept until the morning and nothing beats him…. She fell asleep with the idea that Adam would be cared for. And he was right. Joshua decided that until he misses the fathers of anger, he will be the most useful helper to prove him that he is not like others who, as he crossed the border. Adam deserves only the best. From caring for love. This was his new mission, the mission of Love, as he spoke to Damian on Sunday’s worship.

And this Sunday service has just started out something else. When Damian on Tuesday returned to the temple, he waited for him dean. “Praised by either Jesus Christ!” Damian made him poliously greeted back and wondered why he was waiting for him. “Damian, came to you a letter from Rome. You should read it. ” The young priest nodded, with his shaking hands taken a large white envelope and slowly opened it. It contained two things. Letter and photo. He sat down into the bench and confused to read the letter. As the eyes moved downwards, his hands were shaking and sat straightened like a struts. Finally he put the letter side by side and with a sad smile he fell into the photo. “Padre Corvell, do you know what’s in this letter?” The old man baptized his head. “They invited me to identify the remains of the assassinated man. When I was leaving the seminar, and lived in Rome, I walked into a shelter for the homeless. The Lord met me there with Cardinal Meggeretim. Apparently it is about him. ” Padre Corvell nodded and sat down to him. “Damian, when are you going? Is there a term? ” Damian you sighed. “I should leave tomorrow. They send after us, we have to be about seven, private aircraft. ” “Need help? With anything? ” The young priest baptized his head. “No padre, just for that I have to prepare Adam.” Dean did not say anything. “I am now going to mass in the temple and I will go to pack if you allow it.” said Damian after a while, as the Dean still remained silent. “Of course, and Damian, don’t worry. About this boy will be taken care of. “

“You gotta go?” asked Adam. “Yes, it’s important to me. And also for that man who died. For his family… will be only three days. And something of those from here, I bring, well? ” Finally, the boy agreed. “Adam, can you promise me something?” The child was gently carded when the priest caress the cheek. “Okay, boy. I promise that you’ll listen to Mom and dad, OK? ” The boy finally nodded. “I’m back on three days, it’s gonna go fast.” Then he went to the kitchen to explain it to the parents. When he was gone, Adam sang: “Lonely man fell in love… With a man… of fiery Heart. Little man fell in love… And you feel, like a spear… Drifting to the dreams… I love you so much… Even when you ain’t here. Lonely man fell in love… With a man, who ain’t afraid… of being on the other side… Please don’t leave me alone… Please, just take me home… Please, be here for me…. Please, be real… “ Tobias stood behind closed doors and listened to him with his breath. He wondered who he could sing, or from where he knows such words. He knocked therefore and walked. “Hey, Adam, you talked something? I went around and it seemed to me that something was going on. ” Adam gently flushed. “I just remembered… To something from the hospital. ” Tobias sat on a chair near the bed and straight asked, “sang to Joshua?” The boy smiled and then wrinkled his head. “No, he sang to me about the falling star. I… I do not know who sang to me. But I like it. Because he is right. ” Tobiasa’s honestly surprised. Yes? And in what? That you’re in love with a bigger man? ” Adam the red. “What do you think now?” The boy shifted his head closer to him and whispered: “On that song. It is about me and victor, because there is fire, however? ” Tobias Caller shopped his head. “Adam, the burning heart doesn’t mean you really are bitter. It means that you are in love with someone and everything you do, you are doing until you fail. For example, someone you love, said he wants to see the trees in front of the house, began to sit down and treat the soil until he would not grow the forest. You do this because it’s a thing that will do the one you love, above all happy. ” Adam flipped through his eyes. “Did you teach your beloved? This for her he planted the tree in front of the house? ” The youngster sincerely laughed. “Yes, my beloved sister Andrea has read me from some romantic novel, but I have nothing to do with this tree, I just got into it, and Andreino’s name. When we were smaller and we walked here to the old father for the holidays. That my old dad planted this tree, for my mom as a thank you for giving him life and not leaving him. ” Adam with open mouth listened. He thought it was just another fairytale. “And she left him?” he asked the rebound. Tobias smiled. “She remained forever in him. I will tell you more about it. Well and now we go eat, so come on, I’ll call my father, yes? ” Adam unwillingly nodded. “Why do I still have to eat? You too have a lot to eat and have not produced. ” Tobias erupt laughing. “This – perhaps,… You’re an awesome baby…. Really! Well well, I’m going after the father. ” And for a while left. Until he was gone, Adam was pondered. Who did Tobias think? Vari no longer Damian,… But no, it was not possible. Probably thought Mr. Callera…

