Dream (Time) NT

Girls with boys sitting under trees.

They sing songs and eat raspberries.

They may not think,

Which will be done with dreams.

They live only for this moment.

They play on the rain,

At the end of the rainbow looking for gold.

After drop, they accept

Parental love.

Sometimes they can not enforce them.

Sometimes they are beaten, they cannot be spratned into the skin.

Sometimes they are called Boys for girls,

That they don’t want to jump into mud.

But the little bit is

They play in front of the house, sing and dancing until the winter.

When it comes cold then

All nicely to school.

There sit together from winter to spring.

Until it happens from the boy jentlmen

And from the Girl Lady.

Until they discard the children’s seams…

The boy will be the father. From the girl mom.

What a beautiful sentiment.

And yet once upon A time

It was also true.

Dream (Time) NT
Dream (Time) NT

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