“Hi, boy. So come on, we’ll go down. ” Adam unwillingly nodded and allowed Mr. Caller to lift him. Tobias walked next to them and talked to a father, but the boy did not perceive them, quietly deepped tears. “Sorry, come on, don’t cry. I didn’t think so, I just needed a little more support under my back,… ” Started Mr. Caller, but Adam stopped him. “No, not therefore. Mr. Caller, where, where is my dad? Why left me here? ” Raymond Caller has sharply stopped in place. “What are you talking about, tiny? Your dad is still here. I am now your dad, you understand? I will never leave you alone. You’ll never feel yourself and frightened, I give you a word. ” Adam a moment did not say anything, and then without the word bent his head on his shoulder. That was the permission. The stairs have already gone in full silence. Words were no longer needed.

“Good taste, Adam.” said Mrs. Callerová Milo. Adam smiled and waited until Mr. Caller is fed. No longer ask where Joshua is. He knew he was going to school and walks there like that. After eating, Mr. Caller moved to a spanned couch, which meant the only one. Exercise. I have to? I get co-ko-lá-du? ” Mr. Caller smiled. “No, Adam. You won’t get chocolate, it has to be a well done job and not to pretend like last time. ” Adam turned away his head and no longer said anything. He felt a little special when Mr. Caller mentioned that he caught him in deception. He was obediently trying to practice, but it was not very much today. “You must not be disappointed, Adam. You tried. Don’t worry, the moment you do it will go one joy. After that, he had a little of a centimeter. “He encouraged him Mr. Caller after half an hour of exercise. “And what are we going to do now? I don’t watch the Telku. ” An older man smiled. “You can go with me and mom to the store. We need vegetables. ” Adam flipped through his eyes. “We don’t need vegetables, but we want to be healthy…” Rumbled Adam as if anything and then nodded. “We can go with mom to the store.” Mr. Callera made his monologue a little surprised, but he left it now. “I’m going up to the point of the giveaway and you are waiting for me here, I have to call you Tobiasa?” The boy shopped his head. “A moment alone.” The man devoted him a smile and then went up after the outfit. He opened the wardrobe and remained standing for a while. There was only a blank box on the spot where the diapers were to be. In the spirit you made the flag in the infancy and continued the selection of the light and pants. He came down after about ten minutes and had a little bit of it. “Here I am. Sorry I was abated, but I still had some work up. ” Adam nodded and left to get dressed. Then, Mr. Caller went to help the wife with washing dishes so they could leave for something sooner.

They are nice to me. I still do not understand. But it makes me so pleasantly warm. Probably because of the light. But no, Janus spoke to me about the pleasant feeling when we are with someone beloved. Probably it will be it… But when he speaks so intricately… And where do we really go? Why did Mr. Caller not want to say? Aha, already there are both, and Mrs. Caller so nicely smells… Smiles at me… But not… Says…

“Adam, all right?” she asked him a little bit concerned. “Adam kinda wondered.” Answered the boy. “You mean, you’re thinking?” Adam nodded. “That I said.” Mr. Caller has exhaled. “Come on Let’s go. Adam, now I will move you to the bench in front of the house and then I will attach the cart, yes? MOM will be all the time in you to get you accidentally hurt. ” The boy gave him permission, and although he his teeth, he did not cry and neither the metal head. Mr. Caller, however, realized how much is frightened. “Thank you for not biting me, Adam, just a while and you’ll be back in the cart, yes?” He said, as he was saving on the bench. The boy did not answer. “Bolia made me my teeth.” said Mrs. Caller when he walked a man after a trolley. It gently caress the cheek. “Once you return Damian home, we can call the dentist. But now you’ve got to endure a little. ” Adam was silent, and then returned Mr. Caller even with the cart, sat down to Adam and slowly went towards a small grocery store. While the spouses talked about what they would need from the store, Adam watched the neighborhood. He saw many people flowing around him. So nothing has changed. Nobody has paid for a longer look, they were too busy to be a sudden for something that the boy didn’t understand. “Adam, are you right?” The child warted his head. “Nothing has changed. I died unnecessarily,… ” Mr. Caller stopped the trolley at the edge of the paver and asked. “How did you think Adam? That was why you wanted to die? Did you want to change something that you saw every day around? But why? ” It was a tough question. A difficult question on which there was a simple answer. Well Adam has not spoken. Feared. Mrs Caller noticed the pain in her husband’s eyes and wanted to crack down when the boy finally decided for lying. Max. He told me to help me return to Victor. And that when they see people around, they understand what love is important and they will do the same. ” Mr. Caller has exhaled. “Adam, it annoyed me. You probably know that it was not the right solution. ” The boy bent his head. “Yes.” They did not continue the interview because they had just entered the shop. Adam was very surprised by the atmosphere inside. Music played here, people freely converse with women in the same clothes and smiles. “Are relatives?” asked Mrs Caller. The latter was happily circulated. “No, Adam, ony are not related. They are a salesgirl and are dressed in the colors of the shop to better find them with a request for help or information. ” Mr. Caller nodded. “Right, for example, now I don’t know where to find the onion. Do you want to ask you? You know what you gotta say? ” Adam nodded. Mrs Caller, however, shopped his head. “So ask me first, it will be such a small exercise, yes?” Adam overturned his eyes and then, with himself satisfied, he said, “Hey, I want onions. Where is it? ” Mr. Caller laughed. “I already understand. So well, I’ll tell you what we do now. I’ll ask me and you’ll listen to you carefully. Then repeat it, well? ” Adam nodded. It looked just. Mr. Caller moved the cart towards the nearest salesman. “Hello Madam. Could you advise me please? I can’t find onions. “The woman smiled at the boy and then directed an older man to the appropriate shelf. “Thank you very much.” He added Mr. Caller when he was leaving. Adam noticed how upset it was. “Why is it so zadivilo?” Mr. Caller had a moment wondering what he was actually asking for, and then understood. “Probably not accustomed to the word thank you, few thanks today. Therefore, it is better when I show you this. “

After a successful shopping they still went to the pharmacy where they wanted to buy diapers. “Hello Madam. Could you advise me please? I can’t find onions. “said Adam rather than caught by anyone in the adult react. The pharmacist has overmeasured him. “What did you say?! What madam?! …” Mr. Caller intervened sooner than it could have become worse and explained the situation in a nutshell. Mrs Callerová has not yet walked between the shelves and inserted things into the bag. “I’m sorry, the boy is with us for the first time outside and still doesn’t quite know how to behave. However, we are working on it. ” The pharmacist has sighed. “These are the things I mean, and why did you actually come here?” Mr. Caller surprised him, but he said, “We no longer have the diaper and the wife went after the toothpaste.” “What should be the size?” The buyer was pondered. “For the juniors, the fat it was L.” Adam slowly nodded. Really? Well, some have stayed in stock, how much do you need? ” Mr. Caller smiled at Adam. “Two packs will suffice. Learning to walk to the toilet, however, Adam? ” The pharmacist overturned his eyes. “Congratulations… The moment I’m back. ” As soon as he left, Adam said. Fucker! How can it?! ” Mr. Caller on him in shock staring. Adam! How do you speak?! ” The boy was frored. “It’s nasty to me since we came here.” The man he sighed. “But that doesn’t mean you can talk about it. You know, Adam, some people do not know how to react properly when they see the man who is on the trolley. ” The pharmacist just entered the shop and the words of Mr. Callera were particularly touched. He put the diaper on the counter and looked toward Mrs. Caller. “For diapers please beg 17 dollars. And the lady has already chosen? ” Adam noticed that he was shunned by looking at him and a little bit of him, but Mr. Caller with him now could not speak, because he just counted the money. “I already chose. One with strawberry flavor and family pack of mentol refreshment. ” He smiled at the pharmacist and paid separately 12 dollars. “Dovidenia, Mr. Mangrove. And greet the daughter, let them soon heal. ” The man devoted her a friendly smile and when they were already on departure, he called, “and come the next time.”

“Adam, we tell you and we will go to practice.” The expression on the boy’s face spoke for everything. “Come on, don’t face it so. For a reward you will not get diapers for lunch, what do you say? ” Mr. Caller was a kind companion, but he was also a strict father and so Adam Chtiac-accidently agreed. Great. Now I’ll move you from the trolley to the floor to get overtaken, get some rest and start. After lunch, we still have some program with my mom, so here you are with Joshuom, Jonom and Tobiasom. ” Adam suddenly very pleased. Mr. Caller just sighed, gently lift him out of the trolley and moved it to the floor. The bed was already ustlana, so the man put him on the top blanket and turned to the closet. “Well, Adam, what would you like today to want tracksuits? We have a blue, red, Kyani-you are probably Joshuove-and then Gray… ” Adam you sighed. I would like to choose from several options. “The Last.” Raymond Caller smiled. “I like me. Well, now I’ll tell you the pants, see if you’ve got dirty slips and then I’ll pull out the tracksuits. ” He waited for the boys permission and then he very slowly pulled out the pants he had outside. “Okay, do you need to go pee? So that we do not have to run away during exercise…. ” Adam shopped his head. I was still not quite sure how to find out. “Okay, the slips are dry, so we don’t have to exchange them. Now we will go down. Mama has already prepared a couch to exercise, so if we are very clever, we will be able to enjoy a tasty lunch along with others. “

The exercise again turned out catastrophic, the boy literally furious. He was so frustrated that he refused to say what even just a word. Only then, when Joshua came, he started screaming: “NO! Not! NO! ” Callerov did not understand what was going on, something like this has not yet experienced. Therefore, Jon grabbed the phone and called to help Janusa erbled. He lost a moment and was just as confused. “ENOUGH!” crashed on him finally and the boy from surprise to forget why he screed. He looked at him as the spirit. “No-what do you do here?” he asked for Janus. “They called the Callerov because they were afraid of you. Tell me what happened? You can, “turned to Callerovcom. “Let us get alone here?” They all quickly went to the kitchen. When Adam was alone, the boy died: “You should be sorry. Bad boy. You get a battle instead of dinner. ” Janus shopped his head. “It just didn’t delight you. Want to tell me? Tell me why you yelled on them? ” Adam disagrees with his head. “But you know I can know it, however?” The child flips through his eyes. “But when you close them, you don’t know anything.” Janus Erbley laughed. “What about your teddy bear, you forgot about it?” The boy disappointed his head off and he stared at a cuddisome toy. Centimeters. I moved just a little… I am incapable. Why didn’t you leave me… ” The psychiatrist has exhaled, but only inconspicuous. “Adam, we didn’t let you out because you don’t deserve it. The Callerov will never give up with you. I know you don’t understand this yet and maybe you’ll never, but one you can be sure. You will never have to worry about not having hot food, water or enough love. You’re not a bad boy, nothing bad you didn’t, just afraid of you. It depends on you. If you are not hungry now, Pospi si. And especially to calm, yes? ” Boy slowly nodded. Again, he spoke so very intricately, but it seemed that this time he understood. “We have to talk together. You should know it all. ” Mr. Caller offered him a place at the table, which would have been impressing by Janusovi at other times. Well now for it was not the time. “How long does it take? What happened today is something that has upset him? ” Mr. Caller thought a moment. “We were shopping today. Azda the scene before the store, revealing us a bit of his injuries. He talked about the reason for his leap. But I felt it wasn’t all that bothering him. There will be something more. Moreover, he feels Damianov’s absence and thinks he has left him. It’s a very stubborn kid. ” Janus almost had a handful of tears in his eyes. “Is going to be something, Mr. Erbley?” asked Jon surprised when he noticed it. “Sorry, I just thought about something. This, as it constantly repeats, it is bad that it does not belong to a world that gradually perceives itself as good. My study of psychiatry during him I can akurate so flushed. This cannot be explained by Mr. Caller. This is his life. About him will write books… How many people can say that they have gone through only half of what he? And yet there is only a boy? “

While Janus was getting out of the worst shock, Joshua walked into the living room where the boys left a little calm. “Am I Gonna sing?” Adam gently turned his head away from him and muttered: “I hurt them.” Joshua nodded. “Maybe yes. But you’re a man. And people make mistakes. This does not mean that we will postpone you or return to you somewhere. ” Adam sadly said, “while Damian doesn’t find my dad. Then you return me to the vinegar? ” Joshua put his hand on the heat of the cheek. “It won’t happen, Adam. No longer. Adoption already took place. Then, do you really want to go from here? ” Adam turned his head to his sent face. “I love you, Joshua. Where would I go without you? ” Joshua faintly smiled, supstating the revolts. He was so small. Brittle as the Lupin spring bloom. He bent over him and kissed him forehead. “Thank you, Adam. Now you sing and then we go together to eat lunch, well? I feed you. ” Adam nodded. “Can you embrace me?” a seam quietly. Joshua looked toward the kitchen. Of course, they were watching another direction and so they reached the next to him on a spanned couch. Gently caress it. “I’ll give you one more kiss and then I sit in the Ockovi chair and sing ti song:
We Love Water,

We care about water.


We protect the water.

I Love you.

I care About you.

I Need You

and I Protect you,

My sweet piece of chocolate.

“Oco, can you move it to the kitchen?” He called until Adam managed to argue. “The Germans are so much, we’re going to do the handbooks.” Adam laughed, Joshua with him occasionally spoke very ridiculous. “You called me, Joshua?” Out of the kitchen, the father has a grey head. “Yes, Dad. Adam wants to go lunch. ” Mr. Caller smiled on both and asked Adam for permission to pull him out and move on to a wheelchair that was as always “parked” by the stairs. “Well done, boy, well done.” In the kitchen she was after his arrival quietly, which disturbed up Joshua, which tshol palms. “How do you tell us, mom?” All of these have been zasmiali. After a short coaxing, the boy ate everything he was prepared by Mrs Caller and in the same time he was in a psychiatrister. “You can go with Joshuom and Tobiasom for a stroll around the surrounding area, as soon as you get a little bit.” All three suddenly became very enthusiastically, which Mrs Caller’s eye outraged. “It’s probably not me to think about it and not leave you home!” Joshua quickly said, “at least let us take away Mr Erbled’s hospital. Then we can help. ” Then, Adam was ozed. “Mr. Caller told me but that mom and dad still have some program and will not be able to devote.” The psychiatrist is zachichotal. “You’re not having a problem with your memory, definitely not.” Mr. Caller had him friendly bun on his back. “Do you put your lunch with us or you go back to the hospital?” she asked Andrea. “You’re at home, André?” he asked Janus a surprise and a little vaccinated, which, however, except Adam nobody noticed. “No, I don’t get anything, I have a few patients in the hospital.” He said goodbye to him then and then Mr. Caller turned to the son. “So well, if you’ve been around, go get dressed and walk a little. You can take Adama to Caserry Park, there is today some action for children. Tob, if you will be after the road hungry, or you will see something that you would need, I will give you some money. ” Adam watched him silent. Counted the money very slowly… “Seventy big bucks and sixty small dollars.” Rumbled and Mrs. Caller have surprised him in surprise. “How you Do it –” Mr. Caller smiled. “I noticed already in the store that cares about it. And Damian told me he had a good teacher. ” Adam nodded and then returned to Tobiasom back to the living room, where Mr. Caller brought his clothes.

They walked slowly as if they were not even, but Adam did not obstruct it. He watched the streets full of people, but he knew it was just a mask behind which the corpse were hiding. People without a bit of emotion who just walk and no longer know where they actually do. Suddenly they became and Adam Startly turned his head to Joshuovi. He looked ahead and was kind of hilarious. About a while and Adam understood why. They approached Greg even with two other friends. “Joshuah! Finally I see you outside school benches! No how, Kamoško?! ” Joshua embraced him and laughed. “I’m fine, I was shy from cleaning up and I take Adam’s action to Caserry Park.” Greg nodded and stood up before Adam. Hi. Finally, I will meet you. I am delighted, I am Gregory Haws. You’re Adam, however? ” The boy on the cart sadly nodded. Yes. My name is Adam. Say hello, Adam. ” Gregory laughed. “Right, we greet. It’s gonna be great. ” Tobias has been waved to him, but Joshua has indicated his eyes that it’s okay. “And he is who? And he? “he turned his head on the boys who quietly talked to Joshuom. “This is Jared and his brother Brandon.” Adam thought to be overmeasured. “How are you a dad’s brother?” Joshua with a smile nodded. “Okay, so we won’t stay away from Untied Entertainment. We go to lemonade. If you are going to end your duties, you can come over. “said Greg. Tobias overturned his eyes and shifted Adam towards the park. “Hi, Joshuah, we see you in school.” The siblings of him only cannot be knocked over and followed by Grega towards their neighborhoods. “Wait, he did not think that we would drink alcohol, Tob.” Sure the brother who took him strictly overmeasured. “Greg smelled like a lemonade.” He muttered Adam, for which Joshua was very grateful. “Well well, well, the ploaners. Let’s no longer. Did you tell the father what this is supposed to be for the event? I wouldn’t want a little to cause an unpleasant shock. ” Joshua Mykol plecom. “If there won’t be a lemonade, we’re going home, what do you do to it?” he pierced him to Tobias, for what Joshua was stuck into his shoulder and both laughed. Finally, they arrived in front of the park and agreed that if Adam shows any symptom of the discourse, immediately from there leave…

                                   “Hi, Adam.       No longer.                 

                           No longer.             



                                                                                            “Yes, Adam.      








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